Effect of androgens on the prostate

The greatest concern during the treatment of hormonal drugs in men is the opinion about the possible stimulation of prostate cancer by androgens. These data are based on the facts of hormonal sensitivity of prostate cancer. Even 60 years ago, it was found that the suppression of testosterone secretion leads to regression [...]

Working conditions affect testosterone levels

If you ask a man to tell about himself, he will talk about his work and only then get to personal details. He will discuss his daily work, rights and duties at work, his skills, experience, education, even all the jobs where he […]

Simple rules of nutrition to increase testosterone

Patients are often told that they cannot follow all the various recommended diets, workouts, calorie-burning strategies, separate diets, prescriptions and expert advice. And I do not blame them for that because they are right. Recommendations for proper nutrition have become too complicated, [...]

Testosterone tablets (oral form)

One form of testosterone administration during replacement therapy is tablets (capsules). The advantages of the oral form is non-invasive, unlike testosterone injections, the possibility of self-administration. However, testosterone tablets are not without some drawbacks that depend on the specific drug. Table 1 - [...]

Main symptoms of low testosterone

A decrease in testosterone levels in men is a natural and, unfortunately, irreversible aging process. In addition to natural aging, the state of general health, the lifestyle of an individual, the presence of bad habits and much more plays an important role in reducing the level of androgens. So, the presence of some [...]

Food supplements to increase testosterone

Choosing the right nutritional supplements is important to your health and can maximize testosterone production. But nutritional supplements, like prescribed medications, will not replace a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, as well as other recommendations for increasing testosterone in men. Key points: Food [...]

Simple exercises to increase testosterone

The principle of the impact of exercise is to strengthen and activate the muscles of the pelvic region, due to which there is an improvement in the production of sex hormones. Also a prerequisite is the implementation of exercises that strengthen the cardiovascular system, because it is she who is responsible for the transfer of sex hormones to target tissues […]

The role of SHBG in the male body

Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is a complex plasma transport protein that circulates in the blood in a state associated with sex hormones and regulates their bioavailability. In the special literature and on the forms of the results of laboratory tests, it can be called differently or denoted [...]

Free androgen index

Some researchers in practice use the androgen index or androgenic activity index, which is calculated by the formula: Androgen index = 100 × total testosterone / GPSS The units of measurement for total testosterone should be in accordance with the GSM units of measurement (recalculation of the units of measurement). Normal in healthy men [...]

Estradiol in men

Estradiol (E2) is the most active estrogen. It is a female sex hormone, but is present in the male body and performs several functions. During the day, about 30-40 μg of estradiol is synthesized in the man’s body. The male estradiol level is 2–3 ng / dl (70 - […]