The average number of spermatozoa over the past 100 years has decreased from 120 million / ml in 1913 to 15 million / ml in 2010. One of the main reasons for such changes is unbalanced nutrition, deficiency of vitamins and trace elements, of which zinc and folic acid play an important role.

Zinc and masculinity

Zinc affects the appearance and overall health of a man. This element is involved in the production of testosterone - a hormone responsible for men's health. Zinc also inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, reducing the activity of the aromatase enzyme .

Zinc is found in foods, such as pumpkin seeds , but the amount of such foods in the daily diet is very limited.

The daily requirement of an adult male body in zinc is 12-20 mg . When replenishing the daily norm of zinc, it should be borne in mind that in the reproductive age, this element is excreted from the body not so much through the gastrointestinal tract, as during ejaculation.

Zinc preparations


Селцинк Selzink is a balanced drug, in which the active substances are mixed in a proportion that exceeds the daily need of an adult organism. The preparation combines vitamins B, C, beta-carotene, zinc in an amount of 8 mg and selenium.


Цинктерал Zincteral is a drug containing only zinc and excipients: 124 mg of zinc sulfate, which corresponds to 45 mg of zinc, twice the rate needed to compensate for the daily consumption of this element by an adult man.


СпермАктив Spermaktiv contains only 7.5 mg of zinc, which corresponds to approximately half the daily requirement. Moreover, selenium is present in the preparation, as well as in Selzink. One of the purposes of this drug is to increase the activity of sperm.

Folic acid - the health of the offspring

Zinc is not the only element responsible for men's health and the production of active sperm. Another, but not the last, is folic acid or vitamin B 9 .

Folic acid is found in vegetable foods, such as parsley, spinach, lettuce, sorrel, legumes, buckwheat, as well as beef liver and chicken giblets. The maximum amount of this element is contained in brewer's yeast. Despite the abundance of products containing this element, their total daily consumption is not enough.

Unlike zinc, folic acid does not have the ability to accumulate in the body, and therefore requires constant replenishment. The daily rate for men is 200-300 mg . This vitamin is eliminated from the body through the kidneys.

Vitamin B 9 is involved in the formation of sperm and is responsible for their activity. When folic acid is taken, the number of active sperm cells and their penetrating ability increase, which increases the likelihood of conception.

Folic acid, like any other element, can not begin to act immediately after admission. Time is needed for the accumulation of an element in the body and the maturation of new spermatozoa of about three months. Acceptance of folic acid for men at least three months before the intended conception is also due to the cycle of development of spermatozoa - their maturation occurs in 73-82 days.

Folic acid preparations

Vitamin B 9 is presented in pharmacies as a monodrug, that is, a drug containing only one substance.

Folic acid (production Russia and Belarus)

folievaya-kislota-dlya-muzhchin These are tablets with a dosage of the active substance 100, 300, 400 μg. Depending on the daily need, it is possible to use the drug at a low dosage 2-4 times a day, and in the case of high physical activity, a single dose of a 400 μg tablet may be used. Some Russian manufacturers produce tablets with 1 mg of active ingredient, which corresponds to the maximum daily dose.


folacin Folacin - a drug containing a large dose of folic acid. Each tablet contains 5 mg of active substance. In this dose, it is usually used in the treatment of folate-deficiency anemia and with a high need for vitamin.

The maximum daily dose of vitamin B 9 is 1000 micrograms, and its excess can be freely excreted in the urine.

Zinc and folic acid preparations

Zinc and folic acid are two elements actively involved in the formation of men's health. But these two drugs are not compatible with each other at the same time, as they form an insoluble compound that cannot be absorbed by the body.

Folic acid should be taken separately from preparations containing zinc.

The above preparations of zinc and folic acid do not belong to medicines. Sold in pharmacies without prescriptions and are indicated either as vitamin complexes, or as a dietary supplement.

Like any other drug, zinc and folic acid preparations can cause an allergic reaction. It is contraindicated to take these drugs to persons who have individual intolerance, or have already had negative experience with the use of drugs containing these elements.