The well-known medical journal The Lancet, based on a survey of reputable experts in various fields, compiled a ranking of the most dangerous drugs in the world and placed cannabis in 11th place (Table 1). It is noteworthy that in this rating there are also legal drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco, which occupy the 5th and 9th places, respectively.

Table 1 - Top 20 most dangerous drugs, according to the magazine “The Lancet” [1].


Marijuana is one of the most popular and common drugs: 200 million people in the world use cannabis-based drugs [2].

THC - the active substance of marijuana

Three types of cannabis are distinguished : Cannabis Sativa , Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis . The first two varieties are popular in drug practice, because Cannabis Ruderalis does not have the desired narcotic effect.

The psychotropic effect of marijuana is due to the cannabinoid content in cannabis, the strongest of which is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The content of the THC is determined by the content of the drug. Cannabis Sativa contains the largest number of psychoactive substances [1]. The content of THC also depends on the part of the plant - the highest content of psychoactive substances is recorded in the flowering tops of the plant.

Both marijuana and hashish are produced from a single cannabis plant, but there are some differences in their preparation: marijuana is a narcotic substance derived from the leaves and stalks of cannabis, with a slight addition of plant flowers, while hash is a resinous substance derived from the tops of hemp grass. Cannabis contains 0.5–4% THC, while hashish has a THC content of 2.8% and may even reach 10–20%. For these reasons, hashish has a more pronounced narcotic effect [2].

Marijuana use and effects

Mode of application

The most rational way to obtain the desired narcotic effect is achieved by smoking marijuana. To do this, use the so-called cant - roll-up cigarette or a cigarette, where tobacco is replaced by marijuana. However, there are still many ways and devices to produce marijuana, including oral intake (that is, for food).


Once in the bloodstream, cannabinoids quickly leave it and are distributed to tissues rich in lipids (fatty deposits, the brain). Psychoactive substances begin to act almost immediately, reach a maximum after half an hour, and retain their effect within 2-4 hours [1].

For cannabinoid intoxication is characteristic:

  • euphoria;
  • general relaxation and a state of lightness (there is a slight languor, the sensation of own weight is lost);
  • uncontrollable laughter (for no apparent reason);
  • hyperesthesia of sound, color and taste stimuli (colors become brighter or dull, sounds merge into music, tasty food seems even tastier, etc.);
  • increased social activity (sociability, talkativeness);
  • violation of perception of space, objects;
  • subjective perception of time (time stretches either very slowly or very quickly);
  • lifting libido.

When intoxicated by cannabinoids, individual predominance of certain conditions is noted. The effect of hashish, more than the action of other drugs, is determined by the installation on the expected affect [3].

In some cases, cannabinoid intoxication (especially when combined with alcohol intoxication) can cause a feeling of panic fear, anxiety, and danger. In slang, this state is called "treason", "sit down for treason." “Betrayal” is stopped by a mug of sweet hot tea [1].

Read: "Scientists have dispelled the myth of the dangers of nicotine . "

The effects of long-term marijuana use on male health

The ability of marijuana with long-term use to cause negative effects is the subject of controversy. Some scientists are of the opinion that marijuana, like any other drug, has a destructive effect on the physical and psychological health of an individual. Others question many of the findings regarding the harm of marijuana.

Most studies on the effects of long-term use of marijuana on health are often controversial and do not always lead to a final conclusion.

Difficulties in describing the consequences of hashishism, according to some scholars, are as follows [3]:

  • switching to other drugs, which is often preceded by the use of hashish, masks the consequences of hashishism;
  • Individuals whose addiction to marijuana is chronic, belong to such groups in which the life of the individual falls out of social control, as well as short.

The most frequent somatic changes are expressed in the manifestation [4]:

  • cardiac pathology (myocardial dystrophy, sinus cardiac arrhythmia , extrasystole);
  • liver diseases (hepatitis, atrophy);
  • renal failure;
  • chronic bronchitis.

Brain and cognitive abilities

Short-term disturbances of thinking, deterioration of short-term memory during cannabinoid intoxication are reliably recorded. However, there is no convincing evidence of persistent impairment of long-term memory and other cognitive abilities with long-term use of marijuana.

There is also no conclusive evidence that chronic marijuana use causes anatomical changes in the brain.


The effect of smoking marijuana on the lungs is actually the only documented negative physiological consequence [1]. Complications of the respiratory tract can be manifested by coughing, shortness of breath, emphysema, and other diseases characteristic of chronic smoking. This is due to the fact that the smoke from the combustion of tobacco and marijuana contains some amount of carcinogens and irritants, leading to various pathologies of the respiratory tract.

Here, the amount of inhaled smoke, that is, the total amount of carcinogens produced, is of particular importance. Normally, smokers of marijuana are deeper and hold smoke in their lungs longer than tobacco smokers. However, it is also true that tobacco smoking occurs more often than marijuana smoking, which increases the total amount of incoming carcinogens.

Endocrine system, sexual and reproductive function

The implications for the endocrine system are still poorly understood. There are cases of a decrease in sex hormones (testosterone) , deterioration of sexual function, manifestation of gynecomastia [3]. In animal studies, the administration of high doses of THC resulted in a marked decrease in the production of sex hormones and impaired reproductive function.

There are some reports that prolonged use of marijuana may reduce the size and density of the testicles .

Psychological changes

According to representatives of official medicine, prolonged abuse of hashish leads to personality change. Outside of drug intoxication can be noted:

  • apathy;
  • loss of interest in life ;
  • loss of social activity, isolation;
  • emotional lability;
  • narrowing of interests;
  • decrease in concentration of attention, memory.
There are reports that persons who have long-abused hashish have an increased likelihood of developing mental illness ( schizophrenia , psychosis) with a genetic predisposition [1].

Domestic Addiction Medicine, considers the abuse of cannabis drugs as a manifestation of drug addiction, highlighting common patterns with other forms of drug addiction with corresponding social consequences.

Article edited 04/03/16


  1. A. Balandin, L. Balandin, V. Dzhanibekov “The Most Dangerous Drugs” - Moscow: author's edition, 2008 - 105 p .;
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  • The doctor says:

    Lies! (Edited by the site administration)

    • Victor says:

      Maria Khuanovna is 22 years old and I feel fine, and my friends also didn’t go crazy, I’m 42 years old and my wife sometimes asks for mercy in bed.

    • Sasha says:

      Everything is so cleverly written here. Cannabis is very harmful to health? And who are you? Professors? Doctors? Where are the proofs? So I spoke (face-to-face) with the doctor (neuropathologist) and he told me “get well, but I didn’t tell you anything”. And yes, I'm recovering from a World Cup injury. And you think the words of someone else can convince me? If yes, then you are a naive person. I saw her documents, but yours, no.

  • Inveterate says:

    And where is the rationale ???

    • Eugene says:

      There are many official studies on the effects of long-term use of marijuana on the human body. However, even if you dismiss these studies and look at people who use any other substances that cause changes in consciousness (cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, etc.), then you will see a degradation of the personality and various changes in the body that worsen the health of the individual. So why should marijuana be delisted? There are sources claiming that hashish oils have a healing effect and can even cure a disease like cancer. And it may well be true, but the effect will depend on the method of use and doses of the substance. In any case, you always have the opportunity to check the veracity of the information presented in the article on yourself, which I in no way urge you to do.

      • Sometimes says:

        What does it have to do with cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, etc., if we are talking about natural cannabis? It is proved a long time ago that alcohol and tobacco cause reproductive function ten times more harm. That's just this traditional drug for the people bringing a huge profit.

        • Eugene says:

          If you rely on the natural origin of marijuana, cocaine, by the way, is also a natural drug that is produced from coca leaves. Even heroin has a semi-synthetic origin. However, the harm from these substances is obvious! Regarding your statement about tobacco and alcohol, I agree only that it is harmful. But from where such data about ten times more harm? It is not clear why manufacturers instead of tobacco not to sell the same marijuana everywhere. Maybe because even a harmless cant at the wheel can lead to sad consequences?

          • Andrew says:

            There was a time, I smoked every day for a month, and traveled by car. There was not a single violation, when you are drunk and drive 60 km / h it seems to you that 30 and if you are smoky with the same 60 km / h it seems like all 90, you try to go slower and more carefully, do not pull on adventures.

          • Victor says:

            Cocaine was never a natrual drug. It is an alkaloid obtained as a result of many chemical processes, and the use of various poisonous drugs such as ether, benzhedrin, acetone, and even mass.
            Even heroin on this background is less synthetic.

            Comparing alkaloid cocaine and amniotic acid THC, is how to compare water and air.
            Different formula, different action, everything is different. The same applies to heroin, which has nothing to do with coca or grass.
            Here amphetamine has some similarity with cocaine, but not a fact.

          • Roman says:

            That's just not necessary to drag the wheel, alcohol in this regard is much worse! A cigarette is also dangerous - it distracts the driver and smokes into his eyes, the phone which also distracts the driver from the road, many different functions in the car, such as cruise control, navigator, etc. Beautiful forms of women also distract from the helm and a lot of things you can still attribute here ...

        • Pavel says:

          There is a book "Marijuana: Myths and Facts." There are research.
          So, marijuana very rarely causes cancer, because contains substances that kill cancer cells. Bronchitis is possible - yes, and other lung diseases, but not because of marijuana, but because of the tar, it is not necessary to smoke marijuana, and you can use a vaporizer. Regarding the reduction of testosterone - not proven, there is just a study that with hormones after marijuana, everything is fine, both in women and men.

          Brain. Marijuana psyche diseases can be caused if there is a dangerous combination of CBD and THC in a variety, and then it is still unknown, just changes in the psyche are visible only after using this type of marijuana, these are varieties like skunk, and mental diseases develop in that case only those who are predisposed to them. Apathy, laziness, poor study and so on. Again, marijuana has a sedative and amusing effect depending on the THC and CBD. It changes values, which is understandable, alcohol also changes values, but an alcoholic can be either a workaholic or obsessed with fornication. It's clear ? I hope it is clear. Since marijuana is the same, it depends on the initial installation of a person, it changes extremely negatively if the environment is normal. Chew, just in case, YES can be problems with learning, BUT not with learning, that is, changing values, not the principle of the brain (maybe it changes, but in this case values ​​play a big role). You can stop studying disciplines at the university, but start practicing art. The article also has some truth, with very frequent and long-term use of marijuana, problems with short-term memory are possible.
          A heart.
          Yes and no. The research is VERY different. Marijuana psychoactive substances can have both positive and negative effects on the heart. There are medical varieties that help with heart problems, and there are those that can actually cause a heart attack (for information, even caffeine increases the risk of heart attack).

          The author of the article is quite superficially familiar with the topic.
          Marijuana is too embellished as a drug. It's just relaxation, the amount of fun at the beginning, sometimes the buzz, nothing supernatural. Safer than alcohol, safer than tobacco. I smoked it a lot and for a long time, my friends too - we don’t touch and don’t want to try and stimulants. No health problems.
          Such articles are best written about LSD, DMT, Mescaline and the like. They have really very interesting properties. And they can really be dangerous for the psyche, even despite the fact that their health is practically not affected. A shoal of weed, even a thousand jambs will not cause severe damage, while 1 brand of LSD in a BAD environment with BAD people and WRONG mood can shake the psyche. And this in spite of all the benefits of psychedelics - they are dangerous for society, but they should not be forbidden, like marijuana. In fact, the only drugs (the substances that have caused the greatest harm to society in terms of the following ratio are the number of consumers: the damage is OPIATS, AIDS, ALCOHOL, TOBACCO. It makes no sense to prohibit the last two, with alcohol it is difficult to catch physical dependence, harm from tobacco it manifests itself in 5-10 years after smoking, while overdose (and oh, how easy it is to get) from morphine or speeds is instant death.

          All proofs on my info - in the book that I indicated at the beginning, regarding everything else (not marijuana) - google sources, this is publicly available.

          • Andrew says:

            buddy, I would have painted everything for you, as it really is, but time is pitiful. The theory is one thing, but the practice is different. Mariwanna is a very evil thing in all respects. Everything is much worse than it seems. You can even breathe from the orange ... throw rebz this bullshit

          • Dolgo_tortled says:

            Books are books, but reality may be somewhat sadder. I smoked for a dozen years, the last year every day, from morning to evening. He quit when he realized that he had withdrawn from society, becoming a hikku. With dopamine and testosterone some kind of ass - nothing brings joy, including communication with the opposite sex. Now I am trying to get back to normal life. If you smoke, be sure to take a break at least for two weeks - you will immediately notice how your brain and energy are returning to normal functioning. While I did this, the feeling of a thinking male did not leave me, although perhaps everything would be even better without grass.

      • Es says:

        There are many official studies proving that changes in behavior are temporary and pass with cessation. For light beats - a fact, but no longer influenced by anything.

        • Victor says:

          On the 28th day of abstinence, all mental and physical indicators disappear.
          The only harm that many notice, with frequent use, every day, starting from six months and above - the deterioration of short-term memory, laziness, apathy.

          On the 28th day of abstinence, all indicators return to normal.

          • Dolgo_tortled says:

            In 28 days I have already exceeded a long time ago, while far from the norm. The remaining problems - the lack of joy from simple things, reduced libido, the head is not as fresh and functional as before.

    • Maxim says:

      Doctors, pedals, what are you carrying ... potetsiya ... ahahaha)) but after the weed, you want to fuck like never before, in general, reading matter for those who have never used it periodically, so that they do not use it periodically))) like booze better

      • Dolgo_tortled says:

        When it already lets go - I agree, while the pins - especially not before that. I didn’t notice any problems with potency, but the desire to create new objects for sex doesn’t appear.

    • Igor says:

      Very false information is not true. Why do people write such nonsense? Marijuana is one of the best natural medicines.

  • Es says:

    Well, firstly, not TDK, but THC. And secondly, if the name of the current component is not true, then why is everything else in this article true?

    • Eugene says:

      The name of the substance is correct - no reduction! Fixed thanks.

    • Eugene says:

      Let's take it in order! 1. The brain. People who use marijuana for a long time, and indeed any other drug in general, are more dispersed and generally not inclined to learn. It is a fact. There are lots of examples in life. 2. Light - you agreed with this, great. 3. Vasoconstriction - official medicine says that smoking causes vasoconstriction, there’s no point in lying to her, I think. 4. Sexual function and atrophy of the testicles - in fact, by the reduced size of the testicles, doctors can diagnose addiction to smoking marijuana - perhaps this is another myth, but again the meaning is in it? About the temporary nature of the changes - this is definitely true, but it all depends on how long a person uses a drug, since any reversible effects can turn into irreversible or difficult to reversible. Please note that all this concerns prolonged use, although the effect on the lungs can be felt very soon, because they take the first blow.

      • malex says:

        It is not strange, a lie - in fairy tales about TEMPORARY disorder of sexual function and spermatogenesis. The fact is that cannabinoids actually kill the cells responsible for both the production of testosterone and the production of sperm. Actually, dystrophy of the testicles from here and there - the cells of the building blocks of which they are built, becomes too small. Yes, still - the surviving spermatogonia after the "burn" with cannabic elixirs is unable to produce normal spermatozoa. That is, there is sperm, but what swims in it can only give rise to freaks.
        And since the number of germ cells in a man and a woman is determined at the earliest stages of the formation of the fetus in the womb (both the testicles and the ovaries are formed in the same period, because this is due to the structural features of the chromosomes of the germ cells and cells predecessors), then forgive me, where will the new cells take instead of the dead?
        So, I smoked eggs - there will be no children, and if there are, then oh-oh-oh ...

        • Sergey says:

          Thank you for opening our eyes to reality! :) We all here (and the researchers too) thought that sperm cells “smoked” and only for this reason temporarily and partially lose their mobility, but in fact it turns out that they have "Burns" with cannabic elixirs "at the production stage :)) It would be very nice to know the source of the information provided ..
          ZY The other day, the doctor did ultrasound of the testicles - the doctor did not find any atrophy or any deviations from the reference values ​​(he smoked for 10 years constantly, then rarely for 2 years, 2 months before ultrasound 5-7 bongs per day (temporarily such circumstances))

        • Victor says:

          When I was a teenager, I smoked a lot of grass. Born a healthy, normal baby.
          Although I may be an exception. Since I do not smoke cigarettes and do not abuse alcohol. But those who abuse beer even do not smoke weed. Children for some reason do not. Or children are sick.

          Do this research.

        • Dolgo_tortled says:

          Spermatozoa are regenerated every ~ 3 months. A woman has an egg supply from birth. Do not be misleading.

      • Victor says:

        Concerning vascular lesion. Here is the moment interseny.
        Tobacco, opium, crack, spice, grass? What exactly?
        Official medicine writes about tobacco. Since it is known that the active alkaloid tobacco nicotine, has a strong vasoconstrictor effect. Also ammonia and radionuclides contained in nicotine, too.
        And modern cigarettes - - the periodic table.
        Distraction and apathy may be present. But again, most often among those who have a parallel nicotine addiction and smokes weed from half a year and more every day.

        Throwing grass is easy. Cigarettes are hard. Medical fact and personal experience.

      • Denis says:

        If everyone smoked the world would be much better and lighter, there would not be so much evil and darkness!

        • Genady says:

          Right for legalize!

  • Dmitry says:

    A test for atrophy of the testicles is true. I smoke weed periodically from the age of 18, now I am 32 and my testosterone level has greatly decreased, testicular atrophy has occurred and spermatozoids have disappeared. But the potency does not affect the pah pah pah, and after smoking a sex I want to be many times stronger than usual. But I want a family, so I am tying with weed.

    • Arthur says:

      Well done. How are you doing?

  • Dmitry says:

    I hope it's not too late to tie her up

  • Osman says:

    no, no, it's not too late never to tie while alive and you think the main courage.

  • Valery says:

    The reference to a psychotropic substance in history is more than 3,000 years old. All Asia uses from childhood, freaks no more than others. Sperm motility decreases - fact, he checked. But what freaks are born this nonsense? They are born and healthy. Nobody knows why. Author, where is the research, the facts? From your judgments of the conclusion, we should have died out long ago with the marivan. This is an annual plant. No animal eats it. And all over the world is growing. Maybe it is better to investigate the question why it is still growing?
    “... Government experts now recognize that hemp does not kill brain cells. This myth came from a few experiments on animals in which structural changes (not actual cell death, as is often claimed), were observed in the brain cells of animals exposed to high pot doses. Many critics still cite the notorious monkey research Dr. Robert G. Heath, who meant finding brain damage in three monkeys that were largely dosed with cannabis. This work has never been replicated and since then pairs of better controlled, much larger studies in monkeys have been discredited, one by Dr. William Slicker of the National Center for Toxicological Research and others by Charles Rebert and Gordon Pryor of SRI International. Neither found any evidence of physical changes in the brains of monkeys exposed to daily doses of cannabis for up to one year. Human studies of heavy users in Jamaica and Costa Rica found no evidence of abnormalities in brain physiology. Even though there is no evidence that cannabis causes permanent brain damage, users should be aware that persistent deficits in short-term memory were observed in chronic, heavy marijuana smokers after 6 to 12 weeks of abstinence. It is worth noting that other drugs, including alcohol, are known to cause brain damage. ”
    And then you tried it yourself? Explore the subject before talking about it!

    • Victor says:

      Animals actually eat him be healthy. Ask Asians, sheep, sheep, cows, when it is still green. Just wolves. This is even described in Chingiz Aitmatov's novel “The Floe”.

    • Alexander says:

      Dear commentators. There is no truth, there is an opinion, and an opinion is formed only on the amount of information received. For man, everything that is pure is just poison. For example, if you drink distilled water for more than a week, then a person will die, if there is one pure cooked meat for more than a week, then a person will die (as it will rot alive), so everything needs to be done in a measure that is usually controlled by a very small percentage of the population.
      Can look at everything from above. After all, the ban on smoking marijuana, gives control over the sale, which in turn gives a huge profit. Otherwise, no one would buy it, but simply harvest it for themselves, as pickles and jams are harvested, and consumed on holidays or in the morning. If you use a large amount of jam without measure, then I think you will be thrown into the hospital with a change in psyche. Any use of various drugs leads to different changes in consciousness and perception of the real world. The ancestors wrote that the world of everyone was created by him, therefore the use of different drugs by different groups of people creates different realities of these groups, different course of time, different rules of behavior, etc. How, then, to control such a number of people who have their own rules and laws in their heads, how to program them, how to use them and draw them out of their vital forces. Or maybe I'm wrong, but only I see it and nobody else. In other words, let it be one of the versions.

  • Valery says:

    I smoke canape from 18 years. Now 39. 3 higher, His company of 50 people + doing research. Family, children (participants of city Olympiads in mathematics.) And what?

    • Edgar says:

      Valery …… Krasava

    • brams says:

      You need to get a fourth higher education .. And give emphasis to the spelling of the Russian language)))) And so can a niche ...)))

    • Marina says:

      Valery! It is impossible to have three higher educations + to be engaged in SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHES .... and at the same time write kanaplya ... or does the use of koNopli affect the function of the brain? Can we talk in this case about his dysfunction?

  • zoya says:

    And my husband smokes weed and some pills do not know what they are called. He started smoking at the age of 17, now he is 31. We have one daughter. I can tell you that living with such a person is very difficult. 3-4 days disappears does not make itself felt. My friends told me that they gather somewhere in the apartment and smoke there. What they get up there I do not know. From him no good is not looking at me, not my daughter. Only swears it for the last time. For the last money buys this stuff. And I'm sitting with half-starved houses with my daughter.

    • Andrew says:

      So what are you pulling? find another, time is more precious than any person, and even more so you have a child

    • Sergey says:

      I guess your husband is multi-dependent. If not this, then he would lose money, either fornication, or drink .. Either all together, which is also not uncommon. Grass and even pills are never to blame. All the problems of people in themselves. Everything else is an excuse and self-deception.

  • Sergey says:

    This article and many comments are more likely to be “scientific help” than to science and truth.
    My brain works much better under the influence of cannabis. In my opinion, THC, with proper and skillful use, expands not only consciousness, but also the ability of the brain to a banal concentration. And the most important thing is that often the daily work does not cause much enthusiasm, but thanks to the THC it is possible to concentrate much better and even get satisfaction from almost any work (unless it is connected with physical efforts).
    The lungs bother me, of course - in the grass there are pitches. But if you compare the doses of tar obtained by a cigarette smoker and a cannabis smoker (I suppose this difference is about 100-200 times), it becomes a bit calmer (since I almost do not smoke cigarettes). And in general, this issue is completely closed with the acquisition of a vaporizer.
    I smoked almost daily for 8 years, smoked rarely for 2 years, the last 2 months very often (5-7 bongs per day). The other day, I did an ultrasound testicles - the doctor did not find any deviations from the reference values. With potency full order. With testosterone, bench press and facial hair too :)
    It has been repeatedly mentioned above that the vessels are constricted from smoking. In my opinion, the statement is absolutely true regarding tobacco smoking, but nowhere can I find such information about cannabis.

  • Victor says:

    What about potency is complete nonsense. Grass improves potency and sex. And do not lend blood vessels like nicotine.
    These are different substances. Coca Cola affects the potency more than marijuana.

  • Victor says:

    Your problem is a clever man. What do you describe the harm of marijuana and using some fictions that have little to do with reality. And those who smoke it, after reading you are convinced that you are just lying. Since they are practitioners, most clever people are theorists.

    There is harm to the grass according to any, but it must be studied first thoroughly, and then adequately described without exaggerations and understatements. And then some kind of nonsense is obtained.

  • Evgen says:

    I am an avid smoker of both tobacco and marijuana, Bosko has been smoking for 12 years, 6 of them every day and not once, it happens 6-8 times a day. I have 2 education 1-secondary technical, 2 higher technical, now I am 30, and I have a completely healthy son (he is 5 years old) and my wife is pregnant with the second (and the wife did not want the second so early, and I wanted, so, I I finished it only 1 time, and here's the result for you, she is on the 6th month of pregnancy (and where are the slow-moving spermatozoa ??? it was enough for 1 time and flying !!!) I can say with great confidence that marijuana affects many body functions if abuse it, but with moderate use, it has a sedative effect, and with an increase in dose, even ornym ...
    So, the negative impact (by own observation of your body):
    1) the brain: - short-term memory suffers. absent-mindedness appears, it is difficult to concentrate on something for a long time (in a state of intoxication of THC) since thoughts follow each other with great speed, you think deeper and more progressive, but you often get lost in thoughts in favor of the other ...
    2) Mental state: - in the absence of a drug (although I do not consider it a drug, tobacco and alcohol cause much more dependence) There is excessive irritability, nervousness and aggressiveness. But this is only in the first days after giving up daily consumption.
    3) The digestive tract: - marijuana causes the pancreas to produce hydrochloric acid (gastric juice), thereby causing the desire to eat something (preferably sweets), which is most likely caused by the need for glucose in the brain (these are my personal observations of my body and assumptions ) after that, usually the smoker eats everything he sees in the refrigerator ... Fills the stomach to the full and go to rest in front of the box or computer ... which is not good for the stomach, and if there is no refrigerator or store nearby, that is a big quantity The acid gradually erodes the walls of the stomach, forming ulcers ... And the pancreas itself suffers ...
    4) Light: - unfortunately I quit smoking tobacco not long ago (2 months ago) and objectively cannot judge the harm directly to marijuana, but I will tell you with 100% certainty that it has a negative effect on the lungs of both tobacco and kabis ... there was shortness of breath, regular cough and dark brown sputum (especially in the morning (if in the evening it is good to take a smoky bosch))

    PS Marijuana hurts when it is excessively consumed, in small quantities it has a beneficial effect on the body: for anorexia patients, this is a good way to induce appetite, and for nervous disorders a good way to calm down and distract, or help in finding a solution to problems (brain activity increases, think deeper and extraordinary). For insomnia patients, this is a good sleeping pill with a good and deep sleep without dreams))) And one more thing, I don’t know whose merit it is, but at 30 I look 20-24 years old, they ask my passport in stores.

  • Stone Lady says:

    Dear men and young men, I want to tell you about my experience of communicating with a person - my ex-husband, who regularly for 2 years, smoked this crap several times a day. I did not know marrying him that he had been sitting on this shit for several years (if I had known, I would have walked 10 dear), but how he later admitted that it was several times a month. We gave birth to 2 children a boy and a girl, beautiful children, a good family, my private business (cash flow was able to control and on maternity leave), I'm on maternity leave working in this business all well, wonderful relationships, helping children, at home for men parts, too, everything is good. In general, everything was ok until we began to communicate with a married couple, where my husband from the very beginning seemed to me somehow ...? . Two years have passed since such communication and the guys are zha:
    1. Bulba smoked everywhere-at work with clients, parents, children, in nature, fishing, hunting and even at home on the landing.
    2. Money disappeared not by hundreds but by thousands of uah.
    3. Intimate relationships have died out as mammoths (all the time on the floor of the sixth and not higher)
    4. Aggression towards children, and for me this is generally very painful.
    5. Apathy to everything, just sleep and do not bother to breathe.
    6. Inhibition - I do not remember anything, I see nothing and I will not say anything to anyone.
    7. The most important point, he switched to FENA, because there was already little grass.
    8. On health - the teeth fell out by leaps and bounds, the member got up only with Eroton, the hair also remained on the cap, some yellow growths appeared in the eyes, such a cough that my grandfather had smoked his own life all his life.
    9. There was a new car, bought in a car dealership, drove and obdolbany and drunk until ruined in the trash, it is good that we with the children were not in the car.
    So guys one more norm. the family fell apart because of this good weed. In life there are so many fun and ways to relax you just need to find yourself in something. I myself have never even tried it myself, but found other activities for myself. Good luck to everyone and planokury think and wake up.

    • Felted says:

      Dear lady, your husband and his behavior, according to your description, is not related only to marijuana, all the wine is third-party poison + the very identity of your husband. It all depends on the person.

  • Dmitry says:

    Hello and supporters and opponents, I smoke weed let15 (me39) (I do not smoke tobacco at all) smoked differently and periodically and regularly, now I smoke almost every day, but not a lot (mostly once a day), recently started thinking about the harm or of the benefits of articles and personal experience came to the conclusion that in the use of herbs, as well as in many other “WHAT ZANADTO THAT BAYDUZH” - it is possible to smoke (SOMETIMES EVEN NEED) but in MEREDO NOT EVERY DAY AND NOT MORE DAY! And then the grass will be not to the detriment of A good (to whom what).
    PS I will go on smoking "on the occasion" of which I advise everyone.

  • Stepan says:

    Fully your body is cleansed of traces of cannabis in the blood no earlier than h / s 3-4 weeks. Measures that can be taken at home can accelerate the withdrawal of the drug from the body no more than two and a half. So consider, with all the baths, saunas, sports to the point of exhaustion - this is about two weeks. And if it is necessary to take an analysis on the eve, even multiple droppers will not help.

  • xbg says:

    Yeah, what can you say about harm, if you eat 10 carrots a day, this will not end with anything good, although initially the product is useful. Everything is in moderation, and there is nothing more to add, all the negative processes from the abuse, do not smoke more often than 1-2 times a week, a normal plan, varietal, and there will be no trouble, it is most likely even useful. These articles - I do not even know how to express it, so you can write about anything

  • Kot 20 years old bosko says:

    Hello guys. I am 33 from 13-14 years old smoking marijuana about 10 years old smoked leaves of anasha then only bumps ... I smoked 3-6 times a day every day through a bong with 3rd cleaning. He graduated from school 11 Klmgt then and work lifeguard!
    Now I’m only really looking at such planned ones as I’m with 20 years of experience and intensity 3-6 times a day I’m alone!
    So I had illnesses that were before I started smoking: a concussion with a prologue of the skull was banged with a hammer !!! And dropsy testicle, which operated, all the buzz)! After the operation I finished more sperm and the jet appeared! What I have now, I lived 5 years with my beloved; I donated semen for analysis, yes! It's true that the doctor immediately said that I was scheduled and not the first, why is it bad? For 5 years, I never got pregnant !!! Threw in 2 months flew !!!
    It is definitely not necessary to dispute personally checked the sperm through an ordinary light microscope and it is clear that they were stoned and threw * the wording * began to move !!! Now the brain and no memory at all !!! Throwing is restored I agree within a month !!! But the vessels that feed my dry nut) have become smaller and narrowed down on the mercury can be seen !!! This is the influence of the MLC !!! With a friend with whom I have been smoking the same thing for 20 years, but he, as he smoked, pressed the back of the head and the pain in his head, stopped smoking everything was gone !!! I WILL TELL YOU SO THC THAN LESS THAN THAN TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL THERE ARE CONSOLIDATED TABLES THERE AND MORTALITY AND ABSTINENT CRISIS AND ANYTHING INDICATORS OF CHARACTERIZE OF DRUGS !! BUT IF THERE IS NO MEASURE FOR THC, HOW DO I MEAN PREPARE TO PROBLEMS !!! But the buzz of the impressions of emotions that you received at the very beginning and even after you ALCOHOLISTS OF TABAKOKURY NEVER WILL LEARN YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN HOW AND THE FLYING YOUR PEOPLE ARE YOUR SUCCESS !!! When I was engaged in sex, by the way it is a lie that I want to fuck more and sexual intercourse longer lies (* edition *) !!!!!!!! Just the sensations of touching the smell are exacerbated !!! I was so finished that I almost lost consciousness !!! And laughter so bellowed that when you close your eyes so that you don’t see something funny when you open it up, as if you’re finishing your head, I tried all the brand Amfik’s heroin injected sniffing the coke, all the shit is a thrill for strong people who are strong and have body and mind after hard drugs and alcohol. said I CAN'T * edited * TIE !!!! And I smoked again and again this is my high and I don’t regret it !!! I have a beautiful daughter. THANK GOD I’m a little health work)) and never had a migrant worker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIND ANOTHER SUCH DRUG !!!!!!!! Alcohol since the morning of a half-night - * edition * !!! Tobacco really fainted sweaty palms as amphetamine is the most terrible drug !!! Heroin is the same as my drug, but THIS IS THE SAME Polundra - * edition * ABOUT BREAKING SILENT !!! SO YOU ARE SCIENTISTS DOCTORS GENIUS OF MODERNITY PROMPT HOW TO KAYPHON YOU CAN ??? AND THAN IT IS BETTER TO PAY A WELL TO ANSWER !!!!! ?? It is not necessary to write that with a parachute to jump, and so here you have all the dope and drunk and tobacco, choose what you would advise your child if there is NO OTHER CHOICE !!! Or choose a substance or a child will be shot! Whether your choice already falls on a cigarette or if there is no alcohol or heroin is not amfik not coke and you choose CANABIS AND WILL BE RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

  • Kot 20 years old bosko says:

    Yes, there is a stone lady * edition * stupid !!!!!! Garbage writes and your husband heroin they have on the floor of the sixth in all !!!!!!! If he sticks out for a long time and the money for hemp is not needed * edition * stupid !!!! Buy a seed for 300 r and plant for it a fine !!!!! And you collect 100 grams from the bush your husband will smoke 5 times a day for half a year !!!!! AND EVERYTHING ALL PLANNED GOOD TO CHILDREN ALWAYS MY DAUGHTER WITH ME THREADS KNETS I AS A BRAVE)) I do everything !!!! Especially when I smoke for a course of 20 years * edition * you are stupid !!!!!

  • Kot 20 years old bosko says:

    XBG bro once a day at night does not hurt only once)))

  • Kot 20 years old bosko says:

    The stone lady is your husband a heroin and will soon die, find someone who smokes a bow and all the same rescuer friend 2 children with sex are all good !! Very mobile and football and on the river we are PLANNED VERY ACTIVE IF YOU KNOW MEASURES AND AFTER YOU HAVE BECAME THE EDITOR * THEREFORE, HE STARTED A SPOT !!!

  • Kot 20 years old bosko says:

    HERE'S ALL ATTENTION IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE ONLY KAYF WITHOUT RESIN THERE IS A NEW THERE IS NO SALE MORE IN RUSSIA BUT YOU CAN ORDER MIGHTY VAPORIZER It is best in the World made from honey materials It evaporates best of all tested but the software is 5000 pieces of software, as it is, as it is, as it is, as it is, as it is, as you can get, because the software is good, because it is the best for you. you will be happy !!!

  • Vlad says:

    It is harmless, there is only BUT. It causes analgesia of the gastrointestinal tract. And so you will not feel liver disease before the onset of cerosis, or pancreatic disease before diabetes mellitus (although THC plays the role of insulin to some extent, increasing the sensitivity of cells to insulin), you may not feel the appearance of an ulcer in the flesh before death. Do not believe? If you smoke for more than a year, recharge it for a couple of months, I assure you, you will be convinced. And so the harm is minimal, even good. Just undergo a gastrointestinal examination every 1-2 months.

  • Former Wife planned says:

    Hello) I want to tell my story) met, talked, immediately announced that I was smoking and not going to throw (only grass without chemistry), inspired by new relationships, missed this moment from sight, and even smoked together once or twice. They giggled, ate a tasty meal, and sex was very sluggish but hoped we would hike and get better .... But it didn’t happen (but a miracle happened — I got pregnant immediately! After a month of relationships), he, like a decent man, took everything on - wedding, pregnancy, came together to live together) I worked all the pregnancy - left at 8 am Returning at 8 pm I saw vigorous and kind. Plus, the minus is all right ... he said about his business that he was engaged in renting-passive income and did not need to go to work in the morning and never, presented himself as an athlete) as soon as the time of the Decree came, all my illusions were destroyed and the true Planokur appeared ((( (a person wakes up not earlier than noon, if he can wake up earlier, he can also raise his arm-attacks of frenzied aggression, after waking up after using the toilet, the tobacco must be wet-if he doesn’t do that Zvereet ... 10 times a day, probably ...) in Generally, an urgent need is tobacco, a plan and sugar !!! For nutrition, whatever I prepared it is ... A large cup of tea with 10 spoons of sugar and buns, sweets, chocolates ... There is no sex, and the reason is not in me, after childbirth I also got into shape, became even better, (I have a low weight of 50 kg and my chest is so full, I carefully look after myself there is no dirty head and a stale coat)
    We had a son, a bogatyr weighing 4,100 kg,) a good boy — his photocopy) as a result, I cannot be at home with my baby — he is annoyed with everything, things, cry, and the most important thing is that our day starts from early morning. This is a beast in human form until the moment when it does not smoke ... Lazy, stupid animal, if you visit some kind of thought, it turns out to be obsessive, without initiative .... We had to run with the child ..

    • Dolgo_tortled says:

      How many times have you told to the expense - wash your robe and do not write all garbage on the Internet)
      PySy and in general the woman says the case, the truth is there and the speed has had a weak effect ...

    • Paravoz says:

      Most likely your husband switched to chemistry or spice, from which people are like zombies!

    • Evpaty says:

      I will tell my story. Thumped all his life, not so, for days, but every evening in the shit. I lived like this up to 36 years old, now I'm 37 and my son is 3 years old. So, while I was boozing, I was a blunt-naked creature in general, and it’s not clear how my wife, who is 10 years younger than me, didn’t go away, but I always saw my depressive drunk face in front of me. I didn’t have an incentive to do anything at all, I didn’t deal with the child at all for the first 2 years, and only when I saw enough of you, any BBC movies about cannabis that was useful, I decided to start growing for myself, I tried it several times before, but I don’t I liked it, but one tiny test of the spice was generally tin, barely crawled up to the bed from the toilet and convulsed like a cravage, so spice and other narcotic crap were forbidden to me. In general, I decided to treat myself to the natures with a product, after reading all sorts of forums and articles, and looked at my relative - a travokur with a great experience, a practicing surgeon of the highest category. At first I killed a month for a thoughtful reading of amateur forums, forums with grow reports, after which I built boxing and began to say so. Here you can continue to write a book, but I will say briefly. First, chronic sores, such as hypertension and back pain, disappeared, my brains fell into place, thanks to the grass I managed to get rid of alcohol addiction, I began to read, to be interested in many things, science, botany, light, color, spectrum. (not just reading, but understanding). It also came to understand how everything is arranged on our planet, knowledge of psychology, pedagogy, child psychology ... it all seemed to come up out of nowhere, began to communicate with people, to be an interesting conversationalist. In short, a completely different life, even my professional skills went to another level. I am engaged with my son, I suddenly realized how to communicate with children. I have become so good, how good is a cat that will never bite, if it is not very angry. My wife is not against my hobbies, she sees qualitative changes in me and she likes it (she herself does not smoke or drink). I smoke mostly at night, lie down, think about something important, well, or see something interesting. And unlike alcohol, even after a full marathon day, the next day you remember everything. I do not drink anything except cannabis, alcohol is extremely rare, in companies, and then quite a bit. Alcohol intoxication is now not at all satisfied. I prefer to be with a light head and the grass is not a hindrance, the complete adequacy of behavior is preserved and does not give you anything, well, except for red eyes.

  • ALASKA says:

    My husband smokes marijuana every day but lately only in the evening after work. Experience about 20 years. He completely refused alcohol 5 years ago. Other drugs never used. Regarding the activity of spermatozoa: One time unprotected sex - pregnancy. Could not save, unfortunately, the reason was in me. By the way, he is now 47 years old. Problems with the stomach, unfortunately there. Not an ulcer, thank God. As for what is more harmful: definitely - alcohol. My older sister also smokes. Habit inherited from her ex-husband. She has two healthy children. I do not advocate and do not urge anyone to smoke, but if you choose between alcohol and marijuana, then the second is harmless, both from a medical and social point of view. That's all I wanted to say.

    • Kira says:

      Hello to all the survivors!
      Over time, dries the brain and dick!
      My father was a company officer in a tank unit, 30 years old ...
      Planokurov saw a thousand ...
      He always said that this is what influences this, but imperceptibly ... Time will tell and the stock of health ...
      I lived with two ex-husband husbands:
      heightened aggression for no reason, outbursts of anger, unjustified rage, anger, bad mood - a fact !!! Left and did not tolerate for a long time ...
      Tired: pissing and immediately asking for forgiveness ...

  • Alexander says:

    Children, I do not advise you to smoke weed at all, you still have enough kanabioids from Mommy's siski. And that will be overdose. I started smoking weed in 1979. I was a student then. The grass was local, bespontovka. After high school, I got a job at a scientific research institute; there, my favorites slowly smoked, about once a week. Traditionally, peers were sitting on blue. Those who drank - no longer. Who drank or died too, or disabled. And I'm still alive and well, I smoke Bosko every day and heifers, of course much younger than myself, I fuck like enemies of the people
    Yes, there is some harm and not everyone helps. The happiness that people get when it is his, covers all the disadvantages.

    • Evpaty says:

      How beautifully written, keep a crab! 🙂

  • D1ster says:

    I don’t have the habit of leaving comments on similar topics, but I’m freezing on nagging personalities like the Stone Lady. These, if I may say so, "women" first bring the relationship to such a deplorable state, and then look for the guilty anywhere, just not in themselves, while inventing a little more than 100,500 reasons, usually ridiculous. Sex is lethargic: so you become boring to your husband, do not look after yourself, in your bed you behave more passively than a log in a sawmill. He avoids communication: he is so bored with you, miserable, take care of self-development, read more, and not staring at the zomboyaschik.
    Regarding the negative effects of grass: I agree that the tar clogs the lungs, if not cool, but do not hammer the day in the morning from morning to evening. 2-3 times a week in the evening in good company, and you will have happiness, Stone Baba, and communication with her husband.
    By myself ... If it were not for the product being discussed, it would have been buried in the local cemetery long ago, since the depression once pressed the non-child, mainly due to such pseudo-women like the one that caused my angry reaction to the subject)))
    All positive, brothers)))

  • Nick says:

    I decided to share my experience.
    I am 29, I smoke from 17 years old, starting from 19-20 daily. Up to 21 he smoked grass (leaves) -ash, then only hydroponics. There were different periods when I smoked only in the evenings, when I started smoking before I had breakfast, in general, for the last 7-8 years, I smoke at least 1 um per day. Over the past 10 years there has been 1 break for 2 months and 5 breaks for 1-2 weeks. I tried many synthetic drugs - amphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine, but without fanaticism, the last 5-6 years, a maximum of 1 time per year cocaine. We will consider this history.

    1) BRAIN - short-term memory worsens at times when you are full of smoke, at other times you never noticed any deterioration. The psyche is strongly shaken ... I like a match any spark and crazy, especially noticeable in communication with parents, and it’s not important that I smoked before or I sit smoky right now.
    2) LUNG - I do fluorography once a year (more due to the fact that I smoke cigarettes), there were no problems with the lungs
    3) HEART - I can’t say anything, the problems described relate to acute diseases, and not chronic pah pah pah, so far nothing has happened, although with my heredity and without marijuana risks are more than. I have not heard anything about the narrowing of blood vessels from smoking marijuana, I can say for sure that the pressure drops and the pulse speeds up.
    4) GENERAL FUNCTION - on the whole, I am ready to confirm that inadequate (and in my case it is) the use of marijuhanna reduces sexual desire in general, and worsens an erection (but again at the level of psychology, but not physiology, the partner ceases to initiate). As someone already noted above, if systematically taking breaks for 1-2 weeks there will be no such problems. In addition, it really makes sperm unsuitable for conceiving a child, for this you have to tie up for a long time (the experience of a friend who smoked considerably less than me).
    5) The gastrointestinal tract - I recommend to be examined at least once a year, smoking grass really drowns out many existing problems. I don’t know the truth or not VLAD (June 24, 2015) wrote about tsiroz, ulcers and other things, but right after the beginning of the current break (I’m not smoking for 2 weeks), my stomach feels frankly so-so.

    And indeed, marijuana masks a very large number of diseases, it is worth taking a break as you immediately go to bed with SARS, vitamin deficiency, the first few weeks are the wildest breakdown.

    One of the advantages really slows down the aging process - someone here already wrote that 30 looks 10 years younger, I have about the same situation, I can easily give a ride to a student, beer and cigarettes are sold only with documents. People when they first met in the age do not believe.

    In general, I would highly not recommend smoking every day, let alone all day long, as I did ... Everyone knows about laziness and apathy, but with long-term and large-scale use you really turn into an antisocial type, because over time, friends quit, you stop communicating with them, and when you quit yourself, you understand that with those friends that there were no common interests other than smoking, no. To revive contacts with those who quit long is extremely problematic.

    PS Thanks to all who wrote back here before me, it was interesting to read and compare with their experience.

    PPS EVGENIY, who is clever about the plant origin of cocaine - do not present yourself as an idiot, bother with reading the information as the leaves turn into powder, this “natural product” is obtained by evaporation in gasoline and other “natural substances”, and there is no question about the naturalness of cocaine. It goes and can not be.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, it is necessary to find an excuse for yourself and your actions. If everything is so good in you, then teach your daughter to smoke in the future or give in marriage to a smoker, how pleasant is that?

  • source of life says:

    it can all be! but not as scary as they describe!
    Of course, on official sources they will write in such a way that people don’t buy it, thereby enriching the black market, of course, everything that affects the human psyche is detrimental to it (dogs die). but everything is relative, excessive alcohol consumption is more destructive. but here alcohol has a great production history, a great culture, a lot of traditions. and Marijuana can only be at the clandestine, underground and imperfect people, who are the maximum that develop spiritually. so that people and animals, geniuses and imbeciles, go the way that you laid at birth. The main thing in our life is to feel real happiness! and you know what I mean!)

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks to everyone who wrote their reviews, this is a very interesting topic (especially life stories and the process of growing). People need to know the truth. Murder will out. I met a lot of people and I meet people who regularly or regularly smoke a plan. All of them are among us, so: surgeons, policemen, teachers, pilots, traffickers, firemen, gypsies, etc. 🙂 All of them are hammering, and if a person has a life structure, a philosophy, then it only helps for many, IF IT DOESN'T . There is no face: if everything goes right away, or alternating days, today it’s boozing, smoking yesterday, and so on ... REALLY, you can break the psyche, so choose you. Facts plus (based on practical and long communication with familiar Planokuras - policemen, businessmen, firefighters, doctors, Gypsies, etc.) - if people smoke, they may not drink, (i.e., quit at all - note to alcoholics and to their relatives), bright sex and orgasm, while if the partner was previously “wooden”, then for a euphoric state, the partner for some reason gives her more than before the smoke, and for a woman can be a pleasant shock - multiple orgasm. Then - grandiose and thoughtful thoughts, creativity, creativity - all this you will notice "with the unarmed eye." People do not age so quickly - this is 100% fact, at 40 years old “to do” children over 18 years old, on a bar, or running is not a problem (unless of course doing sports sometimes), peace of mind, the nervous system “dies out” regularly, people in an apathetic and sleepy state, really helps hysterical people, BUT who did not have and do not have problems with mental illness, it is better to smoke once - or in the morning (if you don’t have to go anywhere so as not to “slow down”), or in the evening. If you smoke a lot, then there may be a “half past six”, temporarily, and cough, and other minor troubles.

  • without nick says:

    I would like to note that everyone who smokes is unlikely to kill or even commit a crime, especially of a physical nature, violence, therefore alcohol and other drugs are the most terrible evil that WHY THAT ??? do not prohibit. You look at the degradation of drunks, or the news - who killed someone whom with a knife in the kitchen while drinking, etc. We smoke for more than 10 years, sometimes with breaks for a month, two, no health problems, but a friend has no problem children, as it turned out honey. by - smokes too much, so lazy 🙂 and sperm are such, but I know that if you stop for a while, their activity increases, and children are born beautiful and smart

  • Vasya says:

    All of the above was not impressive, the man was born to be courageous, and the trends set the opposite (rear wheel drive), this is the same trend, you have to fight and be above it, everyone is born with other values. Problems do not need to pour alcohol or drugs, we must try to do without it. Who said that life should be high? Throw a stone at him! Women are not perfect either. I’m not arguing, but before you stop them, start with yourself. It is difficult for a person to look at himself from the outside, this is obvious, he himself is not without sin. I want to live with other values, and this is just a fake. Good luck to all!

    • Lux Aeterna says:

      Well done, Vasya! In fact, all the advocates of the Anasha bring facts in her defense just because they want to continue to blink. The indisputable fact that any anachishist lives half asleep and amuses himself with illusory pleasures, they try not to mention. At the same time, they deprive themselves of the true joy of being: the psyche is loosening, everything seems gray and nothing causes sharp emotions when you stay without kosyachka. You can not work on a human again, you begin to relate to physical stress. In short, this is for the hangs that do not understand and do not know that the most important thrill of life is in the victory over oneself and circumstances.

      • Paravoz says:

        What n ... victory? Everyone knows that the most important buzz is the children-flowers of life! Self-development is already optional! Someone is satisfied with everything, and someone to strive for something!

  • Bogdan says:

    I am 28 smoking. He started smoking from 15-17 years old (a couple of times a week), last 5 years every day, maximum 5 days breaks.
    I look five years younger. Every day he began to smoke, because he categorically refused tobacco and alcohol (due to significant harm to the body). Oh yeah, I try not to smoke more than twice a day. And I also forgot two towers, the level of chess, boxing, sometimes running in the morning. I also have 100% vision, well, in bed, too, all good.
    In general, the conclusion is that it all depends on the person and the presence of his mind. And these ladies who describe the problems of their spouses: tooth loss, lack of erection, etc., this is either before the anasha was, or a consequence of consumption of amphetamines or their derivatives. And there is nothing for people to powder their brains. R.S. sobriety is the best option, but if one already chooses to torture oneself from evil, then it’s the best option.

  • Paravoz says:

    Drunkards will die faster!

  • Paravoz says:

    I am 27, I smoke from the age of 15, from 22 almost every day. I tried a lot of things but only with the mind, all lies that say the grass doesn’t rush, something is stronger, of course it’s irritability from the minuses, but also very rarely, don’t confuse the weed with the spies - let them smoke imbetsyly. I seldom drink alcohol, mostly beer or moonshine, but not vodka, I simply lose my mind and control. How many times aunts put before the fact: choose either me or the grass. I boldly spoke grass and never regretted, all this is the myth that she is a drug. Yes, consciousness changes, you understand such things that I did not understand sober, but introspection in general at the highest level. From beer in the morning is much worse, although after slaughter before bedtime in the morning you slow down, for a while. A child was born - quite healthy. The wife also says, they say, did you see yourself in the mirror? She is annoyed by dead eyes, but by no means behavior, she constantly blames only my grass, but has forgotten about communicating and not sticking it into the phone. I feel better with the grass - then at least you know that you will not betray, and sometimes it will help. And the ban on it was introduced by mankind because, as the herb has many medicinal properties, it would have broken the saleability of drugs in pharmacies, and, therefore, profits to pharmacists. But this is one of the theories, even the Scythians of the ancients knew about its properties, and they rubbed our bullshit. By legalizing it, the people will become less plump, the people will open their eyes and see how the world and society really work, therefore, it will be more difficult to manage a person, which the patrons of the world do not want. I personally consider myself a free man thanks to her, I am not a slave to the system! I categorically do not believe doctors, if it is already very bad then I will drink antibiotics, as well as folk methods! And heifers are simply primitive creatures, they don’t understand, it’s probably not given by nature! My father tried it in Afghanistan and to this day he is 52, and he is young in body, and I have a passport asking! Let these cattle collective farmers eat down before they lose their pulse. I think that a step above them in the development of the spiritual world! And all the garbage is smoked by her, doctors, teachers, lawyers, directors of firms, and they are all good! Just do not smoke all day: you can once in the morning and once in the evening and even better once a day in the evening and there will be no laziness and depression! In society, a smoked man looks much more adequate than a drunken cattle, who at any moment catches a squirrel and a knife in the throat. You are being called to this, instead of enjoying life! You are given those things that will destroy you: this is vodka, cigarettes, and the same Coca-Cola, so that you degrade, and later make a profit for companies, spending their money on medicines, chips, cola and other shit. And the fact that you can grow and do without any pseudo benefits do not tell you, since you will begin to see clearly and send all those who control you!

  • SAMURAI says:

    I smoked 2 years of varietal maryu (indica) day-to-day, all the work on the housework (private sector, you know, after the 1 st wet was done on URA, the work was in full swing, the wife could not rejoice - always courteous, caring, hardworking, intimate life, everything is perfect, minimum of fatigue - the maximum of life! BUT! First, when you start to smoke all the time - euphoria, etc., and after a while - you smoke in order to remain normal (if you don’t pee a week or more - hard: lack of joy, apathy, oh .... irritability, motivation - 0 etc.). Understood - if not stop - CAPETTE EVERYTHING! I haven't smoked for more than a year, I distributed ganju to my friends - sometimes we smoke (no more than once a month / two) and what I want to say: TAKI-YES! LIFE IS ESTABLISHED! “What for something, it is not healthy!”. FEELING MEASURES SHOULD BE IN EVERYTHING - even in food (millions of people do not use vodka, tobacco, grass, and for some reason suffer from overweight and have a lot of illnesses, etc. ). I think that tobacco (smoked for 20 years - quit and have no regrets) and vodka (worked as a guide, booze every day for about a year - stopped when I realized that a meal without a strong aperitif is inseparable) is no less harmful than grass. I would like to wish everyone who smokes grass: seize less, better go to the gym more often (healthy bodybuilding, running, football is an excellent and natural source of endorphins and testosterone). Anyone who does not smoke grass: if close to close people. hammer, you do not reproach him and do not read him morality, do not sulk and do not whine because all this is useless (for the Rastaman the grass is always in the first place), but rather YOURSELF HAS BEEN RELAXED TO LIFE, HOW TO RELAX, TO CHEMIE AND HOW IT'S WITHOUT HERBS! (in how! ..). PEACE TO ALL!!!!

  • Andrey Vologodsky says:

    Hello to all! I smoke with 18 years. Now I am 37, about to hit 38. All in order. After two years of smoking, Gandzhi climbed onto the gerych, since it seemed that there was little effect (but then there was such a time - we all sat on Germudas). The five-year plan was kicking up on the mountainous, simultaneously smoking grass! Tears from gloomy, but ganja left for itself as a loophole in the world of other people and other perceptions. I drink alcoholically moderately, no more than 3-4 times a month, now I don’t drink at all! Just do not want! I found this forum because we cannot get pregnant with my wife. I read the info about the dangers and benefits. But ... This is all connected not only with my physiology, but also with the physiology of my wife! From me the girls were pregnant two or three times! Now I am very sorry that I was insane and did not save these unborn children, all cases of pregnancy ended in abortions ... Now the time has come, I want children, but it still does not work, sperm cells on spermograms are sluggish ... In a week we will try again, today is Maslenitsa - so today I’ll smoke in a drool, and in the post - there will be a post! Do not get pregnant this month - in the next I will stop smoking, but only in order to get pregnant! I smoke every day, once, twice a day! The main thing is not to sit still, move! One more thing ... I am active (boxing 3 times a week), I communicate, I work, I have a small company - the boss himself and a hard worker. Everything suits me. So far, life lacks only babies! All good, peace and love!

  • Petro says:

    I'm 29. I tried Ganja 4 years ago. First, Bosko, then hashish, well, somehow I slowly got involved.
    I liked the feeling of relaxation, interesting thoughts in my head. And in general it was a novelty, I just moved to St. Petersburg, the whole environment smoked.
    The first year was one-off gatherings, when someone brought, cut down, treated. A year later, bought it myself. Then it somehow became regular.
    Smoked differently. And for 3 weeks in a row every day (worked, did things, etc.). Could blow before breakfast, as early as 7 in the morning before a shower.
    Could smoke intermittently 1-2 times a month. Or even a month or two not to smoke.
    The last two months smoked tight and there was some anxiety. I cut down and blow regularly. For 2 months, 45 days was definitely inflated.

    With health, everything is ok, I play sports at least 3 times a week (crossfit, swimming pool, boxing), I am an entrepreneur, I have my own small company, I earn well and travel a lot. For the past 4 years I have cut down and used ganjubas in 27 (!!!!!) countries of the world. The hardest thing was in the Philippines))

    But I began to notice that I got into some kind of swing.
    When I blow - I think, “bl ***, I need to start, I need to take a break, this is bad.” In short, I blame myself and reproach. Because I see that after the grass ANYTHING does not make me sober. I don't care about business, business, motorcycle, car, sport, game consoles, and generally don't care about everything. Previously, it was cool - kurnul, interesting talk, or sat down to play the console, or watched a documentary on the history. Now I understand - I smoked and everything, I want nothing. There is no joy either from the console, or from sex, or from traveling. And it turns out a vicious circle: on the one hand, my head still remembers that it was cool to blow and do something, but as a blow, I think, but what the fuck on *** is all shit. And I sit. By nature, an active person - I just can not sit. Well, start swing.

    Then I decided that this way I do not want to live anymore.
    Now I smoke again sometimes. Once or twice a month. And again the pleasant sensations of sex, games, interesting pastime returned. Appeared LIFE sober. Appeared activity.

    Three key reasons why it stopped:
    1. Apathy, laziness, SWEATING (this is really dullness, in my understanding: I do not want anything, nothing is interested). Periodically there are failures in the short-term memory "why did I come to the kitchen ??", "oh, I wanted to say something, I do not remember what."
    2. Concern about the lack of staff. If there is no Bosch when you want to blow - sadness, anxiety, brute force of the notebook.
    My wife began to reproach that I was on a divine island in the ocean, where I had never been, instead of enjoying life and enjoying it - pi *** u as preoccupied WHERE WOULD DESTROY ??? How to remove the boat in order to sail to the neighboring BIG Island and there to knock down, there surely is.
    And in traveling I went through such adventures, overcame catastrophic difficulties and difficulties for the sake of the coveted flower (well, not pi *** ti?)
    3. People. Two types of people who are constantly associated with the use - huckster and sidekick huckster. I myself do not know baryg and I don’t want to know, I’m cutting it down through close friends. So. These are the two types of people that I least like to be like. Every time I buy, even after a long break, when it seems that it will be especially great - before using it, I watch and talk with these downs for an hour (because it’s not easy with these downs, I came to give money and take it, every time it’s pirouettes ). They sleep until dinner, do not work, sit on the neck of their parents and do not want anything in this life. Constantly cheating, violating these words, in short, it is a horror, they are the real addicts (who say that cannabis is not a drug is not right).
    This is a disgusting feeling when you want a flower, and I come to visit the flower seller and look at this misery with the thoughts “But what flower will lead me.”

    In short - know the measure.

  • Ilya says:

    I’m 28, I’ll smoke; I’ll say one thing I smoked and I will smoke, because the grass has sent me on a straight path. There was a time I drank alcohol almost every day, I did not smoke grass, I had a shorter problem than my life problems for a lifetime !! He quit drinking, started smoking anasha, everything went like clockwork, he lived and his family didn’t work hard. But the moment came when the synthetics went, everything started to go crazy. They started cracking the spice. All the polls, I did not smoke this shit to the last, but of course a wave of chemistry caught me. Sat down on the joint venture. Specifically, while I almost died from this shit! Tears from the spice went to my own grass, I could not understand it for a long time, after synthetics it was hard to swing on the grass but nothing quietly swayed now I sit tight on it every day I smoke, my health is like all the rules, the world has sown with colors again, minus it doesn’t I feel overwhelmed, everything is furious, but you turn everything into place. I sweat at night if I do not smoke, but plus dreams are bright when Kumar comes. In short, I only for it and all the other tobacco, synthetics, alcohol, did not make any problems with grass, but because of synthetics I lost my family, now I’m rebuilding my family hearth not against cannabis, everything suits it. We can not yet have children, but now we are trying to pass a spermogram on mobility and accomplish your goal, but I have 2 children from my first wife, dugging weed tightly and did not stop.

  • Ilya says:

    Yes, I almost forgot how to throw cigarettes know? And I know, smoking anasha, and forget about tobacco. Anasha knocks down the nicotine kumaras: for a week purely anasha smoke without cigarettes and that’s all - they will not need cigarettes. True, it will be necessary to hammer more often the first days, and then there will be no dependence on the hunt for gashik and there will be no dependence.

  • Supernos says:

    As Boris Grebenshchikov used to say, “What is the difference between drugs and beefsteak? Yes, nothing! You eat him up - and he acts on you! ”And he is right in essence. Actually, the only question is, for what purpose do we want weed to act on us when we smoke it?
    I respect marathoners, I know many personally, those who smoke every day and a lot. But this is generally a topic for another conversation. In general, I believe that people who smoke constantly do not get worse, mental problems do not get worse - until they stop smoking all the time. Competent marathoners are not allowed, but constantly changing varieties, and they are always positive. 20-25 years old. It is important to understand whether you want to live in the world of marijuana, or you want to go there on vacation. If you decide to smoke all the time - then there is no point in bothering about this - made a decision - follow him.
    I prefer to smoke once every 1-2 weeks. Sometimes once a month, sometimes even less. Depends on the conclusions drawn from previous experience of use.
    I have a small business, and actually I smoke weed for a specific purpose. When you are doing business - that is, there are actually two modes - the first is working - you need to work, work, work 90% of the time. But from time to time you need to emerge from work and look around, just think about what you did right, and what could be changed, should we move further along the chosen path, or maybe it’s time to change the path? And the most important thing is to imagine where you are going to come in 2, 5, 10 years. Here weed is simply irreplaceable. It allows you to look at your plans as if they were already implemented. This is a very informative experience. In addition, it is possible to think very ambitiously under the weed, since in the usual state reflections are often interrupted by constraints - one, two iterations - and you already understand that you build your reasoning on assumptions. So you think like this: “If I make“ Case 1 ”, then I can do“ Case 2 ”, and then I can do“ Case 3 ”- in the end,“ Case 3 ”seems to you to be a very distant prospect, since you need first do the other two things, and they can be very time consuming and resource intensive. No matter how hard you try to imagine the implementation of “Cause 4”, which can be started upon completion of “Cause 3”, you are pressed by the need to work on the first three cases for a long time. Under the same grass - while thinking, when you think about “Case 4” - you subconsciously have already completed all three preceding cases. Therefore, you can preview all the pitfalls of a very remote perspective. Moreover, coarse logic gives way to associative thinking under the weed - you can get away from the thought with which you began your thinking in general in some jungle, and there you can find something very important, something you would never find. And then use it.
    The only thing - I always smoke with a notepad to take notes. I do not argue - sober 90% of these notes look very funny, sometimes you think some idea is very cool, but in fact it turns out to be delusional. But 10% of these notes are uncut diamonds.
    And most importantly - these diamonds need to be turned into diamonds - and this means that you need to start working - and work a lot, and do not smoke while working - just concentrate and do! Just do it! And when the fuse dries out - you can relax for a couple of days, ride horses, go to the movies and smoke some grass in the evening, sitting in a chair with a notebook in hand, understand what you want at the moment, where are you now about what you want for the next day to continue his work, his journey through this life.
    I hope the explanation does not seem difficult to you, I wrote it in a sober mind, the last time I smoked weed in December, 3 months ago, for the time being I do not think that there is a need to smoke again, but what I am sure is that In any case, I will smoke, and more than once. But everything has its time.

    • Den says:

      Supernos is a super article. Bravo! Beautifully painted, I agree 100%

    • Alexander says:

      I also agree with this person.

  • Anton says:

    Hello, I decided to share my story: I have been smoking for 2 years already, I am 23. I have a higher education. I work, I do not know these terrible misfortunes. Some time ago (after a long and dense use) I felt and realized the loss of interest in what is happening around, the loss of concentration and memory deterioration, after which I took a break for a month. It helped me a lot, and after smoking, after a scheduled break, I experienced the sensations “like the first time”. I concluded: everything is fine, but in moderation. Smoking marijuana is possible, but not every day and not constantly, periodically! I 1-2 times a month, and even less (I do not follow it especially) is enough. Actually the same goes for alcohol. You can sometimes drink, but do not abuse! It is better to smoke in the company, than to one - the same parallels with alcohol. But tobacco - really harmful and vile filth. Making a marijuana break for a month was much easier than quitting smoking cigarettes!

  • Adil says:

    Dear Comrades, smoke as much as you like, have fun with everything. A buzz is a buzz, anticipation, a process that can be better ... I advise you to smoke very good grass, it is better if you grow a thermonuclear in your area. I am a person with a vast experience of smoking, lived for almost ten years in eastern and southern countries, spoke with people who are 55.65 years old, of which they smoke for 40, 50 years ... one day I asked myself —— Why do I smoke ???????? I began to give myself too many answers ....... then concluded that it is necessary to tie. Now many years I do not smoke at all. Who is strong in spirit and not loshara will throw, and weaklings will go on about their passions.

  • Bogdan says:

    How anabolic steroids treat narcotic substances?

  • Preface Stone says:

    If someone read to the end, he sees my comment, I'm glad. I want to draw attention to the comments of the user LONG STOPPED. He is right, and the right is the girl who wrote about her boyfriend, who disappears somewhere and is smoking up on incomprehensible huts. CAM, I threw this stuff and will not. UNDERSTAND you from birth have a standard attitude to everything. Standard joy for example to some things. After you try any drug, these standards grow and you will not get the usual joy without doping - this is a minus (as for example, after plasma you are not particularly happy with a tube TV)
    Another interesting point. How everyone harbors marijuana in the comments above is simply ridiculous, you can judge by one thing, young people, the experience of use is small, which doesn’t really feel any harm. Fun carefree interesting.
    But marijuana has its own addiction stages. Yes, yes, it is dependency. The first stage is collective use, the second is single. When you hammer a joint in the morning because you want to pi ... ts how to smoke (it becomes like a cigarette for smokers) when one goal is to come home from work or another event, it is to score with a scythe and plunge into your little world. No one cares, no women, no public visits, no friends. Just smoke and stick. Arrhythmia is present in one hundred percent, as a healthy person, it appeared from smoking, the central nervous system was suffering, I am angry without a joint. Non-smokers from me otgolilis, libido fell. Lost taste for everything. Neither work nor motivation to find it. You look at the real Rastaman, they let the hair of the beard clothes incomprehensible, the purpose of smoking and listening to reggae. Nor any desire for a full life. And understand the novice smokers, she is good at the first couple of dating with her. This is a slow mechanism for destroying you as a person. Do not be afraid to give up the bad.

  • Antanas says:

    Thanks to everyone, read everything, I know everything. Och a lot of useful info. I have been blowing myself since I was 14, I was 31. Two healthy children are 2.5 and 1.5 years old. With a half-six, there were never any problems. There are problems with gastric acid, as someone described above. But diet and abuse of alcohol I think will correct the situation. Marya Ivanovna Pts is a good product but the main thing is wise and not abused.

  • Vadim says:

    I am 21 I smoke for 6 years, I must tell you that for me cannabis is kind of like doping for an athlete, and consequently without it I feel not comfortable, I really want to be myself. And to live this life fully, but in my head there is such a crap that words can not convey, every day I wake up to a different person, my interests were narrowed down to a minimum. I stay afloat only because I have to turn on brains in order to provide for myself, and not to fall face down into the mud.

  • Maxim says:

    I am 19 I smoke 5 years.

  • Zhostik says:

    Hello comrades narkoshi. I am 30, for the first time, he was 15 years old. Approximately at the same age began to meet with friends. Spire them began with 18 (although already in 15 really wanted :)). Regularly and sometimes dozdozno hollowed, met and spokal friends. At the age of 25 he threw gashiki and in the same year he stopped stabbing. For more than five years now, I haven't been dumb and fucked ...
    Question: Is there a connection between the use of geshika and sex life?

  • Prefer to hide says:

    My familiarity with marijuana:
    until 2001 - happy and satisfied with life
    2001 - I tried marijuana, I liked it
    2001-2007 - active use, the appearance of depression, asociality
    2010 - committed murder, diagnosis of "schizophrenia", sent for compulsory treatment in a mental hospital
    December 2016 - exit (approximate behavior + pure luck, usually keep MUCH longer in PB)

    • Zhostik says:

      Maybe in your plot and shiza not only geshiki are to blame? Something else zagashivalsya, screws, bluing something else? Jealousy to the beloved in the end?
      The reason for such circumstances could be different. I do not know the details that prompted you to such actions. But if everyone who’s been doing so long became so schizoic that they would kill for no particular reason, who would have survived?

  • Andrew says:

    Guys, all kind of right. There are both positive and negative consequences. The essence of the environment. If you lie at home all day and then connect hashish with friends in the stairwell, then you will sneeze and cough! And if you are doing something (a favorite thing), then everything will be fine! I study, drive a car, train, I have a girlfriend and many more different concerns. I smoke grass 5 of 7 days a week. And in bed, with driving, with health, study and training there are no problems!

    • Zhostik says:

      Andryukha krasava, worthy gashiki hollow if all normul. Take the example of comrades.

  • Dedon says:

    I smoke with no mention of lope years, the first minus.
    shaking hands second.
    while you smoke all the rules when it ends, nervosa. Mutki. point jerks, suddenly garbage knit. muddied and all the rules. I know that the grass is evil. even meaner tanks. but it is worth not to smoke for ten days and think about it and fuck I smoke it. I don’t smoke and I started dreaming about a miracle - and I remember them

  • Dedon says:

    a financial question, a salary of 80 thousand tengov, spent 10 thousand a month on grass, (2 cups 5 thousand each). Consider 15% of the money for this stuff. The fact that the grass is lit, then and how. after the break, 5-6 hacks are enough. when the glass is cool and start another, then 12-15 hacks are few.
    Harm to the lungs, well, I don’t know any problems yet, except for black sputum in the morning, well, if Bamas change once every 2 weeks and how black it is, what is inside is scary to think. when weed a lot of it stupidly you do not notice how much it is zhriezh. On the day 2 3 box of matches flies away. In pepelka 2- 3 bulls and 20 matches.
    I perfectly understand that weed does not cause fatal diseases, nobody has died from weed yet, unlike cigarettes and booze. When buying weed, I do not support international terrorism, but I spent the time sitting in the bathroom with a bambas and then sticking to the computer, I could spend on something else useful. also about money. Of course he smoked and the problems seem to fly off, but they will not disappear, but only to be deposited. when I smoked, I didn’t follow me; dirty dirty nails, you clean your teeth once a month. nothing good, just do not notice it while under the grass. they will stop the garbage and sit in their car, if you’re taken to drug treatment.
    Of course, it is unlikely to quit, but it is quite realistic to limit the use to 1–2 times a month (friends still smoke, acquaintances, even the sister doesn’t intend to quit). Karoche deleted the phone of the huckster 3 months ago. I do not go to the contact, and he does not call. (maybe they closed the fuck up) well, if they get a treat, I don’t mind relaxing. As having smoked 2 times a month, a high is better than 6 times every day. Throw this stuff is not necessary, there must be some weakness. but the sense to hammer it every day, as they say the brain is not interesting to put on the handbrake.

  • Zhostik says:

    Well, dychmak you dolby buddy, two or three karabasas a day, even to a cigarette dumbhead - this is above the norm. For such a lave that you otklyunyavil dileru can probably buy such suits that even if you pick up the hymose from the broom that you Khepal she doesn’t take off next to, for example, with such varieties as BRUCE BANNER or ASTRONAUT,
    where the content of t g to over thirty rolls over. Now imagine what planets you can cover with these varieties. It would be enough for one baghata bank of such kindness to have three self-confident pendants to surprise so much that they would remember you all their lives later.

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