Therapy of Erectile Dysfunction 1, 2 and 3 lines

Modern treatment of erectile dysfunction is a complex event. It includes etiotropic (treatment aimed at eliminating the impact of the causative factor of a given condition) and pathogenetic (restoration of the functional activity of the structures that participate in penile erection) therapy. Modern methods of treatment were developed on the basis of […]

Erectile dysfunction of vascular genesis

The term erectile dysfunction determines the impossibility of a full-fledged sexual intercourse due to insufficient or absent penile erection in a man who has a periodic or permanent nature. This pathological condition develops due to the impact of various etiological (causal) factors (psychological factors, hormonal disorders, anatomical deformation [...]

Vitamins for Prostate Health

Enlargement of the prostate with age expects the majority of men to varying degrees. Another thing is when this pathology gets out of control and causes inconvenience to a man. The main signs of prostate enlargement are difficulty urinating, weak jet, incomplete bladder emptying after urination, incontinence […]

Vitamins for conception men

If a couple faces the problems of conceiving a child, then approximately 30% of such cases are due to the male factor. The inability of sperm to fertilize, in most cases associated with a violation of their number in the ejaculate or sperm motility. Two of these factors reduce the possibility of fertilization with sperm [...]

Treatment of erectile dysfunction with androgen deficiency

If a man has a sexual dysfunction due to androgen deficiency, as well as erectile dysfunction (ED), treatment should begin with the normalization of testosterone levels. Normalization of androgen levels by administering hormonal drugs (for example, testosterone undecanoate), can significantly increase the effectiveness of phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors […]

Blood stasis in the pelvis - treatment and prevention

The function of blood circulation is to deliver the nutrients and oxygen needed by the organs for normal functioning. If such nutrition is disturbed, the first thing that happens is a deterioration in the functionality of the organ. In the organs, where the renewal of blood is difficult for a long time, a stagnant process develops, creating good conditions for […]

Hematuria in men - causes and diagnosis

Hematuria is a symptom of a pathological condition in which blood or only red blood cells appear in the urine. The number of the latter exceeds the permissible norms. It can occur with diseases and injuries of the urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra), as well as with […]

Cystitis in men - symptoms and treatment

Cystitis is an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the bladder, leading to its functional impairment. In men, cystitis is quite rare - 7-10 people per 1000. This is due to the anatomical features of the urethra (longer and narrower than the female urethra) […]

Urethritis in men - symptoms and treatment

Urethritis is an inflammatory process of the urethra that extends over its entire area or only a part of it (in this case they speak of anterior, posterior or total urethritis). Classification of urethritis and the causes of its occurrence By the nature of the occurrence of urethritis can be divided into: primary; [...]

Retrograde ejaculation - causes, symptoms, treatment

Retrograde ejaculation is a relatively rare disorder of the dynamics of ejaculation, in which the release of sperm occurs not in the external environment, but in the opposite direction. Mechanism and causes of pathology. In the physiological state, the erection of the penis is ensured by the inflow of blood to the cavernous bodies. This is followed by [...]