Scientists have dispelled the terrible myths about nicotine

Nicotine is not the cause of fatal diseases associated with smoking. Scientists from the British Royal College of Therapy (Royal College of Physicians) have found that nicotine is not the main cause of fatal diseases associated with smoking. As shown by the results of the study “Nicotine without smoking. Harm reduction [...]

Products that improve the blood circulation of the body and brain

The circulatory system provides the body with nutrients, oxygen, and also participates in the delivery of hormones and enzymes from one organ to another. It resembles an extensive transport highway, along which millions of vital "goods" move without stopping. Any obstacle in the way of healthy blood flow [...]

Zinc and folic acid for men - the need for admission, drugs

The average number of sperm cells over the past 100 years has decreased from 120 million / ml in 1913 to 15 million / ml in 2010. One of the main reasons for such changes is unbalanced nutrition, deficiency of vitamins and microelements, of which zinc and folic acid play an important role […]

TOP 5 healthy seafood for men

Problems with sexual function in a man are associated not so much with a way of life (stress, overwork), but with a lack of a hormone in his body that is responsible for sexual function. To increase the level of testosterone, it is recommended to diversify the menu with seafood rich in fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), zinc and […]

How is omega-3 useful for men?

The group of polyunsaturated acids omega-3 was discovered by scientists relatively recently in the course of research on the diet of various groups of the population. According to the data obtained, it is thanks to the omega-3 acids that the male population of Alaska suffers less from various ailments, and retains the ability to bear children to deep […]

Causes of constant fatigue and drowsiness in men and methods of therapy

Constant fatigue and drowsiness in men is a well-known ailment. However, the fight against fatigue and drowsiness is complicated by the fact that they are a nonspecific symptom that can be observed both against the background of overwork or stress, and against the background of various health problems […]

Zinc and selenium for men - a review of drugs, the benefits

The elements zinc and selenium are not able to accumulate in the body. Their content in the blood of a man depends on proper diet and replenishment from the outside. And if you take into account the ecology, stress, illness, then the injected dose should exceed the daily requirement. A few words about zinc and [...]

Overview of Vitamin D Preparations

The main task of vitamin D is to work with calcium to build bone tissue. Makes this vitamin in the means of improving the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, increasing their level. In the male body, in addition to the prevention of osteoporosis, vitamin D contributes to the preservation of testosterone levels […]

Overview of vitamins with zinc for men

The daily zinc requirement for men is 15 mg. In cases where a man has health problems, his need increases to 20 mg. For athletes, the concentration of zinc per day can reach 30 mg. Experts recommend taking zinc in the complex [...]

Useful properties of dried apricots for men

Dried apricots are dried apricot fruits. The main value of dried apricots is that when drying apricot, most of its useful trace elements are preserved. The “format” of dried fruits, compared with their original appearance, is convenient for snacking at any time - they do not occupy […]