Strong male health is what distinguishes a real strong man from his weak opponent. Why do we say an opponent, implying that a man is an adversary to a man? The entire male environment is saturated with competition in any sphere of life: sports, money, women, etc. Someone succeeds in many areas, some in one, and most fail in all areas. What does it depend on? Many factors overlap one another, forming the success or failure of a man. Perhaps someone has already guessed that the important, and in most cases, the dominant factor is the health of a man.

Health - this is what will help you in the fight for "a place in the sun." A healthy man is, above all, an energetic and ambitious individual, head, earner and protector of his family. Is this not enough to want to be healthy?

We used to think that men belong to the strong half of humanity. However, diseases affect them even more often than women. The reason for this, in most cases, lifestyle. Lifestyle consists of nutrition, exercise and rest, full sleep, mental health and other factors. Fortunately, these factors can (and should) be influenced so as to improve health!

On the way to gaining health you need information. The resource was created specifically to help men gain good health! We hope this site will serve you more than once!

Good health to you, reader!

Interesting from the rubric "Men's Health"

Sedentary lifestyle and health

What is dangerous sedentary lifestyle for men?

A lot of problems carries a sedentary lifestyle. It is difficult to single out the most terrible, so we simply list all the possible outcomes of a sedentary lifestyle.

Remove the beer belly from a man

How to remove a beer belly for a man?

Beer belly is the problem of most men over 30, as well as younger age. It should be clarified that there are no "beer" or "bakery" stomachs. A man can not drink beer, but the stomach is still there. Why is that?

Products for men

What products are useful for men?

Of all the components of men's health (lifestyle, physical activity, good rest) nutrition plays a key role. What a man eats determines his state of health and the ability to be a full-fledged man.

Men's Health News

Underwear and men's health

Men's underwear affects the sexual health of men!

It turns out that men's underwear can harm a man. The fact is that for the normal functioning of the male genital organs, in particular the testicles, a certain temperature is necessary.

Victory boosts sex hormones

Victory boosts the male hormone!

Testosterone is called the winners hormone, and for good reason. So men after winning in any competition or a successful solution of the tasks increases the level of testosterone.

Potency and posture in sleep

The position of the body in a dream affects the potency

Often, men sleep as they like, not thinking that a wrong body position in a dream can disturb their potency. Two postures of the body in a dream that harm the potency. The first posture is on the stomach.