Special massage to increase potency

One of the methods of increasing potency is a special massage, which activates sexual function. One massage is aimed at increasing blood circulation in the pelvic and genital organs, and the other (point) massage is aimed at affecting certain bioactive points that allow you to influence […]

Folk recipes to increase potency

Popular recipes to increase potency are very popular for many reasons. First, they are time tested and there is no doubt about their effectiveness. Secondly, in traditional medicine only natural ingredients are used, then the side effects of such treatment will not occur. Thirdly, treatment by folk [...]

Potency after 50

Most men over 50 have difficulty with potency. There is nothing surprising here, since this is due to the aging of the body. However, not always the lack of potency is associated only with old age, in most cases the problem with potency is associated with diseases, […]

Means to increase the potency of men

Drug treatment of erectile dysfunction is the most popular and effective in traditional medicine. Based on the medical examination of the patient, the doctor selects the appropriate course of treatment, using one or more drugs. Means for raising the potency of men: 1. Preparations based on phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (Viagra, […]

What tea is good for potency?

Tea drinking has thoroughly entered people's everyday lives. Take a short break and cheer up, drinking a cup of tea is always a pleasure. But why not combine business with pleasure? For example, men will benefit from tea for potency. Even if a man does not have a decrease in sexual function, [...]

How are chicken and quail eggs useful for potency?

Many can not imagine their diet without eggs. After all, an egg, as a food product, has a lot of advantages: it does not require culinary knowledge for cooking, it is quickly prepared, has several forms of consumption (raw, boiled, fried), is a nutritious product, contains many useful substances, vitamins, […]

How is testosterone and potency linked?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for the manifestation of secondary male sexual characteristics and for the sexual function of men. It turns out, the more testosterone, the better the potency? Scientists can not accurately determine the value of testosterone for sexual function, but the connection is precisely [...]

Body position in a dream and potency

Sleep is a necessary life process that helps to restore body strength. In a dream, there is a release of sex hormones responsible for potency. Therefore, it is important not to disturb the processes. Often, men sleep as they are comfortable, without thinking that a wrong body position in a dream can disrupt […]

How does prostatitis affect potency?

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. Prostate arises, as a rule, for two reasons: infection and blood stasis in the prostate gland. Approximately 40% of men aged 40 years or more have certain signs of prostatitis. The first, and perhaps the most faithful [...]

Vitamins and minerals necessary for potency

The first thing you need to think about, if you watch your sexual health, is there any vitamins and minerals necessary for potency in your diet? Zinc Perhaps the main trace mineral for men. Zinc is a building material for testosterone, i.e. without zinc [...]