How and why is cryopreservation of sperm carried out (freezing)?

The cryopreservation technique is the only effective way to preserve the biological material used in vitro fertilization (IVF). This method allows to preserve the structural and functional well-being of male germ cells bearing genetic material. In medical practice is the active use of the so-called sperm banks, in terms of […]

Inflammation of the head and foreskin (balanoposthitis) - causes, treatment

The head of the penis consists of the cavernous bodies and is equipped with a large number of sensitive nerve endings for sexual intercourse and ejaculation. At birth, the head is normally covered with a foreskin, a skin fold that protects the sensitive head from injury and drying. With [...]

How does testosterone affect conception in men?

When a man turns to a doctor with suspected infertility, the first thing the doctor does is prescribe a semen analysis and an analysis of the level of androgens / estrogens in the blood. Violations can be observed both in the results of sperm and hormonal analyzes. Should I bind one [...]

How are hidden genital infections in men?

Under the hidden sexually transmitted infections in men refers to diseases that do not have a clear clinical picture and vivid symptoms. However, such diseases lead to complications from the urinary, reproductive systems and other organs. Such infectious diseases include: Herpetic infection; Papillomavirus […]

Vesiculitis (inflammation of the seminal vesicles) - causes, symptoms, treatment

Vesiculitis is an acute or chronic disease of the male reproductive system, which is characterized by an inflammatory process in the seminal vesicles. Anatomy and physiology of the seminal vesicles The seminal vesicles are located on the side of the vas deferens. The front wall of the paired glandular organ comes into contact with the bladder, and the back […]

When and how to be tested for sexually transmitted infections in men?

Infections affecting the external and internal genital organs in men are divided by origin or etiological basis: Viral; Bacterial (including intracellular bacteria); Fungal; Protozoan. It is on the etiological factor depends most diagnostic procedures aimed at identifying sexually transmitted infections (STIs). [...]

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) - what you need to know?

STI abbreviation means sexually transmitted infection. STIs are diverse and cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Such infections can be hidden and be chronic or they can be acute with severe symptoms and a clinical picture. What refers to STI in [...]

Blood in semen during ejaculation - causes, diagnosis, treatment

Blood during ejaculation is a symptom of a disease or injury and has many causes. Often a symptom speaks of a serious pathology on the part of the male reproductive system. What is hemospermia The medical name for pathology, when blood appears in the ejaculate, is called hemospermia or hematospermia. Manifests a dark pathology and [...]

Mechanisms of ejaculation

Ejaculation is a physiological process that occurs in men when stimulating the sensitive areas of the external genital organs, followed by ejaculation and orgasm. It is a reflex act that involves paracentral segments of the brain, leads to an orgasm and a subsequent decrease in erection. When ejaculation occurs, the secretion of the seed [...]

Why is there no sperm during ejaculation?

The process of ejaculation is very important not only for the full feeling of being a man and psychological self-satisfaction, but also for conceiving a child. There are several pathological conditions that accompany this process, but the common name for them is anejaculation. Anejaculation and its varieties Anejaculation - [...]