Бессонница у мужчин - причины, влияние и лечение Nowadays, each of us is "overwhelmed" with our daily activities and concerns, on which we have to spend almost all our time. Yes, and we live in an age of advanced technologies that interfere with going to bed. For example, the Internet, television, computer games, etc. Most make their choice not in favor of sleep, which is the main cause of lack of sleep.

Causes of Insomnia:

  • stress, depression
  • strong personal experiences
  • use at bedtime stimulants such as coffee, tea
  • drinking alcohol helps to fall asleep, but can make sleep restless and intermittent
  • smoking. Tobacco is a stimulant, so smokers need more time to fall asleep
  • passive lifestyle. People who show little physical and mental activity during the daytime may have trouble falling asleep.
  • the presence of physical activity just before bedtime, causes the body to "alert", which prevents sleep
  • noise
  • shine

Thus, the causes of insomnia are sufficient. It is known that women suffer from insomnia much more often than men. This is due to the evolution, for example, when the mother gets up at night, responding to the crying of the child, or is the cause of strong (compared with men's) emotional experiences. Therefore, the effects of female insomnia are less devastating than male. Moreover, male insomnia increases the risk of accidents behind the wheel, production work and other risk-related activities where care and caution need to be exercised.

Effect of insomnia on men:

  • reduced production of sex hormones. Male sex hormones, in particular, testosterone, are produced in the deep sleep phase, so the absence or poor quality of sleep is one of the reasons for the decrease in testosterone
  • one of the reasons for the decrease in potency . Caused by a lack of testosterone and general body weakness
  • decrease in concentration, attention, mental abilities
  • irritability and nervousness
  • high blood sugar can lead to diabetes and obesity, which also causes a decrease in testosterone
  • increased likelihood of cardiovascular disease

Simple rules for dealing with insomnia:

  • to save the sleeping area from extraneous noise
  • eliminate all the lights in the room, creating total darkness
  • to ventilate the room before going to bed, and when it is possible (in the warmer months), to sleep with the window or window open
  • try not to eat before bedtime and eat too much during dinner
  • refrain from drinking tea and coffee before going to bed
  • go to bed at a certain time so that the body can get used to the routine and prepare in advance for going to bed
  • try to relax and not think about insomnia and daily activities


If nothing helps in the treatment of insomnia, you should consult a doctor for advice. Do not try to be treated independently by various sleeping pills and other drugs, as it is likely to worsen the situation.

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  • Dmitry says:

    I read a lot on the Internet about insomnia, and all that is written about insomnia, how to cure it is just nonsense.
    For example: Milk with honey, tea with melissa and mint, taking a shower and much more.
    Why the body does not sleep like in childhood?
    The enemy of human sleep is his unforgettable problems in life.
    They just do not allow to fall asleep, thoughts and anxiety begin exactly as the temperature during a cold begins before bedtime. thoughts like bacteria start attacking us when we go to bed. There is nothing we can do about it.
    Full sleep can be returned if you solve your problems, and not when you do not encounter them.
    You need to write all your problems on a piece of paper in a column, and get rid of them one by one.
    There are problems from which it is very difficult to get rid of, but prayers come to the rescue.
    The most dangerous enemies of our sleep:
    Acrid smoke in the room, some plans for tomorrow before bedtime, Loneliness, inactivity, nervous at bedtime, tobacco is the most insidious enemy of our full sleep.

    To become happy you have to quit smoking, go in for sports, athletics, but not heavy.
    In the evening, be sure to walk, preferably closer to the forest or garden.
    Be sure to go to bed at 8-9 in the evening.
    Yes, the bath is also a little positive effect for sleep, if stress is not great.
    Who said that you can not eat before bedtime, depending on when. You can not eat when the body is very tired and needs strength. Food before bed gives a full sound sleep.
    Food for sound sleep.
    Herring is fatty with potatoes, seagrass, after her sleep will be very strong, that even the alarm clock can not be heard, light white salads.
    If you go to bed at 8-9 o'clock, you will feel in a week or the other yourself as 20-25 energetic, joyful, optimistic.

    • Dmitry says:

      If you get enough sleep, you can gain an attractive look — white eyes, swelling and circles under the eyes will change, emotions will change, laziness will disappear, you will smile around, and finally apathy will disappear and a purpose will appear in life.

  • Sergey says:

    After the death of my grandfather I do not sleep for days at first did not pay attention to it, but it has been lasting for 2 weeks already, I have lost my appetite, eat only 1-2 times a day, began to notice that I’m starting to get nervous about any garbage, can someone tell in such situations????

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