What kind of sports nutrition do I need?

Immediately warn that sports nutrition - this is not a magic pill. Having bought a colorful jar with a huge swing, you will not become the same as he. To build muscle mass, you have to work on yourself. If you do not work on yourself, you [...]

5 principles of muscle growth

Coming to the gym, newcomers are increasingly relying on particulars, read on social networks, or heard from a coach who is not interested in your progress. This strategy is ineffective and often does not allow you to build a decent muscle mass. And all because for the growth of muscle [...]

Top 5 mistakes in the gym

Before starting to train as it was necessary to start at the very beginning of training, the absolute majority of beginning bodybuilders make a lot of mistakes, both in the training process and in the recovery process. There are a lot of these mistakes, however, today we will not go into […]

Super squats are almost a steroid!

I was inspired to write this article by Randall Strosssen's book “Super Squatting: How to Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks,” as well as the experience gained from using this program. What is a squat? It would seem that the usual basic movement, which allows us to pump the bottom of the body. Movement, [...]

We form a V-shaped figure with one exercise

The V-shape is the dream of every man. The V-shaped figure is what allows to distinguish a man from a woman from afar. If a woman has a normal pelvis wider than her shoulders, then a man’s shoulder girdle should be wider than the pelvis and waist. And [...]

When is sport harmful to health and how to prevent it?

The statement that sport has a positive effect on health can be considered correct in most cases. But in some situations this is not a reality. Next, let's try to figure out when sports can adversely affect the health of an athlete. Quick start Being under strong motivation to change […]

Is veganism and sport a myth or a reality? Pros and cons of veganism

Since the concept of vegetarianism and veganism appeared in the world, debates about the pros and cons of a similar phenomenon have not abated. Doctors conduct research every year and make their conclusions. If previously they were negative due to lack of data, today [...]

Home Gyms - horizontal bar + parallel bars

What could be better to train enough, without leaving home. The benefit of today is an opportunity for everyone, as the market for home exercise equipment and various sports equipment is replete with goods. Moreover, many simulators are suitable even for people who have problems with living space. One of these [...]

Cardiovascular machines for home - how to choose?

Exercising with cardiovascular machines is an affordable and sure way to promote health. Devices with this name are designed to reproduce a variety of natural movements of a person in a limited space of a room. Running, walking, turning the body, bending the limbs are simulated by a cardio trainer harmoniously and precisely. As a result, the current [...]

What to eat after a workout?

Often, those who begin to play sports focus their efforts only on training and do not pay due attention to proper nutrition. In any sport associated with exercise, proper nutrition should be an integral part of the training process. If you do not pay due attention to nutrition, then [...]