Why is healthy sleep so important for men?

Every day life becomes richer, and, at times, you have to sacrifice sleep, in order to solve your daily affairs and responsibilities. Having sacrificed one, two, three times for a dream, the organism will get used to such a pace of life, but this does not mean that there will be no harm to […]

What is useful thyme for men?

Thyme (thyme) is able to relieve muscle spasms, normalize blood pressure. This medicinal plant successfully fights nervous stress, stimulates hair growth and has antitumor properties. The chemical composition of thyme and medicinal properties continue to study today. The composition of thyme Germicidal, anti-inflammatory, sedative, antispasmodic, […]

Walnuts for men - a storehouse of men's health

Walnuts for men are perhaps the most useful product, and there are a number of reasons for this. It is not in vain that walnuts are called “the tree of life”, since for a long time walnuts have been used as a remedy for many ailments. For example, in Oriental medicine it was believed that walnut [...]

Water and its importance to men's health

Water is life. This is how the role of water in human life is characterized. Therefore, maintaining an optimal water balance is of paramount importance for all who want to be healthy. Why does man need water? The human body is mostly water. About 60% of human [...]

Why and how to perform a testicle massage?

Massage of the testicles is a very useful procedure for men, because increases the efficiency of the testes - the main organ responsible for the production of male sex hormones and sperm. Why perform testicular massage? First, a massage of the testes improves testosterone production. The testicles, responsible for the production of male hormones, begin [...]

What products are useful for men?

Of all the components of men's health (lifestyle, physical activity, good rest) nutrition plays a key role. What a man eats determines his state of health and the ability to be a full-fledged man. Many do not pay enough attention to nutrition, starting their way to recovery […]

Electric shaver or machine? Advantages and disadvantages

Nature has given men stubble, and even the need to shave. In some men, the bristles are strongly pronounced, others are less noticeable, someone has faster bristle growth, someone has a slower one. From here and a conclusion: someone shaves every day, and someone once a week. But not [...]

Bath for men - the benefits and harm

The first mention of the bath date back long before the beginning of our era. Bath at that time was the only way to keep your body clean. The bath was used by both noble grandees and commoners. After many centuries, the bath has undergone some changes in [...]

Snoring in men - causes and treatment

Snoring - a violation of breathing in a dream, accompanied by a low-frequency rattling sound. Many men do not give proper attention to snoring, believing that these are only harmless sounds. In fact, snoring can be the cause of various deviations in the body and problems in the family. For [...]

Correct posture is a guarantee of health and attractiveness of a man!

It is difficult to imagine a successful man with a hump instead of his back. Such people immediately lose the sympathy of others, and this happens on an intuitive level. People with a beautiful slender posture look more healthy, confident, strong, sexy. Not in vain in the armies of all countries [...]