About the dangers of synthetic vitamins

The history of vitamins The chemical synthesis of organic substances from petroleum products began to actively develop from the middle of the XIX century. Then it seemed to scientists that they had found for humanity the ideal path to abundance and prosperity. We can create anything, just know the formula. The optimism of chemists [...]

Urine color - norm and deviations

It is clear to every person that if his urine turns red, green or brown, then he has serious problems. How to proceed - read the article. Fig. 1 - The normal color of urine is in the range from light straw to deep yellow. Color [...]

Water Treatment - Dr. Batmanghelidja Method

People suffering from certain diseases are often in search of the method that will save them from the disease. Often, looking for the holy grail and ignoring the simple rules of health, such people can be in search of a lifetime. Meanwhile, such axioms of health, [...]

Refusal from coffee and tea is a small step to health. Personal experience

Drinking caffeine drinks has become a part of our daily life. And so hard that some people cannot imagine their life without another cup of caffeine. In addition to the physical dependence that caffeine causes, the procedure for making caffeine drinks has its own psychological background: 5 minutes spent […]

Causes of accumulation of toxins in the body

Many people who live a completely normal life, faced with a sharp loss of tone and energy. Moreover, they did not make any changes to their daily routine. One of the reasons for such phenomena may be an excess of toxins in the body. The body can no longer normally [...]

5 signals that it’s time to cleanse the body

It seems to you that you are healthy, but the vital energy flows through your fingers. And every day it seems to be less and less. You feel irritated and tired. You are worried about digestive problems and persistent headaches. It seems to you that it is necessary [...]

Who are vegans and what do they eat?

Veganism is one of the most rigorous currents of vegetarianism, excluding the use of animal products (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, seafood, honey). So veganism has its own currents - this is fruitarianism and vegan raw foods. We will tell about them in more detail later. [...]

Midlife crisis in men and overcoming it

After 35-40 years, almost every man has a period when life does not seem as bright as she was in her younger years. Unreasonable irritability, bad mood, dissatisfaction with life, financial situation, social status and work, looking back at the past are inherent in men in this […]

Side effects and harm to Viagra

Today, there are many drugs to increase potency. Viagra is the first pharmaceutical product of this group and, perhaps, the most famous. A lot of satisfied consumers testify to its positive effect. But there is also a reverse side of the medal - these are contraindications and side effects […]

Physical exercise for men

Beautiful, healthy and physically developed body - this is not the whole list of the positive effects of exercise. With the help of exercises you can achieve not only beauty and strengthen your body, but also health promotion. Moreover, there will be no health without physical activity! [...]