Plant roots for potency

Many plants and herbs have the ability to increase the potency in men. Some herbs are beneficial from chives to rootlets, while others only benefit radically. The root is the plant's nutrient apparatus through which nutrients are sucked through the roots. Further on the roots [...]

Potency-lowering products

When potency is weakened, middle-aged men often complain about age. However, age changes are not always guilty of reducing potency. Often such a decrease in potency is associated with the lifestyle that a man leads. And it’s not just bad habits and [...]

What herbs increase potency?

Today, people have forgotten about natural recipes that increase potency and increasingly resort to various synthetic drugs to increase potency. Meanwhile, nature has given people a lot of natural herbs and plants capable of increasing male sexual power. Ginseng root Ginseng root […]

Causes of reduced potency

Often, men have problems with their main asset - potency. And if such a problem arose, it is necessary to fix it. For the treatment of weak potency, first of all, you need to know the causes of reduced potency. They can be both psychological and physiological in nature, they can be […]

Nuts to increase men's health and potency

Nuts are the champions in the content of elements useful for life. They contain many vitamins and minerals, essential oils, vegetable protein, and fiber. Because of its nutritional composition, nuts are used to eliminate problems with potency. What nuts are most useful for men […]

Exercises to increase potency

Exercises to increase potency are a natural means to enhance potency. They will be useful for men, both with weak and with normal potency. What exercise exercises to increase potency? Performing exercises, trains the pubic-coccygeal muscle, which is directly related to erection. The better trained [...]

What juices are good for potency?

Juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables are a store of vitamins and minerals necessary for potency and men's health. The use of fruit and vegetable juices has its advantages: freshly prepared juices are quickly absorbed by the body, without creating an extra burden on digestion. Next, find out, [...]

Vitamins to increase potency

The weakening of sexual function is, most often, not a separately developing pathology, but a symptom of other, already acquired diseases. Usually, a decrease in potency develops gradually and may be the result of diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. The reason may also be covered in [...]

How are kidneys related to potency?

The kidneys in the body perform important functions, and are directly related to the sexual abilities of the man. With certain problems with kidney health, problems with potency and early ejaculation may occur. The Taoists knew about the effect of the kidneys on the sexual potency of men, knew how to identify weakness [...]

The effect of diabetes on potency

Diabetes mellitus is a systemic disease that affects the blood vessels of the body. The effect of diabetes on potency is an indisputable fact, because according to statistics, at least a quarter of men with diabetes have some kind of a violation of potency. What is dangerous diabetes for sexual health [...]