drlahlali.org is a portal about men's health, which includes a catalog of articles on the health of men, video materials, as well as interviews with specialists and people seeking health improvement.

The key themes of the site are based on common and purely male health problems and include information on hormones, potency, urology, sexology, obesity and much more. In particular, our portal pays much attention to information about testosterone - the main male sex hormone, which plays a key role in the health of men. In the section " Testosterone and hormones " you will find information about all the most important hormones of the male body.

Portal material is written by practicing physicians, whose professional education and work experience allows you to create articles you can trust. For writing articles, specialized literature is used, indicating authors and source, which is very convenient, since after receiving information the visitor can get acquainted with its original source.

Nevertheless, the administration of the site and its authors do not promote self-diagnosis and self-treatment. Treatment and diagnosis should be done only by a qualified doctor!

Such a course of circumstances is due to the fact that medicine is not a sufficiently accurate system of scientific knowledge and what is good for one patient can turn into a catastrophe for another. To diagnose many diseases, not only the presence of characteristic clinical symptoms is required, but also laboratory confirmation and further interpretation of the results by a qualified specialist. Such manipulations are not possible at home.

The portal is in the active filling stage. Your suggestions and comments on the operation of the site can be sent to the e-mail specified in the contacts section.