In order to produce testosterone and sperm, the testes need their individual environment, individual temperature conditions. The testes are in a free-hanging scrotum because they must be freely suspended and swaying. It has been proven that in order to keep the testicles in optimal conditions, you need to maintain a certain temperature, which should be approximately 3.3 ° C below your body temperature. This is a big difference.

The effects of testicular overheating are manifested in impaired sperm and testosterone production (see “The main symptoms of low testosterone” ). In fact, the temperature of the jacuzzi forces the testicles to send a small mini-grenade called the heat shock protein. It is as if to say: “I'm sorry, but testosterone and sperm are not of proper quality. We will destroy them or partially restrain them. ”

When a couple complains of infertility and finds that the man has a small number of sperm, cooling the testicles is one of the first recommendations.

Currently, the problems of men make up the majority of difficulties in childbearing. However, we are doing everything to not comply with the temperature request of the testicles. The testicles try to forgive us and adapt, but they cannot. You should take better care of them as much as possible (see “Why and How to Perform Testicular Massage” ). This is especially true for men at risk:

  • drivers, truckers;
  • office workers whose profession involves a constant sitting position;
  • professions involving constant contact with elevated temperatures (furnace workers, foundry workers);
  • men who prefer tight pants, tight underwear made of synthetic materials that do not allow air.

Avoid heated seats in the car. Higher-class cars are equipped with seat heaters, which in some cases turn on automatically in cold weather. In winter, many turn on these heaters and leave them on for many months. We heat up with our testicles. If you live in a hot climate, the car seats are heated by the sun.

Driving by car itself involves a sitting position of the driver with legs close to each other, which in itself causes an increase in the temperature of the scrotum, even without using seat heating. The tight pants and underwear made of synthetic materials, nylon or wool aggravate the situation. Thus, drivers of city transport, fixed-route taxis, truckers and all men whose profession involves a long stay behind the wheel of a car are at risk of testicular overheating.

In addition, as much as possible avoid:

  • hot tubs and hot tubs;
  • heated water beds;
  • use of electric blankets.

Lower your water temperature by taking a shower. If you take a moving shower, do not direct hot water directly to the genital area for a long time. After the shower, try not to put on tight clothes immediately, walk in loose clothing for as long as possible.

Avoid tight clothing such as tight jeans or nylon or wool underwear. Wear loose cotton boxers. Wear loose pants, preferably with front creases.

Children's experts note that in boys who have been wearing disposable diapers made of synthetic materials for many years, testosterone and sperm production may be impaired. Synthetic materials do not allow heat to pass through. Old fashioned cotton diapers are recommended. Violation of the thermal regime of the testicles in adolescence can adversely affect the development of secondary sexual characteristics due to a decrease in testosterone synthesis and its effects.

Scrotum "more convenient" to be naked. Perhaps it is best for her to be in limbo. But assuming walking naked is unacceptable in your home, you could wear loose clothing.

Give the testicles some freedom. The main point here is that you should avoid constantly wearing tight pants, pajamas, shorts or tight tights. The testicles themselves are covered only with a thin layer of skin, and it will not be very useful for them if you put on additional layers.

The testicles and scrotum constantly evaluate the climate. According to the results of the assessment, the brain every 15 minutes gives the testes a command about how much testosterone must be developed.

By the way, this is why most men from eastern countries do not have problems with sperm and childbearing - they walk all the time in loose clothes. In fact, the amount of sperm produced in men has increased in third world countries, while in the western world it has decreased by 50% over the past 40 years.

Scottish men were conservative with respect to clothing, which contributed to the effect of testosterone. When Mel Gibson shouted “Freedom!” In the movie “Braveheart,” perhaps he spoke more truth than he knew. He may also have praised plaid skirts that give testicles freedom.

Do not work on a laptop while holding it on your lap. Do not watch DVD movies, do not play computer games and do not work with texts on the computer while holding the laptop on your lap.

Wash or wipe the testicles with moderately cool water 2-3 times a day. Men look at us like crazy when we recommend it. But during the day, many men sit for a long time. They trap the groin in a heat trap. This area starts to sweat, so your body says that the temperature is too high. This is the reason why testosterone levels drop in the evening.

When the testicles sweat, the body learns about it, even if you don’t. So help them a bit. Wipe your testicles with cool, pleasant water at home or in the toilet cubicle, allowing them to enjoy the coolness for 15 seconds.

Many men (although not all) report that washing their testicles with cool water 10-15 minutes before having sex, they improve their abilities. Try it! Do not use ice cubes. Impatient customers, following the advice, think: “If the cool water is good, the cold should be even better.” Wrong!

Sit correctly - in terms of genital benefits

Pay attention to how you are sitting now. If the legs are quite close to each other, they make the scrotum sweat, “trap” high temperatures, block the normal flow of blood into the scrotum, inhibit nerve impulses and prevent this area from breathing. Sitting with legs together raises the temperature of the scrotum by almost 2.5 ° C.

For 6 out of 10 men, this is all that needs to be done. No exercise at all! We only change one position to another!

Make a "V-check". When you are sitting, your legs should resemble the letter V. When you know that you will be sitting for more than 15 minutes, consciously try to sit with your legs apart to make the letter V wider.

With sufficient distance, some “breathing” space forms for your testicles on both sides of the scrotum. Here is what you need. This position helps to avoid "trapping" high temperature, humidity, vascular compression and nerve endings. Do not become obsessed with this, it is enough to sometimes check if the position of your legs does not interfere with the free blood flow in the scrotum, and is not the reason for the temperature increase in this area.

A source:

Shafiq Kaadri , Testosterone Factor, 2007.

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    For many, this may be ridiculous, but absolutely normal and truthful information is written here. My wife and I could not conceive our first baby for a long time. And the whole problem was precisely because of my low sperm count. And who would have thought that my sedentary work (worked earlier in the office) could lead to such consequences? Having made a spermogram, my andrologist first thing I said was to constantly monitor the temperature of my testicles. At the beginning, it was strange for me to hear this. But then the doctor explained everything to me and I realized the importance of this procedure. Of course, the treatment did not end there. There were other prescriptions, but now I'm talking about this importance. And if there are any problems in the male part - do not be shy to go to the doctors. They will not advise the bad. Better yet, go to competent doctors who value their reputation. Then, for sure, no doubts should arise about the prescribed treatment (no matter how strange it may be).

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