Отказ от кофе и чая Drinking caffeine drinks has become a part of our daily life. And so hard that some people cannot imagine their life without another cup of caffeine. In addition to the physical dependence that caffeine causes, the procedure for making caffeine drinks has its own psychological background: we have associated 5 minutes with a cup of our favorite drink with a rest period. This is especially true in the workplace when you want to hide from the endless fuss and problems and give yourself an extra few minutes of rest, and the company of a hot cup of your favorite drink acts as an excuse for this.

Caffeine is not in vain considered a light drug, and it is difficult not to agree with this, having learned what properties it has:

  • Gives a surge of strength and energy;
  • Develops addiction;
  • Able to briefly improve the condition of the individual, its tonic properties;
  • Relieves or relieves pain;
  • Temporarily improves mental activity and the work of the brain as a whole.

Especially speaking about tea and coffee, we mean what they sell us in stores under this name. And this, you see, is far from natural origin, because large enterprises are not in the mood to think about the naturalness of their products and the health of the consumer - only financial gain is the driving force. Because, pouring boiling water over another tea bag, it is strange to see how, after a second, the clear water becomes saturated with a dark color. This tea does not behave this way. So, unnatural components are used.

However, if you try not to exceed reasonable rates of consumption of tea, coffee and other caffeinated beverages, then your habit will not do much harm. Let everyone determine his own rate, hand on heart (if it is of course necessary for a person).

Personal experience of refusing coffee and tea

Since I have always been interested in the topic of a healthy lifestyle (it just so happened that the sores did not bypass me), I always tried to make my life less destructive to my health. I rarely drank coffee, although the home ones brewed it every day. It so happened that my soul lay more for tea: both for black and green — no matter what it was, it was brewing.

Having learned about the harm of sugar, I, of course, tried to drink tea without it or replace it with honey. Gradually giving up sugar, you begin to feel the taste of tea in a different way. It was a long time ago, and I did not attach much importance to such a transition - everything went naturally.

As time went on, I continued to “chifit”: I drank about 5-6 cups of black tea a day — not a lot and not a little in general, although I didn’t think that it was intentional — it could be either more or less. Just tea drinking was for me like a ritual of rest: you come home - be sure to put a teapot, watch a movie - brew mugs two seagulls and sandwiches, get tired or don’t want to work - make a mug of tea, justify your laziness, and how did you do it - drink tea boldly. In general, a lot of tea was consumed: a box of tea with a hundred sachets “left” in 2-3 weeks.

Crucial moment

The turning point came when I started going to the gym. Naturally, I was interested in nutrition after exercise and how to make my body absorb more proteins. Sports nutrition is not used - the dilemma with the assimilation would have disappeared by itself. And then I accidentally heard a conversation that a certain comrade had not slept for a day, just because I had tried some kind of tonic infusion (such as ginseng tincture or something like that). As explained telling:

- He has good receptors, he does not drink tea or coffee. Here it is and hooked.

Thinking that the “clean” receptors would not interfere with me, I took note of this and gradually began to reduce the amount of tea. This was further promoted by the fact that the tastes of my tea of ​​that time were not very enviable: the paint that paints water, and after which even a mug is difficult to wash. Plus, the yellowness of my teeth could be compared with a heavy smoker. I attributed all this to paint-tea, as I had everything in order with brushing my teeth, and I saw the results left on the mug in the form of tea raids.

Exemption from tea addiction

So gradually, I freed myself from tea addiction and already “clean” from tea for about six months. Something special breaking and something else did not feel. The desire to drink the paint, which I used to like to pour into myself, does not exist at all. And just to natural leaf tea I feel complete loyalty - I can drink, but I can not drink. At the same time, I began to notice that the craving for sweets is getting weaker - it no longer seems so attractive, and its taste often becomes too sweet for me. For example, chocolates, which I so loved to die under gulls, and did not calm down until it was completely eaten, became too sweet for me. Such changes did not come immediately, but only after a few months. Apparently, this is due to the fact that taste buds have become really more sensitive.

What is the connection between tea and chocolate? And the connection is such that tea and coffee actively flush out potassium from the body, which is trying to fill it up by consuming chocolate products. It turns out such a vicious circle - we drink tea with a chocolate, the substances of which are actively washed out from our body, and our body, without replenishing this stock, requires more and more. Thus, we can conclude that drinking caffeinated beverages provokes cravings for sweets . Although some will find this statement rather controversial, but at least the logic is present in this (and I also confirm this in practice). In addition, chocolate, as well as tea and coffee, contains caffeine, depending on which I no longer have. This is another factor in favor of the close relationship of cocoa products and caffeine drinks. Here is such a theory brothers!

Tea and coffee substitutes

Of course, it is difficult to completely remove hot drinks from life. Especially when you want to warm up, or you feel an incomprehensible "inner cold" (apparently, these are consequences of a trained organism to hot). We have to look for an alternative, because the syndrome of "internal cold" still bothers me. Perhaps it will pass with time, but I don’t count on it much. For myself, I found a simple recipe: honey, lemon, ginger root. It turns out a kind of Theraflu. I read on the Internet, many advise brew rosehip, chicory, various herbs and berries . I have not tried it myself, but I am sure that it is a worthy alternative to caffeine, both in taste and benefit.

What is the result?

In addition to the above effects, I have not yet noticed any other supernatural changes in my health, but I am sure that they will be. Why? Because I have not drunk enough water all this time and only recently began to think about it. And I consider the refusal of tea to be justified, since I consider dehydration to be the main destructive factor of caffeine drinks, drinking a glass of tea or coffee, we lose more moisture than we received. And this can not affect the functioning of the body, because we still consist of 70% of water. So get into the habit of drinking plain purified water, and start your day with a glass of water (see water balance in the body of a man ). For those who want to learn more about this, I advise the book "Your body is asking for water . " I repeat the thought that I want to convey.

Together with the refusal of caffeine-containing foods, try to increase your intake of plain purified water. So you quickly overcome the chronic dehydration that most people on the planet suffer, especially coffee and tea lovers. Try to bring your diet to 1.5 liters per day - this is the minimum that will work for our health.

PS Teeth all the same became lighter on the tone of two or three, which is not significant by dental standards. But I didn’t put extra effort on it and didn’t use bleaching pastes, so I think that I still have the potential in teeth whitening and in another six months I will be able to achieve a noticeable improvement.

PPS I am not an ardent opponent of tea and coffee, and if I am offered somewhere to drink one of these drinks, and I would like to, I will not refuse.

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  • Ilya says:

    Here I absolutely agree with this!

  • Abdurahman says:

    Useful info. Thank you.

  • Dmitry says:

    Read all your article. Very often I began to think about refusing caffeine and therefore your post pushed me close to making the right decision.

    From this moment I make a choice in the direction of refusal from caffeine. There are several reasons for this:
    1. Getting rid of addiction
    2. Clean teeth
    3. Pure taste buds
    4. Reduced cravings for sweets
    5. Increased water content in the body.

    For me, this is enough. By the way, I thought that tea and water are the same. Those. when I drink tea, I increase the amount of water in the body. That was the main reason I drank it.

    What I will get rid of addiction:
    1. Better health
    2. Clean teeth
    3. More free time
    4. Savings

    Thank you very much! I will keep you informed of their affairs on the topic.
    With good thoughts about you, Rekun Dmitry
    Furniture expert

  • Oksana says:

    oh, you open the second breath in me with your articles. :)

  • Poseidon Ivanovich says:

    “The yellowness of my teeth could be compared with a heavy smoker” - is that how it is? Have you compared teeth with a man? I would compare the teeth with the teeth of another person))))

  • Vova P. says:

    “Water ration”, yo moo. New thermin.

  • Melmac says:

    It's funny that you call “tea bags” tea.

  • MARK says:

    How is the author doing? Is refusing tea and coffee a good idea?
    The very same periodically reduce the dose of tea, and coffee, and so small. The alternative to tea is badly chosen in my opinion. Ginger is quite specific, lemon - high acid, honey is also not suitable for frequent use, as for me. It is difficult to replace tea, I got used to it since childhood, and my body is not so much dependent on it, but adapted to it. And tea has become for me the most neutral drink. Adapting the body to new drinks may be even more harmful. Therefore, “I wanted the best” often works the other way around.

  • E says:

    I refused sweet tea and tea. I brew the thyme or I drink plain water. I switched to a low-carb diet. I’m losing weight ...

    • Vladimir says:

      Another stupidity rejection of tea. If you are drinking tea, not chefir, then this is only good. Tea strengthens the walls of blood vessels. The conclusion is simple: drink tea without sugar and not very strong, like chefir, and you will benefit.

  • ILYA says:

    After giving up tea, abilities that were inexplicable from the standpoint of science began to manifest themselves. In a month. Clear every night. Thought is triggered.
    Now I begin to understand why we are all being hunted down with tea. Tobacco addiction disappeared 2 weeks after giving up tea.

    • Eugene says:

      Ilya was lucky you! I have not opened such abilities, already a year has passed since the refusal! 🙂

  • Incognito says:

    I recommend to harvest Ivan tea (he is the fireworm, Koporsky tea)

  • Ilya says:

    I recommend not to brew any tea at all. It is harmful.

  • Fedor says:

    I drink tea for 4 years (more than 10 cups a day until it becomes bad or I don’t go to bed) while putting 3 tablespoons of sugar in the beginning - but a year later - I got up to 10 tablespoons of sugar in the cup - I drank tea every 30 minutes - cup after cup - went for a smoke break and put a teapot - (As a result, problems with the spine started - osteochondrosis (from the neck to the waist) - pain in the wrist after exertion) fat loss on the abdomen and legs), then pressure rises dry tea from tea - in the morning the mouth dries out, mood swings if you stop drinking tea or coffee, you become irritable - the world seems dull. And I noticed that tea causes a great deal of nicotine - I drink a cup of tea (coffee) I want to smoke - because I smoked - there was a breakdown - I wanted tea or coffee - then I drink again and I want to smoke. now I try not to drink tea or coffee at all - since I have all the muscles in my body smash through any movement - strong tremor - it has been observed for 3 years - I think my nervous system was damaged - with caffeine - or my vessels were clogged - and I drank cheap tea - and café everything - in short everything that came across

    • bigfoot-tmn says:

      Fedor, donate blood for sugar, you may have diabetes.

  • supervova says:

    Are you all idiots? Commented on some kind of garbage. A couple of cups of tea a day will do you no harm. Article - g *** about.

  • Andrew says:

    When refusing coffee and tea, I got the following results:
    1. The urge to urinate became less frequent and permanent weakness in the bladder disappeared.
    2. My difficult falling asleep faded away. Now I sleep like a woodchuck.
    3. My anxiety and unjustified fear evaporated. And with it, sweating palms and groin.
    4. Teeth are whiter.
    5. My total pulse became 10 shots slower.
    5. Sports are easier. No heartbeat and shortness of breath.

  • Natalia says:

    I drank only scooped coffee, in the morning, with milk, I love a lot of milk, but still, over time I began to notice that I only drink, start to feel the heart strongly, as if it was throbbing in my throat, and not where it is, unpleasant sensation, and after all, cigarettes went well for coffee, in general, the third day without coffee, without tea, and I don't feel any unpleasant heartbeat, I want to smoke less, I drink from morning until 11 one water, two liters I drink and I feel excellent) Water fills up in the body what I washed out for a long time with caffeine, the body asked for water, and I gave him coffee , now, as I am reborn, I want to eat right on schedule — to 12, a lot of vegetables and fruits — super, try to remember the simplest rule — if there are three dishes on the table — two of them must be of plant origin and you'll always be okay, yes, and even more greens in everything is our strength and salvation from all bad diseases) Water, plenty of vegetables, fruits and greens) Health to all) Be happy)

  • Chtoliena says:

    And instead of tea and coffee, I taught myself to drink boiling water with lemon) Not bad either)

  • Jana says:

    I have been looking for a connection between tea and sweets for sweets for a long time. And I found it. Thank. So I have not noticed it alone. For two days, instead of tea, I just drink boiling water with something delicious. But there is no such dependence on sweets. I recommend everyone to use the rejection of tea. Try to cut a slice of cake or make sandwiches and see for yourself that if you do not throw a bag of tea into boiling water, then eat much less. The first time I wrote a review somewhere in my 32 years, since this is a very relevant topic. And there is very little talk about it.

    • Eugene says:

      Jana, it's good that you thought about reducing the consumption of caffeine and sweets. This is definitely a small step towards health. But remember: all that is written here is only the opinion of the author, who does not claim the truth, but only expresses his opinion and vision of the situation.

  • Andrew says:

    Eugene, thank you for the true article! Himself an avid coffee lover. I drink coffee for many years, at home, a Turk and 2 coffee makers ... The most important thing is that everything started with one cup in the morning ... Now I drink much larger doses. I am actively involved in sports. I never felt my heart knew and understood that it was alright! Now sometimes, but I feel unpleasant piercing. Take-off in the morning, after lunch there is a breakdown and other unpleasant symptoms described above. But I did not understand that all this was due to banal coffee.
    Thanks again to everyone for the truth about coffee. I read carefully, after weighing all the pros and cons of this habit, made for myself a clear decision to abandon this drink forever.

  • Marvel says:

    During the reception of caffeine-containing products (coffee, teas: green, black, Chinese), the skin dries unequivocally, the face is covered with tea-caffeine peel, on the forehead - a rash, on the chin - acne (to put it mildly), constantly craving for nicotine, from green tea - the complexion gets a greenish-unhealthy shade, from black - respectively, black. All this obscurantism irritates the stomach and intestines, after which there is still a taste in the mouth, which cannot be compared with fresh breath even to insane oligophrenic. Promoted metabolism from caffeine stimulants provokes a feeling of constant hunger, nutrients are absorbed in a worse volume, in the presence of caffeine / tannin and so on. in blood. At the end of caffeine intoxication (a direct analogue of the drug), apathy occurs, people also say “othodnyak”, demanding another dose of a stimulant.
    Rejecting all this “curative” drug once (the goal of which is to make profit by all means) - at least the representatives of the weaker sex will save time, nerves and money for visits to the masters of peeling, cleansing, buying up tonals, etc. masking the symptom xD
    Good health to all!

  • Victor says:

    Good day to all. Throughout his life, he was addicted to caffeine and was not aware of this until recently. All those who write here that a couple of cups of tea / coffee per day does not harm, simply do not realize their dependence on caffeine. Who would not say, and caffeine is the strongest stimulant of the central nervous system, and with constant use causes mental and physical dependence, with all the ensuing consequences for the body.
    Thanks to caffeine in coffee, I earned chronic pancreatitis, palpitations, irritability, insomnia, psychosis and neurosis, while considering these symptoms and diseases to be strange or natural coincidences. With a sharp refusal, all the symptoms of withdrawal, namely, weakness, drowsiness, tearfulness, severe headaches, apathy, loss of motivation. Now I have only a week of total refusal from caffeine, I drink fruit teas, sometimes I allow myself packaged cocoa [there is no caffeine], I feel much better, sleep is deep and of high quality, I quickly fall asleep and I get enough sleep, my mood returns to normal, and my appetite is even as to pancreatitis, the only thing missing is a sharp mood boost and motivation, but I hope with time I will become stronger and more confident. I would advise you to drink tea or coffee as little as possible, once a week / month, on holidays, not more often. Avoid drug traps and public opinion, as most are usually wrong. Peace for everyone!

  • Helena says:

    I agree that coffee is a drug. Saw a lot, at work often for the company. Now abruptly threw. Already a week breaking. Barely dragging my feet, hail sweat, terrible headaches. Hope to cope.

  • Vika says:

    I also decided to give up tea and coffee, I’m holding on the second day, the first day was very difficult, my head just thought about tea)), and by the evening my teeth were twisted ((but I’m holding!)

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