Why does pain ejaculate?

Pain during ejaculation is a non-specific symptom for many diseases of the urological profile and has a significant effect on the sexual life, emotional state of a man. Pain during ejaculation can be different in nature and depend on the underlying disease, a component of which are. The reasons for [...]

The effect of sex on the course of prostatitis - indications and contraindications

An infection in the urethral canal most often results in prostatitis, and an acute or chronic form of the disease develops. It is from the form and depends on the possibility of having sex. When can you have sex with prostatitis? Let's start with the fact that regular sex [...]

Effective candles from prostatitis - a list of drugs

The use of candles for prostatitis, injected into the rectum (rectal), is included in the program of complex treatment of various options for this disease. At the same time, a quick and fairly safe therapeutic effect is ensured in case of the acute form of the disease and exacerbation of chronic prostatitis of a bacterial and non-bacterial nature. Also [...]

Treatment of prostatitis with antibiotics - a list of drugs, conditions of appointment

To understand how the treatment of prostatitis with antibiotics, you need to understand the disease itself, antibiotics and the process of selecting the drug. Inflammation of the prostate gland can have many causes: fungus, protozoa, bacteria, viruses, and pathological processes. The process of prescribing antibiotics for prostate It is important to understand that antibiotics will help […]

Nutrition for Prostate Cancer 1,2,3,4 degrees - useful products

Treatment of prostate cancer involves not only drug therapy, but also a special adjustment of the diet. The effectiveness of the diet in this disease is confirmed by statistical data. In the Mediterranean, prostate cancer is very rare compared to “fast food countries” (USA and European countries). It is connected [...]

The benefits of omega-3 for men when planning pregnancy

Male fertility depends on many factors: age, diet, lifestyle, etc. The quality of sperm is directly related to the presence of omega-3 fats in the body. The inclusion in the menu of foods rich in essential fatty acids has a positive effect on the general and reproductive […]

5 rules of intimate hygiene men

Compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene is directly related to the health of the male reproductive and reproductive system. It is absolutely proved that men, distinguished by their cleanliness of the genitals, are less likely to suffer from diseases of the sexual sphere, as well as circumcised men (see Fig. 1). Fig. 1 - [...]

Epididymitis - symptoms and treatment

The testicles are the organ of the male reproductive system, in which the process of spermatogenesis (the formation of germ cells of spermatozoa with a haploid set of chromosomes). Maturation of formed spermatozoa occurs in the epididymis, which have the form of small narrow tubes, also designed for the further movement of mature germ cells. [...]

Vacuum constrictor therapy - the essence of the technique

Vacuum constrictor therapy is a method for the additional treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It has a certain analogy with LOD therapy (the effect of local negative pressure on the penis). The use of this technique allows you to achieve an erection before sexual intercourse, sufficient for a full sex. The essence of the technique [...]

Using erection rings to improve erection

Violation of the erection of the penis is its lack of hardness necessary for full sexual intercourse. This condition develops due to various reasons, which may include psychogenic factors, vascular and organic disorders. One of the methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction is aimed at ensuring sufficient hardness […]