men's underwear and men's secular health It turns out that men's underwear can harm a man. The whole point is that for a normal functioning of the male genital organs, in particular the testicles, a certain temperature is necessary. The temperature of the testicles should be 3.3 degrees less than body temperature, for this they are taken out. If the temperature of the testicles is equal to and above the body temperature, then "death" will occur with testosterone and spermatozoa. Therefore tight-fitting underwear harms the sexual health of a man.

Confirmation can serve as the fact that in such a densely populated country as India, men wear so-called sarongs, which give complete freedom to the testicles. Here you can take the Arabs, the Chinese with their free pants.

In order not to interfere with the production of sperm and testosterone, a man should walk in wide panties, preferably of cotton material, not in any case not in synthetic, because synthetic fabric "does not breathe", producing extra heating. At night you need to sleep without panties. It is necessary to take care that the testicles remain in a free vise, and not pressed underwear to the body.

To similar "pests" sexual health of the man it is possible to carry narrow jeans, mobile phones on a belt or in pockets of trousers, the working laptop on knees, etc.

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