Польза секса для мужчин Sex in the life of a man takes, if not the first, then one of the main places in importance. A man’s long lack of sex has a bad effect on his psychophysical state, and can develop into a number of complexes. Therefore, men must have a permanent sexual relationship. What benefits besides pleasure gives sex?

Sex strengthens the cardiovascular system

During intensive sex, the heart, as during physical exertion, works more intensively, which strengthens and trains the heart muscle. Therefore, sex is a great cardio workout.

Sex as a remedy for depression and pain

Sex lowers the level of stress hormone cortisol. In addition, after sex, the amount of hormones of happiness increases - endorphins, which improve mood and relieve pain.

Sex strengthens the immune system

In people who regularly have sex, the amount of immunoglobulin A increases, which protects the body against various colds and infectious diseases.

Sex as physical activity

In the hectic everyday life, often there is not enough time to play sports. Therefore, active sex is not only pleasant, but also useful. During sex, various muscles are involved, the body requires more oxygen - than not exercise? Especially useful is sex in the morning: it acts as a charge, your body wakes up completely and is ready for a working day.

Sex improves self-esteem and male hormone

Men who regularly have sex have increased self-esteem compared to men who have no sex. It is important to take into account the quality of sexual relations. If the partner is satisfied with the man, it shows him from the side of a good male, which adds not only self-confidence , but also the level of the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone rises, because the man feels like a winner, compared to other males. The opposite effect (dissatisfaction with sexual relations) gives opposite results.

Sex is an integral part of a person’s life and culture, and most importantly in sex, to bring joy and pleasure to partners.

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