Immediately say that there are no "beer" or "baker's" bellies. A man may not use beer, but there is still a stomach. Why a beer belly, because the same "abdomen" can manifest itself due to the usual overeating? The fact that the beer contributes to the deposition of fat, starting with the abdominal cavity, so people in the big belly men called beer. So, in order to remove the stomach, the man must answer the question: "What are the main reasons for the appearance of the abdomen?". Eliminating the causes, it will be easier to eliminate the consequences.

The causes of the appearance of the abdomen in men:

  • Overeating, as well as frequent use of foods that contribute to obesity. The main problem that leads to the appearance of excess weight in men.
  • Absence of physical activity (hypodynamia). In a compartment with overeating, little physical activity leads to a rapid increase in weight, which begins in men with the abdominal cavity.
  • Age. With age, the metabolism and other processes occurring in the body slow down, which gives good soil for fat deposition. This is partly due to the age-related decline in testosterone, which controls the deposition of fat.
  • Low testosterone levels in men lead to a slowdown in metabolism, and on the contrary, excess weight reduces testosterone. It turns out a vicious circle that prevents a man from losing excess pounds.

How does the beer stomach affect male health?

It turned out that the beer belly is not only unaesthetic, but harmful to its owner. And this is not an exaggerated statement at all! The thing is that the fat in the abdominal cavity is a kind of factory for converting testosterone into estrogen, the female sex hormone responsible for the development of female sexual characteristics. A high level of estrogen in men contributes to the deposition of fat on the body of a man by female type and lowers testosterone levels, being its antagonist (more about the effect of obesity on testosterone levels ).

The beginning of the way

Before you take the first step towards changing yourself, remember that gradualness is the key to success in any business! The same goes for the fight against extra pounds. We are made of habits, so do not take them away sharply and in one day, otherwise your body will rise up against you and sooner or later everything will return to normal.

Your tactics in the fight against beer belly should be based on a gradual replacement of old habits, new healthy habits.

celi And yet, do not set yourself a critical goal, such as: "Lose weight for a month at 30 kg", etc., if this does not require medical indications. Firstly, it is very difficult and such a sharp weight loss will not affect your health in the best way. Secondly, such goals require the adoption of critical measures, and this violates the principle of gradualness, and increases the risk of getting off the path to the goal.

If you are going to set goals (which you always have to do), then they must be REAL and SPECIFIC. That is, instead of the installation "I want to remove the stomach," I need to set a goal "to reduce the waist by 5 cm per month" or "lose 5 kg per month". Set a goal and go to it - you do not need to know anything else!

How to start getting rid of the stomach?


Drinking regime. First of all, we will remove excess calories where they should not be at all. Watch yourself. What is the liquid in your basic diet? If it's tea and coffee with sugar, sodas, juice drinks, then you get extra calories from scratch. Not only that extra calories litter your body, so else caffeinated drinks lead to dehydration of the body. All that is necessary for your body is simple purified water and nothing more (see personal experience of refusing tea and coffee ). Ideally, you should consume only water, and in sufficient quantities (2 liters per day).

Normalization of the diet. It is necessary to gradually reduce in the diet fat, flour and sweet, that is to reduce to a minimum or refuse altogether from:

  • fast food (sandwiches, pelmeni, hot dogs, pizzas);
  • confectionery products (buns, white bread, candy, chocolate);
  • fatty meat products;
  • sugar and its substitutes;
  • products, chemical industry (chips, crunches, etc.).

Eat more:

  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • cereal cereals;
  • seafood;
  • greens;
  • berries.

All these products contain a large amount of fiber, which is necessary for normal digestion.

Diet. Nutrition also plays an important role. Disordered food and constant snacks do not promote rapid digestion.

The basic rules of the diet, contributing to weight loss:

  • Eat a fraction (smaller amount of food for several meals), that is, eat your daily food volume, for example, for 5 receptions, than for 3;
  • Try to observe a temporary regime between meals. Gradually, the body develops a habit, and the assimilation of food will occur more quickly;
  • Do not eat at night. Dietitians advise to give preference to light foods in the evening, because the metabolism at this time slows down. You can eat fruits, vegetables, salad.
Weight reduction occurs only when the amount of calories delivered is less than the amount of calories consumed. This ratio is achieved either by reducing the calories delivered, by reducing the volume and calorie content of food, or by increasing the calories consumed, due to active physical activity.

Physical Education and Weight Loss

Physical exercise is a very good way to lose weight. Do not believe yourself when your brain tries to justify the fact that you do not have the time or opportunity to play sports. There is always the possibility - there would be a desire. But do not immediately resort to heavy debilitating workouts. After all, sport is not only work up to the seventh sweat, everything can be much easier than you think.

Think about how you can strain your body. Maybe you live in a private house and 10 minutes with a rope each day will not take away from you a lot of time. Can you live near a stadium or a swimming pool and you will have half an hour 3-4 times a week to use them? To begin with, it's enough to compose a set of simple physical exercises that you can do at home. Then you can connect cardio training (running, cycling, swimming) and exercises with dumbbells. It is also necessary to perform exercises on the press , which will tighten the muscles of the abdominal cavity.

Testosterone as a factor in the acceleration of metabolism

As noted earlier, testosterone helps accelerate metabolism in men, so a sufficient level of testosterone will facilitate and accelerate the fight against excess weight. You can read about how to increase it here .

Surgical treatment of obesity

It was shown to patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40 with ineffective conservative methods of treatment.

Today the following operations are most effective:

  • Gastric bypass;
  • Gastric banding;
  • Sleeve gastroplasty.

More on surgical treatment of obesity.