Sooner or later, no matter how healthy a man is, age changes occur to him. Each individual has his own period of onset of change. As a rule, this is the average age of about 40 years, but it can start earlier or later depending on the state of health of the man and the lifestyle he leads. Next, we will try to answer the exciting questions of hormone therapy, and tell you about the types of hormonal drugs for men.

How long does it start to change the hormonal balance of a man?

From about 25, the level of testosterone produced by the male body begins to decline (1-1.5% per year). At a young age, such losses are insignificant and the man does not notice them. But every year the level of testosterone steadily decreases and by the age of 40-45 the level of hormones in the male body is about 25-30% lower than at a young age. A change in the hormonal balance is an irreversible aging process and it cannot be turned back to sleep.

When are hormonal drugs prescribed?

A hormonal drug is prescribed by a doctor, based on tests - they must confirm a low level of testosterone in the blood . In addition to tests, the doctor must ensure that symptoms are present in the form of patient complaints about a decrease in sexual desire and opportunities, fatigue, weakness, bad mood, weight gain and other symptoms of low testosterone. Depending on the degree of hormonal deficiency, the doctor prescribes the medicine and the dose of the dose needed to eliminate androgen deficiency.

Hormonal drugs are also prescribed for correction in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Androgens can be included in an additional course of treatment and can be used together with the means to increase potency , or they can represent an independent course of treatment if the problem of ED is primarily associated with a decrease in sex hormones.

Types of hormonal drugs for men

Hormonal drugs are sold in tablets, capsules, gels, patches, subcutaneous implants, injections. Each method of introducing a hormone has its own characteristics.

Testosterone Capsules and Tablets

Capsules and pills are well absorbed by the body, but the rapid release period does not allow maintaining a stable level of testosterone, which leads to the need for frequent use of the drug.

Testosterone Undecanoate - Andriol

Andriol 30 caps. 40 mg - 1200-1300 rub.

Andriol is a preoral preparation of testosterone, absorbed from the digestive tract into the lymph, while bypassing the liver. When taking the drug is difficult to achieve a stable concentration, because testosterone levels change spasmodically: a sharp increase in the level of the hormone during suction and a decrease during excretion. In the body, testosterone undecanoate is converted to the active form of testosterone - dihydrotestosterone.

Advantages of Andriol:

  • no toxic effect on the liver;
  • not susceptible to aromatization - the conversion of testosterone to estrogen;
  • does not inhibit its own production of androgens (at moderate dosages);
  • no significant side effects.

Disadvantages of Andriol:

  • has low bioavailability;
  • requires daily use;
  • high price.


  • androgen deficiency;
  • eunuchoidism;
  • decreased libido;
  • decreased mental and physical activity;
  • mild forms of hypogonadism;
  • delayed puberty in boys.


Methyltestosterone is one of the very first synthetic testosterone drugs. Currently, the drug is banned for a number of indications (has a strong toxic effect on the liver) in many countries around the world.

Testosterone Gels and Ointments

Gels and ointments are quickly absorbed, keep the required level of testosterone well, but imply constant use, which does not exclude skin irritation (quite rarely).


androgel 30 pack 2.5 mg - 2500 rub.

The drug is released in bags with a dosage of 2.5 or 5 mg, 30 pieces per pack. Androgel is applied to clean skin once a day (preferably in the morning), usually in the shoulder area, shoulder girdle, abdomen. Being absorbed gradually over 5 hours, the drug provides a constant physiological concentration of the hormone in the blood within the normal range for a healthy man. It is not recommended to take water procedures and have sexual contact up to 5 hours after the application of Androgel. The drug also increases the level of estradiol in men within the normal range. After the cancellation of Androgel, the level of testosterone returns to the original one on the 4th day.

Testosterone plasters

Patches are scrotal and wearable. Patches are an effective means of maintaining the right level of testosterone. One patch is enough for about a day, after which it is necessary to replace the patch with a new one. A common side effect is irritation at skin contact with the patch (for more on testosterone patches ).


andoderm Available in a dose of 2.5 mg in a package of 30 and 60 pieces.


  • Breast cancer;
  • Prostate cancer;
  • Hypercalcemia;
  • Kidney disease.

Use with caution when:

  • high blood pressure;
  • diseases of the heart, kidney, liver.

зуд/покраснения в месте наклеивания пластыря, кожные высыпания и другие побочные эффекты, характерные для всех других форм тестостерона. Side effects: itching / redness in the place of sticking the patch, skin rashes and other side effects characteristic of all other forms of testosterone.

Testosterone Injection

One of the most frequent forms of testosterone administration for androgen deficiency. There are traditional injections (in the form of frequent use) and prolonged-action injections (one injection lasts for a long period). Prolonged injection is preferable, since they do not give such a sharp burst of hormone, being released gradually and long term (up to 3 months). One of these long-acting injectable testosterone undecanoate preparations is Nebido for intramuscular administration. Other injectables: testosterone depot, Sustanon-250, testenat, etc.

sustanol-250 Sustanon-250

1 ampoule - 250-350 rubles.


1 ampoule with 1 ml of oil solution contains a mixture of testosterone propionate, decanoate, isocapronate and phenylpropionate.

Dosage and administration:

Intramuscularly, deep into the muscle. The dosage is selected individually by the doctor, and is usually 1 ml 1 time in 3 weeks.

nebido Nebido

1 ampoule of 250 mg / ml 4 ml - 4800-5500 rub.


1 vial contains 1000 mg of testosterone undecanoate.

Dosage and administration:

Intramuscular injection of one vial of Nebido is done 1 time in 10-14 weeks.

Subcutaneous implant

A subcutaneous implant in the form of a cylinder is inserted under the skin under local anesthesia into the abdomen. A certain dose set by the attending physician is gradually released into the body. Such an implant allows you to maintain the required level of testosterone for 4-6 months. The disadvantage of this therapy is surgical intervention with characteristic complications (bruising, rejection).

Possible side effects of hormone therapy:

  • increased risk of prostate cancer;
  • the occurrence of acne and oily skin;
  • androgenic alopecia ;
  • inhibition of the function of its own hormone and sperm production.

In order to avoid possible side effects, hormone therapy with testosterone should be under the supervision of a physician. Only a doctor can prescribe the required dose and method of administration. In no case do not self-medicate, relying on information obtained from various sources.

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