Почему здоровый сон так важен для мужчин? Every day life becomes richer, and, at times, you have to sacrifice sleep, in order to solve your daily affairs and responsibilities. Having sacrificed one, two, three times for a dream, the organism will get used to such a pace of life, but this does not mean that there will be no harm to health. In addition to the symptoms of chronic (permanent) sleep deprivation, the male part of the population endangers their sexual health.

The value of sleep for men

Sleep is the most important life process responsible for the restoration and accumulation of energy for the next day. During sleep, such important processes as the release of sex hormones, melatonin, somatropin occur. In particular, in the phase of deep sleep, the most important male sex hormone is released - testosterone, which is directly related to men's health. Therefore, lack of sleep in men has a negative effect on the level of the sex hormone, potency and health of the cardiovascular system.

Healthy sleep criteria for men:

  • sleep duration
  • body position in a dream
  • sleep conditions

Sleep duration

So how much to sleep? Doctors say that 7-8 hours of sleep is enough to restore the body's strength and accumulate them for a new day.

Body position in a dream and potency

It turns out that not only the duration of sleep is important, but also the position of the body in a dream. Spanish scientists have identified two poses that can harm male potency:

The first posture is on the stomach . Under the influence of body weight, the bladder is compressed and the blood circulation is disturbed, which is bad for potency.

The second posture is a high position of the head during sleep. In this case, the blood circulation of the brain is impaired, which reduces the ability of the pituitary gland to release hormones, including sex hormones.

How to improve the quality of sleep?

We all know that you can sleep 6 hours and wake up awake and rested, or sleep 10 hours and feel overwhelmed and not sleep. What does it depend on? In part, on sleep conditions. As mentioned earlier, in a dream, there is an active production of testosterone, which is of paramount importance for the health of a man.

There are various factors that prevent the normal production of testosterone during sleep:

Noise. Maximum testosterone production occurs in absolute silence: with constant or temporary noise, cortisol is released - testosterone antagonist hormone.

Shine. Testosterone production occurs in total darkness. If the window gets the light from the moon or a lantern, you can use a special blindfold (usually used on passenger flights) or buy blinds.

By creating the most comfortable sleep conditions, the man will take care of his sexual health.

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