Zinc and testosterone - inseparable concepts

Why zinc is so important in the production of testosterone. The answer is very simple: zinc is a building material for the testosterone molecule. Simply speaking there is no zinc - there is no testosterone. The main properties of zinc: 1. It is a building material for the testosterone molecule 2. It supports about 500 biochemical reactions […]

Free testosterone in men

Free testosterone is a non-protein fraction of testosterone. Free androgens are the most biologically active form of testosterone. The rate of free testosterone in men is 4.5-42 pg / ml. Albumin and Globulin (SHBG) are binding proteins for testosterone. In the free form is only 1-3% [...]

The fight against estradiol and testosterone in the male body

Estradiol is the most powerful of the female sex hormones - estrogen. It is not produced in the male body. The thing is that testosterone is converted into estradiol by the action of enzymes. This set of enzymes is aromatase. Although not all men (especially bodybuilders) [...]

Effect of testosterone on the body and sexual characteristics

It is difficult to overestimate the value of testosterone in the male body. Indeed, in fact, it is this hormone that is responsible for the manifestation of male signs, both in physiological and psychological aspects, plays a key role in maintaining many of the functions of the body. It is no coincidence that testosterone was called “the hormone [...]

Factors that reduce testosterone

General level (implies, causes that reduce testosterone in all men) Psychological factors: this may include stress, financial and family problems; Food: consuming testosterone lowering foods; Drinks: alcohol, carbonated water (with or without dyes); Bacteria, viruses, infections; Medicine: all anti-ulcer [...]