Правильная осанка – залог привлекательности мужчины! It is difficult to imagine a successful man with a hump instead of his back. Such people immediately lose the sympathy of others, and this happens on an intuitive level. People with a beautiful slender posture look more healthy, confident, strong, sexy. No wonder that in the armies of all countries they bring up a correct and even posture; such a soldier evokes the feeling of a strong fighter.

What contributes to the development of incorrect posture?

  • Passive lifestyle. Working at the computer makes the chin protrude to the monitor, slouch back, eventually forming a stooped back. In addition, in a sitting position, the back muscles do not receive adequate load, they become incapable of maintaining a flat back.
  • Carrying a bag on one shoulder.
  • Improper posture in a dream causes curvature of the spine. It matters what surface you sleep on: it should not be soft, so that the body does not bend. Also, the position of the body in a dream affects the potency of a man .
  • Weak back muscles are not able to support the back properly, therefore, for proper posture, it is necessary to strengthen the back muscles.

As you can see, the factors negatively affecting posture are enough, so you should always monitor the correctness of the position of the back, both during walking and sitting.

What will help to form a correct posture?

The horizontal bar is an excellent tool for the formation of healthy posture and strengthen the muscles of the back. You need to perform hanging on the crossbar in a relaxed state for a straight posture and pulling up with a wide grip for training your back muscles.

Swimming has become an indispensable medical procedure for people with scoliosis. During swimming, tension is removed from the spine, which has a beneficial effect on posture.

Strong abdominal muscles help relieve excessive tension from the spine and facilitate the formation of a correct posture.

If there is no opportunity to hang on a horizontal bar or swim, exercises will help to form a healthy posture:

  1. Standing, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on a belt. Lean forward, touching the floor with your hands, trying to straighten your back as much as possible. When performing the exercise, the legs remain in a straight (not bent) position.
  2. Standing, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on a belt. Make the body turn as far as possible to the left. Return to the original position. Make the body turn as far as possible to the right.
  3. Standing, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on the back of the head (fingers interlaced). Keeping your back straight, we make the most deep tilt to the left, without taking your feet off the floor. Return to the starting position, do the slope to the right.
  4. Standing, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on a belt. We begin to make circular movements with the pelvis, first in one, then in the other direction.

Posture - the first thing they pay attention to. Do not let a negative opinion form about you - keep your back straight!

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