Yoga - exercises for potency

Yoga is a collection of spiritual, physical and emotional practices, knowledge and teachings of which have been collected for centuries. Yoga has a large arsenal of exercises for any ailments, including problems with potency. Positive properties of exercises from yoga on potency First, exercises [...]

Potency and Libido

Potency and libido refer to different concepts. Potency is the ability of a man to perform sexual intercourse. Potency is considered normal if a man has the ability to perform sexual acts at will. Libido is a sexual attraction, sexual instinct, which a man feels for individuals […]

Honey - natural remedy for potency

People have long appreciated this truly rich in content and taste of the product. Honey was worth the price, as it was not a simple way for people to get it: wild bees collected honey in their hives, which were often in hard-to-reach places. Later, people learned to create [...]

Impotence treatment in diabetes

Impotence, or, to put it more modernly, erectile dysfunction is a very common medical problem, closely associated with diabetes. According to statistics, more than half of patients with diabetes complain of erectile dysfunction. Conversely, in 10% of men seeking medical attention for impotence, […]

Influence of a bicycle on a potency

There are a lot of controversies about the effect of the bicycle on the potency. It all started in 1998, when the results of a study on this topic were published in the press. Since then, the opinion of people who are somehow connected with a bicycle has been divided into three camps: the first […]

Does protein affect potency?

Athletes who decide to use protein for muscle growth are concerned about the effect of protein on potency. You can often hear that the protein reduces the potency. So it or not so try to figure out further. What is protein? Protein is a dietary supplement consisting predominantly [...]

How does smoking affect potency?

Smoking in men is one of the most frequent causes of problems with potency and the development of impotence. Smoking creates many prerequisites for worsening erections. How does smoking affect potency? In a smoking man, the vessels of the whole body narrow (including […]

Psychological disorders of potency

Psychology is very important in all spheres of life, including sexual. What a man thinks of himself as a lover can determine his behavior in sexual relations. That is why when treating problems with potency, one of the attending physicians is a psychotherapist. [...]

Muscles of potency: pubic-coccygeal muscle

Pubic-coccygeal muscle (LK-muscle) - this muscle, located between the pubic bone and the coccyx (between the testicles and the anus), is responsible for rhythmic contractions during orgasm. Fig. 1 - The location of the pubic-coccygeal muscle in men (ist. Mantek Chia "Taoist secrets of love"). Even ancient Taoists, [...]

How to increase the potency of natural ways?

Today the situation is such that many men of middle and often young age have any violations of potency. Fearing to consult a doctor, men are increasingly resorting to the use of synthetic drugs to increase potency, and forget about natural remedies that contribute to improving erectile function. [...]