The elements zinc and selenium are not able to accumulate in the body. Their content in the blood of a man depends on proper diet and replenishment from the outside. And if you take into account the ecology, stress, illness, then the injected dose should exceed the daily requirement.

A few words about zinc and selenium


The recommended intake of zinc is 15 mg per day. Many factors lead to the loss of this element and reduce its absorbability. For example, a high content of iron in drinking water is a competitor of zinc, and with each ejaculation a man’s body loses 1-3 mg of zinc.

The element is in dire need of the prostate - it has 10 times more zinc than any other organ.

Chronic zinc deficiency leads to delayed sexual development in boys, in men - to the loss of the ability of sperm to fertilize an egg and to reduce the level of sex hormones.
Zinc is needed where there is an active cell division: without zinc, spermatogenesis is impossible, synthesis of testosterone , normal maturation and motility of spermatozoa.

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Daily need - 65 mcg. When the concentration of selenium in the blood drops below 50 µg / l, a deficient state develops, in which the risk of male infertility is high, since selenium has a pronounced protective effect on spermatozoa and ensures their mobility.

Selenium, in the form of selenoprotein, is the building material of the sperm capsule and is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the flagella with their active promotion.

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Summing up: zinc and selenium are the two most important minerals for the sexual and reproductive health of men!

Overview of Zinc and Selenium Preparations

Research in the field of reproductive health has confirmed a significant correlation between vitamin C deficiency, zinc, selenium and omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids with low sperm quality. Therefore, the presence of these substances should be the main condition in the composition of the complexes for men.

Selzink Plus

Селцинк Плюс Reasonably and carefully verified composition, which has everything you need for male power (zinc, vitamins C and E, selenium, b-carotene). The drug is available in the form of tablets, which are recommended to take one or two a day.

Despite the fact that it is a food supplement (BAA), the drug has undergone a series of studies that have shown efficacy in the treatment of chronic prostatitis , an improvement in spermatogenesis. The complex also copes with chronic fatigue syndrome, removes the unpleasant effects of male menopause.

The drug has no particular contraindications.


СпермАктив Doppelgerz series products are known for their quality, have excellent reviews, and many customers become regular customers of these products.

Available in gelatin capsules. The composition has 14 components: vitamin C, D, B 1 , B 2 , B 6 , B 12 , E, beta-carotene, biotin, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, folic acid, a lot of zinc and selenium.

The complex has a stimulating effect on sexual function, strengthens the libido , has a tonic effect on the entire body. For the reception is enough one capsule per day. Treatment course, lasting 3 weeks.

The drug stimulates the entire body, so it can cause insomnia, tachycardia and heart failure. Reception is not desirable to men with the increased nervous irritability.


Сперотон Available as a powder sealed bag. At the reception is one packet (5 grams), the contents of which must be dissolved in a glass of water. Recommended course treatment, for one course provided 30 bags.

Speroton contains 5 components : alpha-tocopherol, L-carnitine acetate, zinc, selenium, folic acid. Sufficiently high content of zinc and selenium, so you can apply once a day for a month.

The manufacturer recommends the use of infertility and to increase male fertility .

The drug is safe, so there are no special contraindications.


Спермостронг The Russian drug, one capsule of which contains 10 components: vitamin C, B 5 , B 6 , E, L-arginine, L-carnitine, manganese, zinc and selenium in the form of selexene. Selexen is an organic compound of selenium with a natural antioxidant, is able to accumulate in the body and release selenium if necessary.

The composition of the Spermstrong plant component - extract of astragalus, as a tonic and tonic (considered a substitute for ginseng).

The manufacturer, according to the instructions, recommends for male infertility, to strengthen the immune system.

The drug has no contraindications, is well tolerated, provided one capsule is taken twice a day with meals. Course - 3 weeks.

Table 1 - Comparative characteristics of drugs on the content of zinc and selenium.

A drug Zinc content % of the daily norm. Selenium content % of the daily norm.
Selzink Plus 7.2 mg 48% 50 mcg 77%
SpermActive 12 mg 80% 70 mcg 108%
Speroton 21 mg 140% 70 mcg 108%
Spermstrong 7.5 mg 50% Seleksena - 0.15 mg (34 μg - selenium) 52%

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