плюсы и минусы обрезания Circumcision (the medical term "circumcision") has been known for a long time. The first mention of circumcision dates back to 2300 BC in ancient Egypt. These were drawings on the walls depicting the process of cutting.

Some peoples circumcision is part of a long history and an integral religious tradition. For example, among Jews, babies are circumcised on the eighth day of birth, with Muslims, most often at the age of thirteen. In the 50 years in the United States was appointed a national program, according to which every newborn boy was circumcised. Subsequently, the program was canceled, but the tradition remained, although it began to decline. Therefore, in the United States, most of the male population is circumcised, which cannot be said about Europe.

At last count, every sixth man on our planet is circumcised. Although the circumcision entered our life long ago, disputes about the benefits and harms of this operation do not stop.

Pluses of circumcision

  • Phimosis is too narrow foreskin that makes it difficult to expose the head of the penis. The only possible treatment for phimosis is circumcision. In this case, everyone agrees that the operation is necessary.
  • Reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Prevention of penile cancer. Scientists have found that circumcised men have almost no cancer of the penis.
  • Increase the duration of sexual intercourse. Due to the coarsening of the skin, the head becomes less sensitive, which leads to a delayed orgasm.
  • Improved appearance. Some do not like to see a member with a closed head or a fold of skin over the head, preferring a fully open head.

Cons of circumcision

  • Circumcision is still an operation, and as in any other operation there are risks and complications. The main thing in this case is an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon who will perform the operation.
  • On the aesthetic side. Opponents of circumcision are sure that everything is given to us by nature for a reason, and the foreskin is no exception. There is nothing superfluous in our body, they argue. In confirmation of this, there are often cases when children began to remove the appendix to prevent appendicitis, and tonsils were removed to prevent angina. In both cases, the experiment ended unsuccessfully.

Whatever the pros and cons of circumcision, in any case, the choice is yours.

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  • Oleg says:

    And I was born with a loosening, I have one third of the heads closed, I can say nothing at all ... ... the skin and everything, like a hat on my head, having read this, I now understand why I have sexual intercourse longer, but I thought so the body goes no !!!!!!

  • Alexey says:

    Himself circumcised.
    The number of pluses far exceeds the minuses. As for me, even the minuses can hardly be called as such, and completely solvable.

  • The member bearer says:

    Why did I read about it at night?

  • Logger says:

    But to masturbate with circumcised is much more difficult.

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