What vitamins to take for tired men?

Fatigue may be temporary and prolonged. Temporary deprivation of vitality may be due to various factors: a frantic pace of life, physical and mental overstrain, failure of the immune system, a virus, etc. In the case of prolonged fatigue, they say about chronic fatigue syndrome. [...]

Vitamin D Benefits for Men's Health

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble chemicals (calciferols). There are two main representatives of this group - ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). The latter has the maximum biological activity, and therefore is the main representative of this group. Moreover, vitamin D3 can be formed [...]

Hirudotherapy - leech therapy

The mechanism of action of leeches on the human body has long been studied. The leech has been studied for about 3 centuries, and during this time many positive properties of hirudotherapy have been identified. Due to the fact that the leech takes a part of the blood, the bone marrow is stimulated to produce fresh [...]

Is separate food helpful?

Is separate power a lot of noise out of nothing or is there something in it? For almost a hundred years, doctors and nutritionists cannot agree at all: harmful, useful or neutral food is harmful. According to some, the protein content in food improves processing [...]

Symptoms of clogging of the body with toxins

Under the slag is considered to be the waste of the body, and under toxins - poisons from the environment. Both slags and toxins, with their excessive accumulation, pose a threat to human life. Since many processes continuously occur in our body, the formation of slags […]

Proper nutrition for men 40 years

Despite well-coordinated family life, success in the professional field and other achievements, 40 years for a man’s age is a time of physiological changes that lead to psychological changes: there is a revision of values, an analysis of past mistakes and planning for the future. Depending on whether [...]

How to accelerate the growth of the beard at home?

Is a beard growing slowly? Gaps in facial hair or its complete absence? The problem is not new and its solution is already available on several levels: natural methods and special means that have been proven to activate new hair growth. Why do some grow a beard, and [...]

Principles of age nutrition

Overwhelmingly, the figures of middle-aged and older people are different from the figures of 18-20-year-old girls and boys. And the main difference is to increase body fat on the body. Yes, among young people, too, there are overweight people, especially now, against the background of popularity […]

The most useful meat for men

Talking about meat in the diet is becoming increasingly popular. Why? Now there is a "boom" of a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper nutrition. More and more are gaining momentum in the food system, limiting the consumption of meat in the diet, for example, vegetarianism, veganism or raw foods. If you are not [...]

The effect of alcohol on the body

The main component of alcoholic beverages - ethyl alcohol - is a liquid with a specific smell, evaporates quickly. Other ingredients are water and substances that give the drink its aroma, taste and color (juices, sugars, vanilla, dyes). Depending on the amount of alcohol, drinks are divided into strong [...]