Мужское либидо Male libido is nothing more than sexual desire or sexual instinct, driving a man on a subconscious level. Do not confuse libido with potency - the possibility of a man to commit sexual intercourse. Libido and potency are two different concepts, but what increases libido also increases potency. And in order to figure out how to increase libido, you need to know the reasons for its decline.

Causes of decreased libido in men

. Psychological causes . It can be a variety of stress, prolonged depression or anxiety about something. A decrease in libido can be associated with sexual dysfunction, when a man loses self-confidence as in a male, along with this, libido is inhibited. Libido can be oppressed with multiple failures in the sexual arena.

. Insufficient levels of sex hormones . Libido, like potency, is directly related to the level of the male sex hormone testosterone. The higher the level of sex hormones in a man, the more pronounced his libido, and vice versa. The level of testosterone begins to decline slightly after 25 years and to 40-45 years, androgen deficiency manifests itself to varying degrees.

. Chronic fatigue, lack of sleep . When the body needs rest, there can be no talk of any libido, since maintaining the libido is not the main function of the body, but only an additional one.

. Constant or frequent use of drugs and alcoholic beverages . For example, long-term use of marijuana reduces the size and density of the testicles, which leads to the inhibition of their functions to produce sex hormones and spermatozoa.

. Unbalanced nutrition . For proper operation of all body functions, it is necessary to supply it with nutrients. With poor nutrition, the body does not receive the necessary vitamins and minerals for the male body and cannot function properly.

How to increase libido in men in natural ways?

  • It is necessary to reconsider your diet and provide the body with all the necessary nutrients that fruits and vegetables are rich in. Do not forget to include in your diet foods that increase sexual desire and potency - male aphrodisiacs .
  • With insufficient levels of sex hormones, you need to wonder about testosterone increase in natural ways . It is especially important to provide your body with zinc. This trace element is a building mineral for the testosterone molecule, i.e. Testosterone molecule is not formed without zinc.
  • Let the body rest in the form of a full 8-hour sleep, which is passed in a dark room without extraneous noise, since noise and light interfere with the normal production of hormones during sleep. As mentioned above, if the body is tired, it is not up to sexual desire, so a healthy sleep is important for men .
  • Refrain from frequent use of alcoholic beverages, especially such as beer. The beer contains phytoestrogens - analogues of female sex hormones, the opposite of testosterone action. Estrogens are testosterone antagonist hormones, that is, an excess of estrogen in men causes a decrease in testosterone with all the ensuing consequences.

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