Эстрогены у мужчин Estrogens are a group of female sex hormones that are produced by the ovaries of the female body. But the male body also produces estrogens, only in significantly smaller amounts. Estrogens in the male body are produced by the testes and adrenal cortex.

But most of the estrogen is obtained by converting a testosterone molecule, under the action of the aromatase enzyme , into an estrogen molecule. Estradiol - the most powerful estrogen, is formed from a testosterone molecule.

If nature took care of the presence in the male body of estrogen, then there are certain reasons for this.

Useful properties of estrogen in the male body:

  • Maintain sufficient levels of “good” cholesterol
  • Together with testosterone promote more pronounced muscle growth
  • Regulate the nervous system
  • Responsible for maintaining libido (see "How to increase a man's libido" )

With age, the hormonal balance changes: testosterone levels steadily drop, and estrogen levels rise. Low testosterone levels cause excess fat to build up. Especially dangerous is excess fat in the abdomen, because it is there that testosterone is converted to estrogen. Elevated levels of estrogen further aggravate the general condition and health.

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Excess estrogen in the male body leads to:

  • Inhibition of Testosterone Production
  • The deposition of excess fat on the female type
  • Gynecomastia
  • Depression and Stress
  • Decreased libido
  • Sexual dysfunction

Elevated levels of estrogen is associated not only with age. Often this is the result of a poor lifestyle, eating foods containing large amounts of estrogen.

The reasons for the high content of estrogen in the male body:

  • Overweight in men includes estrogen production and suppresses testosterone production.
  • Increased aromatase content that turns a testosterone molecule into an estrogen
  • The use of food enhancing estrogens:
    1. Soy - the leader in the content of estrogen. Currently, soybean has become the main source of vegetable protein, so it can be found in various products: dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt), meat (sausage products, convenience foods, sausages, wieners), various sweets, etc. This does not mean that you have to deny yourself the use of, for example, milk, you just need to monitor the amount of soy entering the body.
    2. Beer contains phytoestrogens - analogues of female sex hormones. Other alcoholic beverages lower testosterone levels, which gives rise to estrogen secretion.
    3. Leguminous plants (beans, peas, beans)
    4. Excessive drinking
    5. Products that lower testosterone
  • All causes lower testosterone

As you can see, not only the normal level of testosterone is important for the male body, it is also necessary to maintain the normal level of estrogen.

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  • Dmitry says:

    It's funny, by golly. What is phytoestrogen? By the similarity of molecules with female ones, but not identities, do not confuse God's gift with scrambled eggs. If we take absolutely any plant, then estrogen and testosterone will be of similarity, since the plant has the essence of self-fertilization. It has no pronounced sexual characteristics. Therefore, it is not necessary to stuff people with lies. Course nerds in school. Further, the fat in men is deposited in the lower back, in women on the buttocks and thighs, what kind of female type are we talking about? This is not to know the profane, on them and your horror stories are calculated. Gynecomastia is generally a very rare phenomenon in men, and if he drinks anti-androgens, but does not drink beer or eat soy, Asians have already eaten tons of soy, they do not live a day without soy and sake. Nor did men mutate into a woman. To become a woman, you must be born a girl, and not with the help of plants, buds and medicines.

    • Andrew says:

      Dmitry, well, you and debiiiil !!!

  • Dmitry says:

    Phytoestrogen was discovered in the 1920s, the 20th century, this is so for reference. But the obvious pros and cons, influences on the human body, let's say his libido does not affect in any way. The percentage ratio is too small, so you need to eat bad so that at least it affects something, well, at least three lives. Phytoestrogen is supposedly added to cosmetics, again heresy, the priestesses in ancient Egypt had servant boys, as the censorship put it, the priestesses rubbed their faces with sperm of boys and made cream on the basis of semen. Now it is synthetic, because there are a lot of people, and everyone wants to be beautiful. So, it is not necessary to make loshka from people. The concept of transgender to change sex, for some reason, doctors recommend to drink hormones that are identical to natural, the word identity, but not to drink soy and beer.

    • MariHuana says:

      “If we take absolutely any plant, then estrogens and testosterone will be of similarity, since the plant has the essence of self-fertilization.” “Therefore, it’s not necessary to stuff people with lies. The course of botany in school. "You would shut up Dmitry, and then with your essence of self-fertilization in plants, some (not me) people who know biology, it will be very funny to read your vyser.

      • Alexey says:

        You really wrote such a gong of a gray mare, that if you heard it, your ears would curl up.

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