Победа повышает мужской гормон Testosterone is called the hormone of the winners, and not for nothing. So, after the victory in any competitions or the successful solution of the tasks set, the testosterone level rises. There is a release of a large amount of testosterone, which leads a man into a state of euphoria, also known as a sense of victory. That's why we want to win so much. By the way, for some professional athletes this feeling is so great that after the end of a sports career, many fall into a long depression, and male athletes show impotence.

In addition to increasing testosterone , after the birth, the formation of stress hormones is blocked, which is also not unimportant, because stress hormones block the male sex hormone. If you are satisfied with your life, smile often, spend time cheerfully and never lose heart, thereby you create a good soil for testosterone, and for health in general!

As for your personal life, winning sexually will bring you not only testosterone, but also self-confidence. If a man often hears from the female half that he is a sex giant and in bed is just superman, believe me, he has a high level of testosterone . Conversely, if a man in bed is not a hero at all, or if there are no sexual relations for a long time, then it is unlikely that such a man boasts of the level of a male hormone.

Draw conclusions: win! ... win over trifles! ... .popey where possible!

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