Is azoospermia treated in men?

Azoospermia is a severe pathological condition, which is characterized by the complete absence of male germ cells in the seminal fluid, as a result of which a man cannot conceive a child. Fig. 1 - Azoospermia. Forms of azoospermia Azoospermia is secretory and obstructive. Each type of the disease has its own characteristic […]

What is leukocytospermia and how to treat it?

What is leukocytospermia? In the semen in the norm always contains a small number of leukocytes (6-8 in the field of view or in 1 μl - 1000 leukocytes). These white blood cells are responsible for protecting the body against pathogenic microflora. Their number significantly increases with infectious-inflammatory [...]

Ways to treat phimosis in men (narrowing of the foreskin)

Phimosis is a narrowing of the foreskin of the glans head, as a result of which the foreskin prevents the head from being freely exposed. Phimosis is a fairly common disease that occurs in 2–3% of men. In some cases, phimosis is not a pathological, but a physiological state. So, more than 90% [...]

Oligospermia - what is it, causes and treatment

Despite the fact that the term "oligospermia" literally means a decrease in the volume of seminal fluid, practitioners, as a rule, mean by this term a decrease in the number of spermatozoa (oligozoospermia). As in the clinical guidelines, the volume of ejaculate is considered only in combination with other changes, [...]

Details about vasectomy (vasoresection)

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure that aims to sever the spermatic cord through the ligation of the vas deferens. This operation is one of the methods of male contraception. That is, when dressing or excision of the department of the vas deferens, the man becomes sterile, since the sperm do not reach […]

What is necrosis in men and how to treat it?

Necrozoospermia - the content in the seminal fluid of a man is less than 50% of viable spermatozoa. This pathological phenomenon occurs against the background of infectious and non-infectious diseases of the reproductive system and is one of the causes of male infertility. Causes Various factors can trigger mass sperm cell death. To the most [...]

Rules of preparation for the delivery of semen

Spermogram - a laboratory study of seminal fluid to assess the structural and functional parameters of sperm. It is carried out for the diagnosis of infertility in men. Preparation for the study To make the results as accurate as possible, a man needs to prepare for spermogram. The preliminary preparation plan contains such […]

What is the normal amount of sperm during ejaculation?

Ejaculate or otherwise sperm - a mixture of seminal fluid and prostate secretion. The consistency of the sperm is viscous, dull-whitish. It is allocated during sexual intercourse or excitation of the external genital organs of a man. Normal volume of ejaculate The volume of ejaculate, the number of spermazoids and their mobility allow you to determine the ability of [...]

How is the pelvic ultrasound in men?

Ultrasound diagnosis is the gold standard for determining and confirming the pathologies of internal organs. The technique visualizes the organs in normal and in such pathological states as abscesses, tumors, cystic formations and helps to determine the amount of fluid (inflammatory exudate) in various cavities inside the body. What are [...]

Improving blood circulation in the pelvis - exercises, products, drugs

Disturbance of normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs can be caused by various reasons: sedentary work; smoking; alcohol; hypodynamia; obesity; tight underwear, etc. Possible consequences of circulatory disorders in the pelvis Insufficient blood flow can lead to pathological conditions. Urethritis, [...]