The famous medical magazine “The Lancet”, based on a survey of reputable experts in various fields, compiled a rating of the most dangerous drugs in the world and put marijuana in 11th place (table 1). It is noteworthy that in this rating there are also legal drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco, occupying 5th and 9th places, respectively.

Table 1 - Top 20 most dangerous drugs, according to the magazine "The Lancet" [1].


Marijuana is one of the most popular and common drugs: 200 million people in the world use cannabis-based drugs [2].

THC - the active ingredient in marijuana

There are three types of hemp: Cannabis Sativa , Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis . The first two varieties are popular in drug practice, since Cannabis Ruderalis does not exert the desired narcotic effect.

The psychotropic effect of marijuana is due to the content of cannabinoids in hemp, the most powerful of which is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The activity of the drug is determined by the content of THC. Cannabis Sativa contains the largest amount of psychoactive substances [1]. The content of THC also depends on the part of the plant - the highest content of psychoactive substances is recorded in the flowering tops of the plant.

Both marijuana and hash are obtained from the same hemp plant, but there are some differences in their preparation: marijuana is a narcotic substance obtained from the leaves and stems of hemp, with a small addition of plant flowers, while hash is a resinous substance obtained from tops of hemp grass. Marijuana contains 0.5–4% THC, while cannabis contains THC starting at 2.8% and can even reach 10–20%. For these reasons, hash has a more pronounced narcotic effect [2].

The use and effects of marijuana

Mode of application

The most rational way to obtain the desired narcotic effect is achieved by smoking marijuana. To do this, use the so-called jamb - a cigarette or cigarette, where tobacco is replaced by marijuana. However, there are many other methods and devices for the production of marijuana, including oral ingestion (i.e. for food).


Once in the bloodstream, cannabinoids quickly leave it and are distributed into tissues rich in lipids (body fat, brain). Psychoactive substances begin to act almost immediately, reach a maximum in half an hour, and retain the effect for 2-4 hours [1].

For cannabinoid intoxication is characteristic:

  • euphoria;
  • general relaxation and a state of lightness (there is a slight languor, a feeling of self-weight is lost);
  • rampant laughter (for no apparent reason);
  • hyperesthesia of sound, color, and taste stimuli (colors become brighter or fade, sounds merge into music, delicious food seems even tastier, etc.);
  • increase in social activity (sociability, talkativeness);
  • violation of the perception of space, objects;
  • subjective perception of time (time is either very slow or very fast);
  • rise of libido.

When intoxicated with cannabinoids, an individual predominance of certain conditions is noted. The effect of hash, more than the effect of other drugs, is determined by the installation on the expected affect [3].

In some cases, cannabinoid intoxication (especially in combination with alcohol intoxication) can cause a feeling of panic fear, anxiety, which threatens danger. In slang, such a state is called "treason", "sit down on treason." “Treason” is stopped by a mug of sweet hot tea [1].

Read: "Scientists dispelled the myth of the dangers of nicotine . "

The effects of long-term marijuana use on men's health

The ability of marijuana with prolonged use to cause negative effects is a matter of debate. Some scientists are of the opinion that marijuana, like any other drug, has a destructive effect on the physical and psychological health of the individual. Others question many of the conclusions about the dangers of marijuana.

Most studies regarding the effects of long-term marijuana use on health are often controversial and do not always lead to a final conclusion.

Difficulties in describing the consequences of hashism, according to some scholars, are presented in the following [3]:

  • switching to other drugs, which is often preceded by the use of hash, masks the effects of hashishism;
  • individuals whose addiction to marijuana is chronic are those groups in which the individual’s life falls outside social control and also is short-lived.

The most frequent somatic changes are expressed in manifestation [4]:

  • cardiac pathology (myocardial dystrophy, sinus arrhythmia of the heart , extrasystole);
  • liver diseases (hepatitis, atrophy);
  • renal failure;
  • chronic bronchitis.

Brain and cognitive abilities

Reliably recorded short-term impaired thinking, deterioration of short-term memory during cannabinoid intoxication. However, no convincing data were obtained on persistent impairment of long-term memory and other cognitive abilities with prolonged use of marijuana.

There is also no convincing evidence that chronic marijuana use causes anatomical changes in the brain.


The effect of smoking marijuana on the lungs is actually the only documented negative physiological consequence [1]. Complications of the respiratory tract can be manifested by cough, shortness of breath, pulmonary emphysema and other diseases characteristic of chronic smoking. This is due to the fact that the smoke from the combustion of tobacco and marijuana contains a certain amount of carcinogens and irritating substances, leading to various pathologies of the respiratory tract.

Here, the amount of inhaled smoke, that is, the total amount of carcinogens obtained, is of particular importance. Typically, marijuana smokers draw in deeper and trap smoke in their lungs longer than tobacco smokers. However, it is also true that tobacco smoking occurs more often than smoking marijuana, which increases the total amount of carcinogens received.

Endocrine system, sexual and reproductive function

The effects on the endocrine system are still poorly understood. A known case of a decrease in sex hormones (testosterone) , deterioration of sexual function, the manifestation of gynecomastia [3]. In animal studies, the administration of high doses of THC led to a marked decrease in the production of sex hormones and impaired reproductive function.

There are some reports that prolonged use of marijuana can reduce the size and density of the testicles .

Psychological changes

According to representatives of official medicine, prolonged abuse of hash leads to a change in personality. Outside of drug intoxication, the following can be noted:

  • apathy;
  • loss of interest in life ;
  • loss of social activity, isolation;
  • emotional lability;
  • narrowing of interests;
  • decreased concentration of attention, memory.
There are reports that people who have long abused hash have an increased likelihood of developing mental illness ( schizophrenia , psychosis) in the presence of a genetic predisposition [1].

Domestic narcology considers the abuse of hemp drugs as a manifestation of drug addiction, highlighting the general patterns with other forms of drug addiction with the corresponding social consequences.

Article edited 04/03/16


  1. A. Balandin, L. Balandina, V. Dzhanibekov “The most dangerous drugs” - M .: author's edition, 2008 - 105 p .;
  2. Gavenko V. L., Samardakova G. A., Kozhina A. M., Korostiy V. I., Demina O. O. “Narcology: Textbook” - Rostov n / A: Phoenix, 2003. - 288 p .;
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  • The doctor says:

    Lies! (Edited by the site administration)

    • Victor says:

      They have been using Maria huanovna for 22 years and I feel fine, and my friends haven’t lost their minds either, this is all nonsense to me for 42 years and my wife sometimes asks for mercy in bed.

    • Sasha says:

      Everything is written so cleverly. Is hemp very unhealthy? Who are you? Professors? Doctors? Where are the proofs? So I talked (tête-à-tête) with the doctor (neuropathologist) and he told me “get medical treatment, but I didn’t tell you anything”. And yes, I am being treated after a World Cup injury. And you think the words of anyone can convince me? If so, then you are a naive person. I saw her documents, but not yours.

  • The avid says:

    And where is the rationale ???

    • Eugene says:

      There are many official studies on the effects of prolonged use of marijuana on the human body. However, even if you take away these studies and look at people for a long time consuming any other substances that cause a change in consciousness (cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, etc.), you will see personality degradation and various changes in the body that worsen the health of the individual. So why should marijuana be an exception to the list? There are sources claiming that hash oil has a healing effect and can even treat a disease like cancer. And this may well be true, but the effect will depend on the method of application and doses of the substance. In any case, you always have the opportunity to verify the veracity of the information contained in the article on yourself, which I in no way call you to.

      • Sometimes says:

        What does cocaine, heroin, amphetamine and so on have to do with natural canabis? It has been proven long ago that alcohol and tobacco cause reproductive function tens of times more harm. This is just a traditional drug for the people bringing huge profits.

        • Eugene says:

          If you rely on the natural origin of marijuana, then cocaine, by the way, is also a natural drug that is produced from coca leaves. Even heroin is of a semi-synthetic origin. However, the harm from these substances is obvious! As for your statement about tobacco and alcohol, I only agree that it is harmful. But where does such data about dozens of times more harm come from? It is not clear why manufacturers instead of tobacco do not sell the same marijuana everywhere. Maybe because even a harmless jamb behind the wheel can lead to sad consequences?

          • Andrew says:

            There was a time, smoked every day for a month, and drove by car. There was not a single violation when you are drunk and go 60 km / h it seems to you that 30 and if you smoke the same 60 km / h it seems that all 90, you try to drive slower and more accurately, you aren’t interested in adventures.

          • Victor says:

            Cocaine has never been a natural drug. This is an alkaloid obtained as a result of many chemical processes, and the use of various poisonous drugs such as ether, benzedrine, acetone and more.
            Even heroin against this background is less synthetic.

            To compare the alkaloid cocaine and the amino acid of THC, this is how to compare water and air.
            Different formula, different action, everything is different. The same applies to heroin, which has nothing to do with either coca or grass.
            That amphetamine has some similarities with cocaine, but not a fact.

          • Roman says:

            Just do not drag the steering wheel, alcohol in this regard is much worse! A cigarette is also dangerous - which distracts the driver and smokes him in the eye, a phone that also distracts the driver from the road, many different functions in the car, such as cruise control, navigator, etc. Beautiful forms of women also distract from the steering wheel and much more you can still attribute here ...

        • Paul says:

          There is a book "marijuana: myths and facts." There are studies.
          So, marijuana very rarely causes cancer, because contains substances that kill cancer cells. Bronchitis is possible - yes, and other pulmonary diseases, but not because of marijuana, but because of tar, it is not necessary to smoke marijuana, and you can use a vaporizer. Regarding lowering testosterone - not proven, there is just a study that everything is normal with hormones after marijuana, both in women and in men.

          Brain. Marijuana can cause mental illness if there is a dangerous combination of CBD and THC in the variety, and this is not yet known, just changes in the psyche are visible only after using the indicated type of marijuana, these are varieties like scanned, and mental illnesses develop only in this case those who are predisposed to them. Apathy, laziness, poor study and so on. Again, marijuana has a sedative and fun effect depending on THC and CBD. It changes values, which is understandable, alcohol also changes values, but an alcoholic can be either a workaholic or a fornication addict. It's clear ? I hope it is clear. The same thing with marijuana, it depends on the person’s initial attitude, it rarely changes negatively if the environment is normal. I’m chewing, just in case, YES there may be problems with studies, BUT not with learning, that is, values ​​are changing, not the principle of the brain (maybe it changes, but in this case, values ​​play a big role). You can stop studying disciplines at university, but begin to be engaged in art. The article also has some truth, with very frequent and long use of marijuana, problems with short-term memory are really possible.
          A heart.
          Yes and no. Research is VERY different. The psychoactive substances of marijuana can have both positive and negative effects on the heart. There are medical varieties that help with heart problems, and there are those that actually can cause a heart attack (for information, even caffeine increases the risk of heart attack).

          The author of the article is very superficially familiar with the topic.
          Marijuana is too embellished like a drug. It’s just relaxation, a bit of fun at the beginning, sometimes buzz, nothing supernatural. Safer than alcohol, safer than tobacco. I smoked it a lot and for a long time, my friends too - we don’t touch and do not want optics and stimulants. There are no health problems.
          It’s better to write such articles about LSD, DMT, Mescaline and the like. They really have very interesting properties. And they really can be dangerous for the psyche, even despite the fact that they practically do not affect health. A jamb of grass, even a thousand jambs will not do much damage, while 1 brand of LSD in a BAD environment with BAD people and WRONG mood can undermine the psyche. And this is not looking at all the benefits of psychedelics - they are dangerous for society, but they should not be prohibited, like marijuana. In fact, the only drugs (the substances that have caused the most harm to society in terms of the following ratio are the number of consumers: the damage is OPIATES, AIDS, ALCOHOL, TOBACCO. The last two prohibit no sense, alcohol is difficult to catch physical dependence, harm from tobacco it manifests itself 5-10 years after smoking, while an overdose (and how easy it is to get it) from morphine or AIDS is instant death.

          All proofs on my Old - in the book that I indicated at the beginning, regarding everything else (not marijuana) - google sources, this is publicly available.

          • andrey says:

            buddy, I’d paint everything for you as it really is, but it’s a pity. Theory is one thing and practice is different. Marivanna is a very evil thing in every way. Everything is much worse than it sounds. You can even breathe from an orange .... throw this garbage rebz

          • Long-grumbled says:

            Books are books, and reality can be a little sadder. He smoked for ten years, the last year every day, from morning to evening. He threw it when he realized that he had withdrawn from society, turning into a hikka. Some asshole with dopamine and testosterone - nothing brings joy, including communication with the opposite sex. Now I'm trying to return to normal. If you smoke, be sure to take a break for at least two weeks - immediately notice how your brain and veng return to normal functioning. While I did this, the feeling of a thinking male did not leave me, although perhaps without grass everything would have been even better.

      • Es says:

        There are many official studies proving that changes in behavior are temporary and disappear. It hits the lungs - a fact, but has no effect on anything else.

        • Victor says:

          On the 28th day of abstinence, all mental and physical indicators disappear.
          The only harm that many notice, with frequent use, every day starting from six months or more is the deterioration of short-term memory, laziness, apathy.

          On the 28th day of abstinence, all indicators return to normal.

          • Long-grumbled says:

            I have exceeded 28 days in a long time, while far from the norm. The remaining problems are the lack of joy from simple things, decreased libido, the head is not as fresh and functional as before.

    • Maxim says:

      The fagot doctors that you carry ... will reduce potency ... ahahaha)) yes, after the weed you want to fuck like never before, in general it is Pulp Fiction for those who have never used periodically, so as not to be used periodically))) Tip, better fuck, earlings

      • Long-grumbled says:

        When it is already released, I agree, while it pins, it is not particularly up to it. I didn’t notice any problems with potency, but I don’t really want to shoot new objects for sex.

    • Igor says:

      Very false information is not true. Why do people write such nonsense? Marijuana is one of the best natural medicines.

  • Es says:

    Well, firstly, not TDK, but THC. And secondly, if the name of the active component is not true, then why is everything else in this article true?

    • Eugene says:

      The name of the substance is correct - no reduction! Thanks fixed.

    • Eugene says:

      Let's get it in order! 1. The brain. People who use marijuana for a long time and indeed any other drug are more dispersed, and generally not inclined to learn. It is a fact. There are many examples in life. 2. Light - you agreed with that, excellent. 3. Vasoconstriction - official medicine says that smoking leads to vasoconstriction, it makes no sense to lie to her, I think. 4. Sexual function and testicular atrophy - in fact, according to the reduced size of the testicles, doctors can diagnose addiction to smoking marijuana - maybe this is another myth, but again, does it make sense? The temporary nature of the changes is definitely true, but it all depends on how long the person has been using the drug, since any reversible consequences can develop into irreversible or difficult to reverse. Please note that all this applies to long-term use, although the effect on the lungs can be felt very soon, because they take the blow first.

      • malex says:

        Oddly enough, the lie is in the tales of a TEMPORARY disorder of sexual function and spermatogenesis. The fact is that cannabinoids actually kill the cells responsible for both the production of testosterone and the production of sperm. Actually, testicular dystrophy arises from here - the brick cells from which they are built become too few. Yes, still - surviving spermatogonia after a “burn” with cannabis elixirs are unable to produce normal sperm. That is, there is sperm, but what floats in it can give rise only to freaks.
        And since the number of germ cells in both a man and a woman is determined at the earliest stages of fetal formation in the womb (both the testes and ovaries are formed in the same period, because this is due to the structural features of the chromosomes of germ cells and cells - their predecessors), then, excuse me, where will the new cells come from instead of the dead?
        So, I smoked eggs - there will be no children, and even if they do, then oh-oh-oh-oh ...

        • Sergey says:

          Thank you for opening our eyes to all of you! :) We all here (and researchers too) thought that the sperm cells were “smoking” and that’s why they temporarily and partially lose their mobility, but in fact it turns out that they have "" Burns "cannabis elixirs" even at the production stage :)) It would be very nice to know the source of the information provided ..
          Z.Y. The other day I did an ultrasound of the testicles - I did not find any atrophy or any deviations from the reference values ​​(I smoked continuously for 10 years, then rarely for 2 years, 2 months before ultrasound for 5-7 bongs a day (temporarily such circumstances))

        • Victor says:

          In my youth I smoked a lot of grass. A healthy, normal baby was born.
          Although maybe I'm an exception. Since I do not smoke cigarettes and do not abuse alcohol. But those who abuse beer even but do not smoke weed. For some reason there are no children. Or sick children.

          Do this research.

        • Long-grumbled says:

          Sperm cells regenerate every ~ 3 months. A woman has a supply of eggs from birth. Do not be fooled.

      • Victor says:

        Regarding vasoconstriction. Here is the Intersen moment.
        Tobacco, opium, crack, spice, grass? What exactly?
        Official medicine writes about tobacco. Since it is known that the active ALKALOID of tobacco NIKOTIN, has a strong vasoconstrictor effect. Also, ammonia and radionuclides contained in nicotine, too.
        And modern cigarettes - - the periodic table.
        Scattering and apathy may be present. But again, most often, those who have nicotine addiction in parallel and smoke grass from half a year or more every day.

        Throwing grass is easy. Cigarettes are hard. Medical fact and personal experience.

      • Denis says:

        If everyone smoked the world would be much better and brighter, there would not be so much evil and darkness!

        • Genadius says:

          That's right, for legalization!

  • Dmitry says:

    Campaign about testicular atrophy is true. I smoke weed periodically from the age of 18, now I’m 32 and my testosterone level has dropped significantly, testicular atrophy has occurred and sperm have disappeared. But potency is not affected by pah pah pah, and after I smoke sex I want to be many times stronger than usual. But I want a family, so I tie with weed.

    • Arthur says:

      Well done. How are you doing?

  • Dmitry says:

    I hope it’s not too late to tie her up 🙂

  • osman says:

    it’s not too late to ever tie while you are alive and you realize the main courage.

  • Valery says:

    Mention of psychotropic substance in history for more than 3000 years. All Asia uses since childhood, freaks no more than anything else. Sperm motility is reduced - a fact, he checked. But what freaks are born is this crap? They are born in healthy people. Nobody knows why. Author, where is the research, facts? From your judgments, the conclusion is, we had to die out with pickled for a long time. This is an annual plant. Not a single animal eats it. And around the world is growing. It might be better to investigate why it is still growing.
    “... Government experts now recognize that hemp does not kill brain cells. This myth came from a few animal experiments in which structural changes (not actual cell death, as is often claimed) were observed in brain cells of animals exposed to high doses of the pot. Many critics still cite the notorious monkey study by Dr. Robert G. Heath, who purported to find brain damage in three monkeys that were heavily dosed with cannabis. This work has never been reproduced and has since been discredited by a pair of better-controlled, much larger studies on monkeys, one by Dr. William Slicker of the National Center for Toxicology Research and the other by Charles Rebert and Gordon Pryor of SRI International. No evidence was found of a physical change in the brain of monkeys exposed to daily doses of hemp for up to one year. Studies of human heavy users in Jamaica and Costa Rica have not found evidence of disturbances in brain physiology. Even though there is no evidence that hemp causes permanent brain damage, users should be aware that persistent short-term memory deficits have been noted in chronic, heavy marijuana smokers after 6 to 12 weeks of abstinence. It is worth noting that other drugs, including alcohol, are known to cause brain damage. ”
    Did you try it yourself? Examine the subject before talking about it!

    • Victor says:

      Animals actually eat it bless you. Ask Asians, rams, sheep, cows, when it is still green. So are the wolves. This is even described in the novel “Scaffold” by Chingiz Aitmatov.

    • Alexander says:

      Dear commentators. There is no truth, there is an opinion, and an opinion is formed only on the amount of information received. For a person, everything obtained in its pure form is simply poison. For example, if you drink distilled water for more than a week, then a person will die, if there is one clean boiled meat for more than a week, then a person will die (since it will rot alive), so everything should be done in a measure that is usually controlled by a very small percentage of the population.
      Can look at everything from above. After all, the ban on smoking marijuana gives control over the sale, which in turn gives a huge profit. Otherwise, no one would buy it, but simply harvest it for themselves, like picking pickles and jams, and use it on holidays, or in the morning. If you use a large amount of jam without measure, then I think thundered in the hospital with a change in psyche. Any use of different narcotic substances leads to a different change in consciousness and perception of the real world. Ancestors wrote that each person’s world was created by himself, therefore, the use of different drugs by different groups of people creates different realities of these groups, different course of time, different rules of behavior, etc. How then to control such a population that has their own rules and laws in their heads, how to program them, how to use them and draw vitality from them. Or maybe I'm wrong, but only I and no one else see it that way. In other words, let it be one of the versions.

  • Valery says:

    I have been smoking canaples since 18 years. Now 39. 3 higher, His own enterprise of 50 people + doing research. Families, children (participants in urban olympiads in mathematics.) And what?

    • Edgar says:

      Valery ....... Krasava

    • brams says:

      You need to get the fourth higher .. And give emphasis to the spelling of the Russian language)))) And Nitsche canaple ...)))

    • Marina says:

      Valery! It is impossible to have three higher educations + to engage in RESEARCHES .... and at the same time write KANAPlya ... or all the same, the use of KONOpli affects the function of the brain? Can we speak in this case of its dysfunction?

  • zoya says:

    And my husband smokes weed and some pills I don’t know what they are called. He started smoking at the age of 17, now he is 31. We have one daughter. I’ll tell you that it’s very difficult to live with such a person. 3-4 days disappears does not make itself felt. Friends told me that they are somewhere in the apartment going and smoking there. I don’t know what they are doing there. He doesn’t look at me any good, not his daughter. Only it swears for the last time. With the last money he buys this muck. And my daughter and I are sitting half-starved at home.

    • andrey says:

      Well, what are you pulling? find another, time is more precious than any person, and moreover you have a child

    • Sergey says:

      I believe that your husband is multi-dependent. If not this, then he would lose money, or fornication, or drink .. Or all together, which is also not uncommon. Grass and even pills are never to blame. All the problems of people in themselves. Everything else is justification and self-deception.

  • Sergey says:

    This article and many comments relate more to the "scientific science" than to science and truth.
    My brain works much better under the influence of cannabis. In my opinion, THC, with proper and skillful use, expands not only consciousness, but also the ability of the brain to a banal concentration. And most importantly, everyday work is often not very enthusiastic, but thanks to THC, you can concentrate much better and even get satisfaction from almost any job (unless it is associated with physical effort).
    The lungs bother me, of course - the resin is in the grass. But if we compare the doses of the resins received by the smoker of cigarettes and the smoker of cannabis (I think this difference is about 100-200 times), then it becomes a little calmer (because I hardly smoke cigarettes). And in general, this issue is completely closed with the acquisition of a vaporizer.
    8 years smoked almost daily, 2 years smoked very rarely, last 2 months very often (5-7 bongs per day). The other day I did an ultrasound of the testicles - the doctor did not find any deviations from the reference values. With potency, complete order. With testosterone, bench press and facial hair too :)
    It has been repeatedly mentioned above that blood vessels constrict from smoking. На мой взгляд утверждение совершенно справедливо относительно курения табака, но нигде не нахожу подобной инфы про каннабис.

  • Victor says:

    Насчет потенции полный бред. Трава улучшает потенцию и секс. И не ссужает сосуды как никотин.
    Это разные вещества. Кока Кола больше влияет на потенцию нежели марихуана.

  • Victor says:

    Ваша проблема умников в том. Что вы описываете вред марихуаны ипсользуя какие то вымыслы мало имеющие общего с реальностью. И те кто её курит, почитав вас убежлдаются в том что вы все просто врете. Так как они практики, а большинство умников теоретики.

    Вред от травы по любому есть, но его нужно изучить сначала досконально, а потом без ПРЕУВЕЛИЧЕНИЙ и преуменьшений адекватно описать. А то бред какой то получается.

  • Евгн says:

    Я заядлый курильщик как табака, так и марихуаны, бошки курю на протяжении 12 лет, из них лет 6 каждый день и не по разу, бывает и 6-8 раз в сутки. имею 2 образования 1-среднее-техническое, 2- высшее техническое, сейчас мне 30, и у меня совершенно здоровый сын (ему 5 лет) и жена беременна вторым(причем жена не хотела второго так рано, а я хотел, так вот, я всего 1 раз кончил в нее, и вот вам результат, она на 6-ом месяце беременности (и где тут малоподвижные сперматозоиды??? хватило 1 раза и залет !!!) Могу сказать с большой уверенностью марихуана влияет на многие функции организма, если ей злоупотреблять. Но при умеренном употреблении она обладает седативным эффектом, а при увеличении дозы даже снотворным…
    Так вот, негативное влияние ( по собственным наблюдением за своим организмом):
    1) мозг:- страдает кратковременная память. появляется рассеянность, сложно сконцентрироваться на чем-либо на долгое время (в состоянии опьянения ТГК) т.к. мысли сменяют друг друга с большой скоростью, думаешь глубже и прогрессивней, но часто сбиваешься в мысли в пользу другой…
    2) Психическое состояние:- при отсутствии наркотика (хоть я и не считаю ее наркотиком, значительно большую зависимость вызывает табак и алкоголь) Наблюдается излишняя раздражительность, нервозность и агрессивность. Но это только в первые дни после отказа от ежедневного употребления.
    3)Пищеварительный тракт:- марихуана заставляет поджелудочную железу вырабатывать Соляную кислоту (желудочный сок) тем самым вызывая желание съесть чего-либо (желательно сладкого- что вызвано, скорее всего с потребностью головного мозга в глюкозе (это мои личные наблюдения за своим организмом и предположения) после чего, обычно курильщик съедает все что видит в холодильнике… Набивает желудок до отказа и ложиться отдохнуть перед ящиком или компом… что не есть хорошо для желудка . А если холодильника или магазина рядом нет, тот большое количество кислоты постепенно разъедает стенки желудка, образуя язвочки… Да и сама поджелудочная железа страдает…
    4) Легкие:- к сожалению я бросил курить табак не так давно (2 месяца назад) и объективно не могу судить о вреде непосредственно марихуаны, но скажу вам со 100% уверенностью то, что оказывает негативное влияние на легкие как табак, так и конабис… появилась одышка, регулярный кашель и темно-коричневая мокрота (особенно с утра(если вечером как следует накуриться бошки))

    PS Марихуана вредит при чрезмерном ее употреблении, в небольших количествах она оказывает благотворный эффект на организм: для больных анорексией это хороший способ вызвать аппетит, при нервных расстройствах хороший способ успокоиться и отвлечься, либо помощь в поиске решения проблем (мозговая активность возрастает, мыслишь глубже и неординарней). Для больных бессонницей-это неплохое снотворное с хорошим и глубоким сном без снов ))) И еще одно, не знаю чья это заслуга, но в свои 30 я выгляжу на 20-24 года, в магазинах паспорт спрашивают.

  • Каменная Леди says:

    Дорогие мужчины и юноши хочу рассказать Вам о своём опыте общения с человеком — моим бывшим мужем, который 2 года регулярно, по несколько раз в день курил эту хрень. Я не знала выходя за него замуж, что он уже несколько лет сидит на этой гадости (если бы знала, обошла бы 10 дорогой) но как он потом признался, что это было по несколько раз в месяц. У нас родились 2 деток мальчик и девочка, прекрасные детки, хорошая семья, частный мой бизнес (денежные потоки имела возможность контролировать и в декрете), я в декрете он работает в этом бизнесе все хорошо, замечательные отношения, с детьми помогает, дома по мужской части тоже всё хорошо .Вобщем всё ок было до тех пор, пока мы не начали общаться с семейной парой, где муж с самого начала показался мне каким то … ? . Прошло 2 года такого общения и ребята это жах:
    1. Бульбы курились везде-на работе при клиентах, при родителях, при детях, на природе, на рыбалке, на охоте и даже дома на лестничной площадке.
    2. Деньги исчезали не сотнями а тысячами грн.
    3. Интимные отношения вымерли как мамонты (всё время на пол шестого и не выше)
    4. Агрессия к детям, а это для меня вообще очень болезненно.
    5. Апатия ко всему, только поспать и не мешай дышать.
    6. Заторможеность — ничего не помню, ничего не вижу и ничего никому не скажу.
    7. Самый главный пункт-он перешёл на ФЕНы, потому что травы было уже мало.
    8. По здоровью — зубы выпадали не по дням а по часам, член вставал только с Эротоном, волосы тоже оставались на шапке, в глазах появились какие-то жёлтые наростни, кашель такой, что у дедушки всю жизнь курившего самосад был лучше.
    9. Была новая машина, куплена в автосалоне, ездил и обдолбаный и пьяный пока не развалил в хлам, хорошо что нас с детьми не было в машине.
    Так что ребята ещё одна норм. семья развалилась из-за этой хорошей травки. В жизни есть столько развлекух и способов расслабиться нужно себя просто в чём то найти. Я сама лично никогда даже не пробовала, а нашла себе другие занятия. Всем удачи и планокуры задумайтесь и очнитесь.

    • Валяные says:

      Уважаемая леди, ваш муж и его поведение по вашему описанию ни как не связаны только с марихуаной, всему вина сторонняя отрава + сама личность вашего мужа. Все зависит от человека.

  • Dmitry says:

    Здравствуйте и сторонники и противники, курю траву лет15 (мне39) (табак не курю вообще) курил по разному и периодически и регулярно, сейчас курю почти каждый день, но не много (в основном раз в день), последнее время начал задумываться о вреде или пользе -из статей и личного опыта пришёл к заключению что в употреблении травы, как и во многом другом «ЧТО ЗАНАДТО ТО БАЙДУЖЕ»- курить можно( ИНОГДА ДАЖЕ НУЖНО) но в МЕРУ- ДАЛЕКО НЕ КАЖДЫЙ ДЕНЬ И НЕ БОЛЬШЕ РАЗА В ДЕНЬ! И тогда трава будет не во вред А на пользу ( кому в чём).
    PS Буду переходить на курение «по случаю» чего и всем советую.

  • Степан says:

    Полностью Ваш организм очиститься от следов канабиса в крови не ранее чем ч/з 3-4 недели. Меры, которые можно предпринять в домашних условиях могут ускорить вывод наркотика из организма не более чем в полтора два раза. Вот и считайте, со всеми банями, саунами спортом до изнеможения — это где-то две недели. А если надо анализ сдавать накануне даже капельницы многократные не помогут.

  • xbg says:

    Да уж, чего тут рассуждать про вред, если съедать по 10 морковок в день, это тоже ничем хорошим не закончится, хотя изначально продукт полезный. Всё в меру, и тут больше добавить нечего, все негативные процессы от ЗЛОупотребления, курите не чаще 1-2 раз в неделю, нормальный план, сортовой, и не будет бед, это скорей всего будет даже полезно. Данные статьи — это я даже не знаю, как выразиться, так можно написать про что угодно

  • Kot 20 лет дую бошку says:

    Здравствуйте ребята. Мне 33 с 13-14 лет курю марихуану лет 10 курил листья анаша потом только шишки… Курил в день по 3-6 раз каждый день через бонг с 3-ой очисткой. Закончил школу 11 Кл потом мгту и работаю спасателем!
    Теперь только правда смотрю таких плановых как я с 20-ти летним стажем и интенсивностью 3-6 раз в день я один!
    Так вот у меня имелись болезни которые были до того ,как я начал курить : сотрясение с прологом черепа молотком бахнули!!! И водянка яичка,которую прооперировали, всё гуд)! Я после операции и кончал больше спермы и струя появилась! Что имею сейчас- 5 лет прожил с любимой сдавал сперму на анализ да! Это правда доктор сразу сказал что я плановой и не первый, почему это плохо? За 5 лет так и не забеременела!!! Бросил через 2 месяца залетела!!!
    Это точно не надо оспаривать лично проверял сперму через микроскоп обычный световой и видно что они обдолбленные а бросил *редакция* зашевелились!!! Теперь мозг да памяти нет вообще !!! Бросаешь восстанавливается согласен в течении месяца!!! А вот сосуды ,которые питаю сухой мой орех) стали меньше и заузились на мрт видно!!! Это влияние тгк !!! С товарищем с которым 20 лет курю то же самое но у него,как покурит давил затылок и боль в голове,перестали курить всё пропало!!! Я ВАМ ТАК СКАЖУ ДА ТГК МЕНЕЕ ВРЕДЕН ЧЕМ ТАБАК И АЛКОГОЛЬ ЕСТЬ СВОДНЫЕ ТАБЛИЦЫ ТАМ И СМЕРТНОСТЬ И АБСТИНЕНТНЫЙ КРИЗИС И ЕЩЁ КАКИЕ-ТО ПОКАЗАТЕЛИ ХАРАКТЕРИЗУЮТ НАРКОТИКИ !! НО ЕСЛИ НЕТ МЕРЫ К ТГК ,КАК У МЕНЯ ЗНАЧИТ ГОТОВЬТЕСЬ К ПРОБЛЕМАМ !!! Но тот кайф впечатления эмоции которые получил в самом начале да и после вы АЛКОГОЛИКИ ТАБАКОКУРЫ НИКОГДА НЕ УЗНАЕТЕ ВАМ НЕ ДАНО КАК И ЛЕТАТЬ ЛЮДЯМ СУДЬБА У ВАС ТАКАЯ!!! Я когда сексом занимался,кстати это ложь что трахаться хочется больше и половой акт дольше вранье (*редакция*)!!!!!!!! Просто ощущения прикосновения запаха обостряються !!! Я так кончал что сознания чуть не терял !!! А смех так ржали что когда закрываешь глаза чтоб не видите смешного при открытии как будто головой кончаешь я пробовал всё лсд марки амфик героин колол нюхал кокс всё говно это кайф для крепких людей сильных и духом и телом я после тяжелых наркотиков как и от алкоголя умирал организм говорил НЕ МОГУ *редакция* ЗАВЯЗЫВАЙ!!!! И я снова и снова курил это мой кайф и я не отчем не жалею !!! У меня красивая дочь СЛАВА БОГУ работа здоровье немного)) и никогда не было отходника!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! НАЙДИТЕ ЕЩЁ ТАКОЙ НАРКОТИК !!!!!!!! Алкоголь с утра полундра — *редакция* !!! Табак реально падал в обморок потели ладошки как от амфетамина самый страшный наркотик !!! Героин да то же мой наркотик но ЭТО ТО ЖЕ полундра — *редакция* ПРО ЛОМКУ МОЛЧУ !!! ТАК ВЫ УЧЕНЫЕ ВРАЧИ ГЕНИИ СОВРЕМЕННОСТИ ПОДСКАЖИТЕ КАК КАЙФОНУТЬ МОЖНО ??? И ЧЕМ ЛУЧШЕ КАЙФОВАТЬ НУ КА ОТВЕТЕ !!!!! ?? Не надо писать что с парашюта прыгнуть и тд вот вам вся наркота и алкашка и табак выберите что бы вы посоветовали своему ребенку если ДРУГОГО ВЫБОРА НЕТ !!! Или выбрать вещество либо ребенка расстреляют ! Не уже ли ваш выбор падёт на сигарету или алкоголь нет ни героин не амфик не кокс да вы выберите КАНАБИСУ И БУДЕТЕ ПРАВЫ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kot 20 лет дую бошку says:

    Да еще тут каменная леди *редакция* тупая!!!!!! Херню пишет а муж твой героинщик у них на пол шестого у всех!!!!!!! Если долго торчит а деньги на коноплю не нужны *редакция* тупая!!!! Купи семечку за 300 р и посади за это штраф!!!!! И соберешь 100 гр с куста твой муж пол года будет курить по 5 раз в день!!!!! И ЕЩЁ ВСЕ ПЛАНОВЫЕ ДОБРЫЕ К ДЕТЯМ ВСЕГДА МОЯ ДОЧЬ С МЕНЯ НИТКИ ПЛЕТЁТ Я КАК РАБ ЕЁ)) всё выполняю!!!! Особенно когда курсу курю 20 лет *редакция* ты тупая!!!!!

  • Kot 20 лет дую бошку says:

    XBG братан раз в день на ночь не повредит только раз)))

  • Kot 20 лет дую бошку says:

    Каменная леди твой муж героинщик и скоро сдохнет найди того кто курит бошку и всё друг то же спасатель 2 детей с сексом всё гуд !! Очень подвижный и футбол и на речку мы ПЛАНОВЫЕ ОЧЕНЬ АКТИВНЫЕ ЕСЛИ ЗНАТЬ МЕРУ А ТЫ ПОСЛЕ РОДОВ СТАЛА *редакция* ПОЭТОМУ ОН НАЧАЛ КОЛОТЬ!!!

  • Kot 20 лет дую бошку says:

    А ВОТ ВСЕМ ВНИМАНИЕ ЕСЛИ ХОТИТЕ ПОЛУЧАТЬ ТОЛЬКО КАЙФ БЕЗ СМОЛ ВОТ ИЗОБРЕТЕНИЕ НОВОЕ НЕТ ПРОДАЖ ЕЩЁ В РОССИИ НО ЗАКАЗАТЬ МОЖНО ВАПОРАЙЗЕР MIGHTY он лучший в Мире сделан из мед материалов он выпаривает лучше всех проверено но ценник 25000₽ есть проще Соник и Да Винчи 10000₽ и будет вам счастье !!!

  • Vlad says:

    Безвредна, есть одно только НО. Она вызывает анальгезию органов желудочно-кишечного тракта. И по этому вы не почувствуете болезни печени до начала цероза, или болезни поджелудочной железы до сахарного диабета (правда ТГК выполняет роль инсулина в некоторой степени, повышая чувствительность клеток к инсулину), можно не почувствовать появление язвы в плоть до летального исхода. Не верите? Если курите больше года, подзавяжите на пару месяцев, уверяю, вы в этом убедитесь. А так вред минимальны, даже польза. Просто проходите обследование ЖКТ раз в 1-2 месяца.

  • Бывшая Жена планового says:

    Здравствуйте ) хочу рассказать свою историю) познакомились, общались, сразу объявил что курит и бросать не собирается( только трава без химии) окрыленная новыми отношениями пропустила этот момент из виду, еще и вместе разок-другой курили. Похихикали , вкусно покушали, и секс-очень вялый но надеялась притремся и наладится…. Но не произошло (зато призошло чудо -я забеременела сразу же! Через месяц отношений) он как порядочный мужчина взял все на себя-свадьба, беременность, съехались жить вместе) всю беременность я работала -уходила в 8 утра возвращала сь в 8 вечера-его видела бодрым и добрым. Плюс -минус все в порядке…о своем бизнесе говорил что занимается арендой-пассивный доход и не нужно идти на работу с утра и никогда, преподносил себя спортсменом) как только пришло время Декрета-все мои иллюзии разрушил сь и показался истинный Планокур(((( просыпается человек не раньше полудня, если разбудить раньше может и руку поднять-приступы бешеной агрессии, после пробуждения после туалета , табака обязательно мокрый-если этого не сделает Звереет …в течении дня раз 10 наверное… Из дома если нет острой необходимости может не выходить вообще-острая необходимость это табак, план и сахар!!! По питанию что бы я не выготавливала это такое… Большая чашка чая с 10 ю ложками сахара и плюшки, конфетки, шоколадки… Секса нет-и причина не во мне, после родов сразу же пришла в форму, еще и лучше стала,(Я невысокая вес 50 кг грудь налитая такой и осталась, за собой тщательно ухаживаю нет грязной головы и несвежего халата)
    Родился у нас сынок богатырь весом 4100 кг,) хороший мальчик-его ксерокопия) в итоге мне с малышом нельзя находится дома-его все раздражает, вещи ,плачь, и самое главное что у нас день начинается с самого раннего утра. Это зверь в людском обличии до того момента как он не накурится…. Ленивое, тупое животное,если посетит какая то мысль оказывается-навязчивой, без инициативное…. Нам с ребенком пришлось бежать..

    • Долго_торчал says:

      Сколько раз тебе до расхода говорил — постирай халат и не пиши всякую фигню в интернете)
      ПыСы а вообще баба дело говорит, правда там и спиды неслабо сказались…

    • Паравоз says:

      Скорее всего ваш муж перешёл на химию или спайс, от которого люди как зомби!

    • Евпатий says:

      Расскажу мою историю. Бухал всю свою жизнь, не так, чтобы сутками, но каждый вечер в говно. Прожил так до 36ти лет, сейчас мне 37 и сыну 3 года. Так вот, пока я бухал, я вообще был тупорылым созданием и не понятно, как моя жена, которая моложе меня на 10 лет, не ушла, а видела вечно перед собой мою депрессивную пьяную рожу. У меня не было стимула вообще ничего делать, с ребёнком я вообще не занимался первые 2 года и лишь, когда насмотрелся ютюба, всяких BBCшных фильмов про то, какая марихуана полезная, решил начать выращивать для себя, ранее пробовал несколько раз химку, но мне не нравилось, а одна малюсенькая проба спайса — вообще жесть, до кровати с туалета еле дополз и бился в конвульсиях как креведка, так что спайс и прочее наркотическое дерьмо для меня под запретом. В общем решил лечить себя натур продуктом, начитавшись всяких форумов, статей и посмотрел на своего родственника — травокура с огромным стажем, практикующего хирурга наивысшей категории. Сначала убил месяц на вдумчивое чтение форумов любителей, форумы с гроу репортами, после чего построил бокс и начал так сказать. Тут дальше можно писать книгу, но скажу коротко. Сначала исчезли хронические болячки, типа гипертонии и болей в спине, мои мозги встали на место, благодаря траве мне удалось избавиться от алкогольной зависимости, стал читать, интересоваться многими вещами, наукой, ботаникой, светом, цветом, спектром. (не просто чтение, а понимание). Так же пришло понимание, как всё устроено на нашей планете, знания психологии, педагогики, детской психологии… всё это как бы из ниоткуда вдруг всплыло, стал общаться с людьми, быть интересным собеседником. Короче совсем другая жизнь, даже мои профессиональные навыки вышли на другой уровень. Занимаюсь с сыном, внезапно понял, как надо общаться с детьми. Я стал на столько добрый, на сколько добрый кот, который никогда не укусит, если очень сильно не разозлить. Жена не против моего увлечения, она видит качественные изменения во мне и ей это нравится (сама она не курит и не пьёт). Курю в основном на ночь, полежать, подумать над чем нибудь важным, ну или посмотреть что-нибудь интересное. И в отличии от алкоголя, даже после полного марафонного дня, на следующий день помнишь всё. Ничего кроме каннабиса не употребляю, алкоголь крайне редко, в компаниях и то совсем чуть-чуть. Алкогольное опьянение теперь совсем не устраивает. Предпочитаю быть со светлой головой и трава не помеха, сохраняется полнейшая адекватность поведения и ничего тебя не выдаёт, ну кроме красных глаз.

  • АЛЯСКА says:

    Мой муж курит марихуану каждый день но в последнее время только вечером после работы. Стаж около 20 лет. От алкоголя отказался полностью 5 лет назад. Других наркотиков никогда не употреблял. По поводу активности сперматозоидов: ОДИН раз не защищённый секс — беременность. Не удалось сохранить, к сожалению, причина была во мне. К слову, сейчас ему 47 лет. Проблемы с желудком, к сожалению есть. Не язва, слава Богу. По поводу того, что вреднее: однозначно — алкоголь. Моя старшая сестра тоже курит. Привычка досталась от бывшего мужа. У нее двое здоровых детей. Не пропагандирую и никого не призываю курить, но если выбирать между алкоголем и марихуаной, то безвреднее второе, как с медицинской так и социальной точки зрения. У меня всё.

    • Кира says:

      Привет всем выжившим!
      Со временем сушит Мозг и Член!
      Мой отец, ротным был в танковой части, лет 30…
      Планокуров перевидал тыщу…
      Всегда говорил, что влияет именно на это, но незаметно…Время покажет и запас здоровья…
      Я жила с двумя бывшими мужьями-торчками:
      повышенная агрессия без повода, вспышки гнева, необоснованной ярости, злости, плохого настроения — факт!!! Ушла и долго не терпела…
      Надоело: психуют и тут же просят прощение…

  • Alexander says:

    Дети, вам курить траву вообще не советую, канабиойды у вас еще от мамкиной сиски достаточно остались. А то будет овердоз. Я начал курить траву в 1979 году. был я тогда студентом. Трава была местная, безпонтовка. После вуза попал на работу в НИИ, там потихоньку курили избранные, примерно раз в неделю. Традиционно сверстники на синьке сидели. Тех кто пил — давно уж нет. Кто выпивал или тоже умер, или инвалид. А я все еще жив и здоров, курю бошки каждый день и телок, конечно гораздо моложе себя, трахаю, как врагов народа
    Да, есть некоторый вред и не всем помогает. На счастье которое чел получает, когда это его, перекрывает все минусы.

    • Евпатий says:

      Как красиво написал, держи краба! 🙂

  • D1ster says:

    Не имею обыкновения оставлять комментарии в подобных темах, но выморозило нытье личностей типа Каменной леди. Эти, с позволения сказать, «женщины» сначала доводят отношения до такого плачевного состояния, а потом ищут виноватых где угодно, только не в себе, при этом придумывая чуть более, чем 100500 причин, как правило, смешных. Секс вялый: так приелась ты мужу, не следишь за собой, в постели ведешь себя пассивней, чем бревно на лесопилке. Избегает общения: так скучно ему с тобой, убогой, займись саморазвитием, больше читай, а не пялься в зомбоящик.
    По поводу отрицательного воздействия травы: согласен, что смолы забивают легкие, как не крути, но не надо долбить день в день с утра до вечера. 2-3 раза в неделю вечерком в хорошей компании, и будет тебе счастье, Каменная Баба, и общение с мужем.
    По себе… Если бы не обсуждаемый продукт, давно бы был зарыт на местном кладбище, так как депрессия в свое время прижимала недетская, в основном благодаря таким псевдоженщинам, как та, что вызвала мою гневную реакцию по поводу сабжа)))
    Всем позитива, братья)))

  • Ник says:

    Решил поделиться и своим опытом.
    Мне 29, курю с 17 лет, начиная с 19-20 ежедневно. До 21 курил траву(листья)-гашиш, далее только гидропонику. Были разные периоды, когда курил только по вечерам, когда курить начинал раньше чем завтракал, в целом последние 7-8 лет курю минимум 1 гм в день. За последние 10 лет был 1 перерыв на 2 месяца и перерывов 5 на 1-2 недели. Пробовал многие синтетические наркотики — амфетамин, экстази, кокаин, но без фанатизма, последние лет 5-6 максимум 1 раз в год кокаин. Будем считать это анамнезом.

    1)МОЗГ — краткосрочная память ухудшается в моменты когда ты накурен, в другие моменты никаких ухудшений никогда не замечал. Сильно расшатывается психика… Я как спичка любая искра и психую, особенно заметно в общении с родителями, причём не важно курил я до этого или сижу накуренный прямо сейчас.
    2)ЛЁГКИЕ — делаю флюорографию 1 раз в год (больше из-за того что курю сигареты), никаких проблем с лёгкими не было и нет
    3)СЕРДЦЕ — ничего сказать не могу, описанные проблемы относятся к острым заболеваниям, а не хроническим тьфу тьфу тьфу пока ничего такого не было, хотя с моей наследственностью и без марихуанны риски более чем. Про сужение сосудов от курения марихуанны ничего не слышал, могу сказать точно что падает давление и учащается пульс.
    4)ПОЛОВАЯ ФУНКЦИЯ — в целом готов подтвердить что неадекватное (а в моём случае именно такое) употребление мариуханны снижает половое влечение в целом, и ухудшает эрекцию (но опять же на уровне психологии, а не физиологии, партнёрша перестаёт возбуждать). Как кто-то уже замечал выше если систематически делать перерывы на 1-2 недели таких проблем не будет. Кроме того, действительно делает сперму непригодной для зачатия ребёнка, для этого придётся подвязать и на довольно долгое время (опыт друга курившего изрядно меньше меня).
    5)Желудочно-кишечный тракт — рекомендую обследоваться минимум раз в год, курение травы реально заглушает многие существующие проблемы. Не знаю правду или нет писал ВЛАД (24.06.2015) насчёт цирозов, язв и прочего, но у меня сразу после начала текущего перерыва (2 недели не курю) желудок чувствует себя откровенно так себе.

    Да и вообще марихуана маскирует очень большое количество заболеваний, стоит сделать перерыв как сразу же ложишься с ОРВИ, авитаминозом, первые несколько недель дичайший упадок сил.

    Из плюсов реально тормозит процесс старения — кто-то тут уже писал, что в 30 выглядит на 10 лет моложе, у меня примерно та же ситуация, легко могу прокатить за студента, пиво и сигареты продают только с документами. Люди при первом знакомстве в возраст не верят.

    В целом крайне не рекомендовал бы курить каждый день и уж тем более целыми днями, как это делал я… Все знают про лень и апатию, но при длительном и масштабном употреблении реально превращаешься в антисоциального типа, т.к. друзья со временем бросают, общаться с ними перестаёшь, а когда бросаешь сам, понимаешь что с теми друзьями что остались никаких общих интересов кроме курения нету. Возродить контакты с теми кто бросил давно бывает крайне проблематично.

    PS Спасибо всем кто отписывался тут до меня, было интересно почитать и сравнить со своим опытом.

    PPS EVGENY, who is clever about the botanical origin of cocaine - don’t make yourself an idiot, be puzzled by reading the information how the leaves turn into powder, this “natural product” is obtained by evaporation in gasoline and other “natural substances”, we don’t talk about any naturalness of cocaine goes and cannot be.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, you need to find an excuse for yourself and your actions if everything is fine with you, then teach your daughter to smoke in the future or give it to a smoker to marry, how nice is it?

  • source of life says:

    it can all be! but not as scary as they describe!
    Of course, they will write on official sources so that people don’t buy it, thereby enriching the black market, of course, everything that affects the human psyche - it harms him (dogs die). but everything is relative, excessive drinking is detrimental. but here alcohol has a great history of production, a great culture, many traditions. and marijuana can only be with the underground, the underground and imperfect people, who at maximum develop spiritually. so that people and animals, geniuses and imbeciles, follow the path that was laid to you at birth. The main thing in our life is to feel real happiness! and you understand what I mean!)

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks to everyone who wrote their reviews, this is a very interesting topic (especially everyday stories and the growing process). People need to know the truth. Murder will out. Many people have met and are meeting who either regularly or periodically smoke a plan. All of them are among us, so: surgeons, police officers, teachers, pilots, traders, firemen, gypsies, etc. 🙂 They all hammer, and if a person has a vital structure, a philosophy, it only helps a lot, IF IT DOESN'T . There is no border: if all at once, or alternating days - today I thumped, yesterday smoked, etc. ... REALLY, you can break the psyche, so you should choose. Facts plus (based on practical and long communication with familiar planokura - policemen, businessmen, firefighters, doctors, gypsies, etc.) - if people smoke, then they can not drink (that is, toss it to alcoholics and their relatives), vivid sex and orgasm, while if the partner was previously “wooden”, then in a euphoric state the partner for some reason gives her more than before smoking, and for a woman it can be a pleasant shock - multiple orgasm. Further - grandiose and thoughtful thoughts, creativity, creativity - all this you will notice “with the naked eye”. People are not aging so fast - this is a 100% fact, at the age of 40 “making” the boys are 18 years old, on the horizontal bar, or on the run - this is not a problem (unless of course sometimes doing sports), calm, the nervous system “dies” when used regularly, people in an apathetic and sleepy state, really helps hysterical people, BUT anyone who has and has no problems with mental illness, it is better to smoke once - either in the morning (if you don’t have to go anywhere so as not to “slow down”), or in the evening. If you smoke a lot, then there can be "half past five", temporarily, and a cough, and even minor other troubles.

  • without nick says:

    I want to note to everyone that the one who smokes is unlikely to commit murder or some other crime, especially of a physical nature, violence, therefore alcohol and other drugs are the most terrible evil, which WHY ??? Do not forbid. You look at the degradation of drunks, or the news - who killed someone with a knife in the kitchen while drinking, etc. We have been smoking for more than 10 years, sometimes with interruptions of a month or two, there are no health problems, but a friend cannot have problems children, as it turned out honey. the way - he smokes too much, so the lazy one сам and the sperm are like that, but I know that if you stop for a while their activity increases, and the children are born beautiful, and smart 🙂

  • Vasya says:

    All of the above was not impressive, a man was born to be courageous, and trends set the opposite (rear-wheel drive), this is the same trend, you need to fight with him and be above this, everyone is born with different values. Problems should not be poured with alcohol or drugs, we must try to do without it. Who said life should be high? Throw a stone at him! Women are not perfect either. I don’t argue, but before you shut up their mouths, start with yourself. It’s hard for a person to look at himself from the side, it’s obvious that he himself is not without sin. I want to live with other values, but it's just fake. Good luck to all!

    • Lux Aeterna says:

      Well done, Vasya! In fact, all the supporters of Anasha cite facts in her defense only because they want to get high. The indisputable fact that any anashist lives half asleep and enjoys illusory pleasures, they try not to mention. At the same time, they deprive themselves of the true joy of being: the psyche is shaken, everything seems gray and nothing causes acute emotions when you are left without a jamb. You can’t work on a human basis, again, it’s hard to begin to relate to physical activity. In short, this is for junkies who do not understand and do not know that the main thrill of life is in victory over oneself and circumstances.

      • Paravoz says:

        What n ... victory? Everyone knows that the most important buzz is the child-flowers of life! Self-development is already at will! Someone is happy with everything, and someone strive for something!

  • Bogdan says:

    I'm 28 smokers. I started smoking from 15-17 (a couple of times a week), the last 5 years every day, breaks a maximum of 5 days.
    I look five years younger. Every day he began to smoke, because he categorically refused tobacco and alcohol (due to significant harm to the body). Oh yes, I try not to smoke more than two times a day. And I also forgot two towers, a rank in chess, I go in for boxing, sometimes I run in the mornings. I also have 100% vision, and in bed, too, everything is buzzing.
    In general, the conclusion is that it all depends on the person and the presence of his mind. And these ladies who describe the problems of their spouses: tooth loss, lack of erection, etc., it was either before Anasha, or a consequence of the consumption of amphetamines or their derivatives. And there is nothing for people to powder their brains. P.S. sobriety is the best option, but even if you choose to torture yourself from evil, then anasha is the best option.

  • Paravoz says:

    Drunks will die faster!

  • Paravoz says:

    I’m 27, I smoke from the age of 15, from the age of 22 almost every day. I tried a lot of things, but only wisely, all the lies that they say grass is not rushing should be something stronger, of the minuses it is of course irritability, but it is also very rare, do not confuse weed with spice - let them smoke imbeciles. I rarely drink alcohol, mainly beer or moonshine, but not vodka in any way, I just lose my mind and control from it. How many times did the aunts confront the fact: choose either me or grass. I boldly spoke grass and never regretted, all this is a myth that it is a drug. Yes, consciousness is changing, you understand such things that I did not understand soberly, and introspection in general is at the highest level. From beer in the morning it is much worse, although after slaughter before going to bed in the morning you slow down for a while. A child was born - quite healthy. The wife also says that you saw yourself in the mirror? She was annoyed by her dead eyes, but by no means behavior, she constantly blames only my grass, but I forgot about the fact that I need to communicate and not stick it into the phone. I’m better off with grass - at least you know what you won’t betray, and sometimes it will help. And the ban on it was introduced by mankind because the herb has many medicinal properties that would kill the marketability of drugs in pharmacies, and, consequently, the profit for pharmacists. But this is one of the theories, even the ancient Scythians knew about its properties, and they rubbed us into bullshit. By legalizing it, the people will begin to thump less, the people will open their eyes and see how the world and society really work, therefore, it will be more difficult to manage a person, which the patrons of the world do not want. I personally consider myself a free person thanks to her, I am not a slave to the system! I categorically do not believe doctors, if I’m already completely ill, then I’ll drink antibiotics, and alternative methods! And the heifers are simply primitive creatures, they don’t understand, it’s probably not given to them by nature! My father tried it in Afghanistan and to this day he is 52, and he is young in body, and they still ask for my passport! Let these cattle collective farmers gobble up vodyra until they lose their pulse. I believe that they are one step higher in the development of the spiritual world! And all the garbage, doctors, teachers, lawyers, company directors smoke it, and they all have a buzz! Just do not smoke all day: you can once in the morning and once in the evening, and even better once a day in the evening and there will be no laziness and depression! In society, a smoked person looks much more adequate than a drunken redneck, which at any moment catches a squirrel and a knife up his throat. You are being called on to this, instead of enjoying life! You are given the things that will destroy you: this is vodka, cigarettes, and the same Coca-Cola, so that you degrade, and later bring profit to companies, spending your money on medicines, chips, cola and other shit. And they don’t tell you that you can grow up and do without any pseudo blessings, since you will see and send all those who control you!

  • SAMURAI says:

    I smoked varietal gauze (indica) for 2 years, day-to-day, all the housework (the private sector - you understand) after the first wet was done with a bang, the work was in full swing, my wife could not get enough - always courteous, caring, hardworking, everything is perfect in an intimate life, a minimum of fatigue is a maximum of life! BUT! At first, when you start to smoke constantly - euphoria, etc., and after a while - you smoke in order to remain normal (if you do not dig a week or more - it’s hard: lack of joy, apathy, oh .... irritability, motivation - 0 etc.). Got it - if I don't stop - KAPETS EVERYTHING! I haven’t been smoking for more than a year, I distributed ganja to my friends — sometimes we smoke (no more than 1 time per month / two) and what I want to say: TAKI-YES! LIFE IS IMPROVED! “What a nuisance, it’s not healthy!” SENSE OF MEASURE SHOULD BE IN EVERYTHING - even in food (millions of people don’t drink vodka, tobacco, grass and for some reason are overweight and have a lot of sores, etc. ) I think that tobacco (I smoked for 20 years - I quit and I don't regret it) and vodka (I worked as a railwayman, I had a booze every day for about a year - stopped when I realized that a meal without a strong aperitif is inseparable) are no less harmful than grass. I want to wish everyone who smokes grass: grab less, go to the gym more often (healthy bodybuilding, running, football - an excellent and natural! Source of endorphins and testosterone). To everyone who does not smoke grass: if a close person is nearby. hollows, you do not reproach him and do not read him morality, do not sulk and do not whine because all this is useless (grass is always in the first place for rastaman), but it is better to SHOW YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR OWN EXAMPLE, HOW TO RELAX, HOW TO RELAX, TO WHAT TO SHARE AND HOW IT WITHOUT GRASS! (what time! ..). PEACE TO ALL!!!!

  • Andrey Vologodsky says:

    Hello to all! I have been smoking since 18 years. I'm 37 now, 38 is about to hit. Everything is in order. After two years of smoking, the ganji climbed on gerych, because it seemed that there was little effect (but then there was such a time - we had the whole city in Hermudas). Five-year-old blissed out on gyrychy, simultaneously smoking grass! Tears from a gloomy but ganja left for himself as a loophole into the world of other people and other perceptions. I drink alcohol in moderation, not more often 3-4 times a month, now I don’t drink at all! I just don’t want to! I found this forum because we cannot get pregnant with my wife. I read info about the dangers and benefits. But ... All this is connected not only with my physiology, but also with the physiology of my wife! From me the girls got pregnant two times three! Now I am very sorry that I was crazy and did not save these unborn children, all cases of pregnancy ended in abortion .... Now the time has come, I want children, but it doesn’t work out, sperm on the spermogram are sluggish ... In a week we’ll try again, today it’s Shrovetide - so today I will be drooling and fasting will be fasting! Do not get pregnant this month - in the next I will stop smoking, but only in order to get pregnant! I smoke every day, once, twice! The main thing is not to sit still, move! Something else ... I am active (boxing 3 times a week), communicate, work, have a small company - the boss himself and the hard worker. Everything suits me. So far, only children are missing in life! All good, peace and love!

  • Petro says:

    I am 29. I tried a ganja 4 years ago. First Bosko, then hashish, well, and somehow slowly got involved.
    I liked the feeling of relaxation, interesting thoughts in my head. Anyway, it was new, I just moved to St. Petersburg, the whole environment smoked.
    The first year there were one-time gatherings when someone brought, chopped down, treated. A year later I bought myself. Then it somehow became regular.
    Smoked differently. And 3 consecutive weeks every day (worked, did business, etc.). Could blow even before breakfast, already at 7 in the morning before a shower.
    I could smoke intermittently 1-2 times a month. Or do not smoke for a month or two.
    The last two months he smoked tightly and there was some concern. I cut down and blow regularly. For 2 months, 45 days was definitely inflated.

    Everything is OK with health, I go in for sports at least 3 times a week (crossfit, pool, boxing), I am an entrepreneur, I have my own small company, I make good money and travel a lot. Over the past 4 years, I have cut down and used ganjubas in 27 (!!!!!) countries of the world. The most difficult was in the Philippines))

    But he began to notice that he was in some kind of swing.
    When I blow, I think "bl ***, you have to tie it, you need to take a break, it's bad." In short, I blame myself and Koryu. Because I see that after the grass, NOTHING pleases me sober. I don’t care about business, business, motorcycle, car, sports, game consoles, and generally don’t care at all. It used to be cool - he smoked, talked interestingly, or sat down and played a console, or watched some kind of documentary on history. Now I understand - I smoked and everything, I do not want anything. There is no joy either from the console, nor from sex, nor from traveling. And it turns out a vicious circle: on the one hand, my head still remembers that it was cool to blow and do something, but like a dun, I think, well, fucking him on *** is all shit. And I'm sitting. By nature, the person is active - I just can’t just sit. Well, the swing begins.

    Then he decided that I don’t want to live like that anymore.
    Now I smoke again sometimes. Once or twice a month. And again the pleasant sensations of sex, games, interesting pastimes returned. LIFE appeared sober. There is activity.

    Three key reasons why stopped:
    1. Apathy, laziness, DEADNESS (this is really dullness, in my understanding: I do not want anything, nothing interests). Periodically, there are failures in the short-term memory of “why did I come to the kitchen ??”, “oh, I wanted to say something, I don’t remember what.”
    2. Concern over the lack of staff. If there is no Bosko when you want to blow - sadness, anxiety, search of the notebook.
    My wife began to reproach me that I was on a divine island in the ocean, where I had never been, instead of enjoying life and enjoying it - fuck *** how concerned WHERE TO CUT OUT ??? As if to take off a boat, to sail to the neighboring BIG island and knock it out there, there probably is.
    And while traveling, I went through such adventures, overcame catastrophic difficulties and difficulties for the sake of the treasured flower (well, don’t you fuck ***?)
    3. People. Two types of people with whom consumption is constantly associated are huckster and huckster root. I don’t know the huckster and don’t want to know, I cut down through the homies close to them. So. These are the two types of people that I least want to be like. Every time I buy, even after a long break, when it seems that it will be especially cool - before use I watch and talk with these downs (because it’s not easy with these downs, I came and gave money and took it, every time it's garbage with pirouettes ) They sleep until noon, do not work, sit on the neck of their parents and generally do not want anything in this life. They constantly deceive, violate these words, in short it is horror, these are real drug addicts (who says that cannabis is not a drug is wrong).
    This disgusting feeling when you want a flower, and I come to visit the seller of the flower and look at this squalor with the thoughts "But what will the flower bring me to."

    In short - know the measure.

  • Ilya says:

    I am 28 smokers with 15 on my own I will say one smoked and I will smoke, because the grass sent me on a smooth path. There was a time I drank alcohol almost every day, I didn’t smoke grass, I had problems all my life; He quit drinking, began to smoke anasha, everything went smoothly, he lived and did not bother family children work. But the time came when the synthetics started, all right and wrong they started hammering the spice. Everything was complete, I didn’t smoke this shit until the last, but of course I was hooked by a wave of chemistry. Sat down on the joint venture. specifically until I almost died from this shit! Tears from spice went to native grass, could not understand it for a long time, after synthetics it was hard to sway on grass but nothing quietly swayed now I sit on it densely every day I smoke, health seems to be all right, the world sowed colors again, minus it is gone I feel overwhelmed, everything enrages me, but when you smoke everything falls into place. I sweat at night if I don’t smoke, but plus dreams are bright when Kumar comes. In short, I only for her and all other tobacco, synthetics, alcohol didn’t make any problems with grass, but I lost my family because of synthetics, now my wife is not rebuilding hemp, I’m happy with everything. We can’t do it yet, but we’re trying now I’ll hand over a spermogram for mobility and unsubscribe, but I have 2 children from my first wife, I hollowed the weed tightly and didn’t hurt.

  • Ilya says:

    Yes, I almost forgot how to quit cigarettes do you know? And I know smoking anasha, and forget about tobacco. Anasha knocks down nicotine kumaras: for a week you will smoke anasha purely without cigarettes and that’s all - cigarettes will not be needed. True, it will be necessary to hammer more often in the first days, and then there is no dependence and there will be no dependence on hunting.

  • Supernos says:

    As Boris Grebenshchikov used to say, “How are drugs different from steaks?” Yes, nothing! You eat it - and it affects you! ”And he is right in essence. Actually, the only question is, for what purpose do we want weed to act when we smoke it?
    I respect marathoners, I know many personally, those who smoke every day and a lot. But this is generally a topic for another discussion. In general, I believe that people who smoke continuously do not get worse, mental problems do not worsen - until they stop smoking constantly. Competent marathoners do not let go, but constantly change varieties, and they are always on the positive. For 20-25 years. It is important to understand here whether you want to live in the world of marijuana, or you want to go there on vacation. If you decide to smoke constantly - then there is no point in bothering about this - made a decision - follow it.
    I prefer to smoke once every 1-2 weeks. Sometimes once a month, sometimes even less often. Depends on the conclusions drawn from previous experience of use.
    I have a small business, and actually I smoke weed for a specific purpose. When you do business - that is, in fact, two modes - the first one is working - 90% of the time you need to work, work, work. But periodically you need to emerge from work and look around, just think about what you did right, and what could be changed, is it worth moving further along the chosen path, or maybe it is time to change the path? And the most important thing is to imagine where you are going to come in 2, 5, 10 years. Here weed is simply irreplaceable. It allows you to look at your plans as if they were already implemented. This is a very informative experience. In addition, one can think very broadly under the weed, since in a normal state, thoughts are often interrupted by restrictions - one, two iterations - and you already understand that you are building your reasoning on assumptions. That is, you think something like this: “If I do Case 1, then I can do Case 2, and then I can do Case 3 - as a result, Case 3 seems to you a very distant prospect, since you need to First, do the other two things, and they can be very time-consuming and resource-intensive. No matter how you try to imagine the implementation of “Case 4”, which can be started at the end of “Case 3,” you are pressured by the need to work on the first three cases in a tedious and long way. Under the grass, on reflection, when you think of “Case 4”, you subconsciously already completed all three previous cases. Therefore, you can pre-view all the pitfalls of a very distant future. In addition, under the grass, coarse logic gives way to associative thinking - you can get away from the thought with which you started your thinking in general in some jungle, and there to find something very important, something that you would never find. And then use it.
    The only thing is - I always smoke with a notebook to take notes. I do not argue - sober 90% of these notes look very funny, sometimes you think some idea is very cool, but in fact it turns out to be crazy. But 10% of such notes are pure diamonds without cutting.
    And most importantly - these diamonds need to be turned into diamonds - which means that you need to start working - and work a lot, and do not smoke during work - just focus and do it! Just do it! And when the fuse is dry, you can relax for a couple of days, ride horses, go to the cinema and smoke weed in the evening, sitting in a chair with a notebook in hand, to understand what you want at the moment, where you are now about what you want, for in order to continue his work the next day, his journey through this life.
    I hope the explanation does not seem complicated to you, I wrote it in a sober mind, the last time I smoked weed in December, 3 months ago, until I think that there is a need to smoke again, but what I’m sure is that In any case, I will smoke, and more than once. But everything has its time.

    • Den says:

      Supernos is a super article. Bravo! Beautifully painted, I agree 100%

    • Alexander says:

      I also agree with this person.

  • Anton says:

    Hello, I decided to share my story: I have been smoking for 2 years, I am 23. I have a higher education. I work, I don’t know these terrible troubles of yours. Some time ago (after a long and heavy use) I felt and realized the loss of interest in what was happening around, the loss of concentration and memory impairment, after which I took a break for a month. This helped me a lot, and after smoking again, after the scheduled break, I felt the sensations “like for the first time”. He concluded: everything is fine, but in moderation. You can smoke marijuana, but not every day and not constantly, periodically! I am 1-2 times a month, or even less often (I don’t particularly follow this) is enough. In fact, the same applies to alcohol. You can sometimes have a drink, but do not abuse it! Smoking is better in company than one - the same parallels with alcohol. But tobacco is really harmful and vile muck. Making a marijuana break for a month turned out to be much easier than quitting smoking cigarettes!

  • Adil says:

    Dear Comrades, smoke as much as you want, enjoy everything. A buzz is a buzz, a foretaste, a process that could be better ... I advise you to smoke very good grass, it is better if you grow a thermonuclear in your area. I am a man with vast experience in smoking, I have lived in eastern and southern countries for almost ten years, I have talked to people who are 55.65 years old, of which they smoke for 40, 50 years ... one day he asked himself —— Why am I Smoking ???????? I began to give myself too many answers ........ after which he concluded that it was necessary to tie. For many years now I have not smoked at all. He who is strong in spirit and will not abandon the loshar, and weaklings will go on about their passions.

  • Bogdan says:

    How do anabolic steroids relate to drugs?

  • Prediction Stone says:

    If someone reads to the end u will see my koment, I'm glad. I want to pay attention to the comments of the user LONG STARK. HE is right, and the right girl who wrote about her boyfriend, who disappears somewhere and smokes in obscure huts. I myself have thrown this rubbish and will not be anymore. UNDERSTAND you have a standard attitude towards everything from birth. Standard joy, for example, to some things. After you try any drug, these standards will rise and you will not get the usual joy without doping - this is a minus (as for example after plasma you are not particularly pleased with a lamp TV)
    Another interesting point. How everyone harnesses to marijuana in the comments above is ridiculous, one can judge by them, young ones! The length of use is short, on which the harm is not particularly felt. Fun carefree fun.
    But marijuana has its stages of addiction. Yes, yes, it’s dependencies. The first stage is collective use, the second is single. When you hammer in a jamb already in the morning because you want to pi ... how to smoke (it becomes like a cigarette for smokers) when one goal on arrival from work or another event is to hammer in a scythe and plunge into your little world. No one cares, neither women nor visiting public places, nor friends. Just smoke and stick. Arrhythmia is present one hundred percent, as a healthy person I had it from smoking, the central nervous system suffered, without a joint I am angry. People who are nonsmokers from me pushed back, libido fell. Lost taste for everything. Neither travel work nor motivation to find it. YOU look at the real rastamans, they let go of the hair of a beard, clothes are incomprehensible, the goal is to smoke and listen to reggae. Nor any desire for a full life. And understand novice smokers, she is good at the first couple of acquaintance with her. This is a slow mechanism for destroying you as an individual. Do not be afraid to give up the bad.
    And even they are offended when you refuse the drug, do not think why. ..?

  • Antanas says:

    Thanks to everyone, I read everything, I know everything. Pts a lot of useful info. I’m blowing myself from 14, right now 31. Two healthy children are 2.5 and 1.5 years old. With half-6 there were never any problems. There were problems with gastric acid, as someone described above. But diet and abuse, I think, will alleviate the situation. Marya Ivanovna Pts is a good product, but the main thing is not to abuse it wisely.

  • Vadim says:

    I am 21 years old. I’m smoking for 6 years, I must tell you that for me, cannabis is a kind of dope for an athlete, and therefore without it I feel not comfortable, I really want to be myself. And to live this life to the fullest, but such crap happens in my head that it cannot be expressed in words, every day I wake up with a different person, my horizons of interests have narrowed to a minimum. I stay afloat only because I have to turn on my brains in order to provide for myself, and not to completely fall face down into the mud.

  • Maxim says:

    I am 19, I smoke 5 years.

  • Zhostik says:

    Hello comrades drug addicts. I'm 30 years old, first clucked at 15 years old. Around the same age, he began dating friends. They started to spike them at 18 (although already at 15 I really wanted to :)). Regularly and sometimes without a trace, he hollowed, met and shocked friends. At the age of 25, he abandoned the gashiki and in the same year he stopped sticking. For more than five years now, I’m not fucking and not fucking ...
    Question: Is there a connection between the use of heshik and sexual life?

  • Prefer hide says:

    My acquaintance with marijuana:
    until 2001 - happy and content with life
    2001 - tried marijuana, liked it
    2001-2007 - active use, the appearance of depression, asociality
    2010 - committed a murder, diagnosed with schizophrenia, sent for compulsory treatment to a mental hospital
    2016 December - way out (exemplary behavior + pure luck, they usually keep MUCH MUCH longer in PB)

    • Zhostik says:

      Maybe in your plot and schiz, not only gesiks are to blame? Was it still blanked out with something else, screws, something else blue? Jealousy for the beloved in the end?
      The reason for such circumstances could be different. I don’t know the details that prompted you to such actions. But if everyone who only hephed for a long time became so schizo that they would kill for no particular reason, who would then survive?

  • Andrew says:

    Guys, everyone is partly right. There are both positive and negative consequences. The essence is surrounded. If you lie at home all day and then connect hash with friends in the stairwell, then you will sneeze and cough! And if you do something (your favorite thing), then everything will be fine! I study, drive a car, train, I have a girlfriend and many more different worries. I smoke grass 5 of 7 days a week. And in bed, with driving, with health, study and training there are no problems!

    • Zhostik says:

      Andryukha is beautiful, worthless gashiki are pecking if everything is normal. Take an example comrades.

  • Dedon says:

    I smoke since I can’t remember how old, the first minus.
    the hands of the second are shaking.
    while you smoke all the rules, when it ends, nervousness. muddy. point pulls, suddenly the garbage will be tied. muddied up and everything. I know that weed is evil. even meaner than tanks. but you should not smoke for ten days and think about it and why the fuck I smoke it. I don’t smoke cabbage, and about a miracle I began to dream - and I remember them

  • Dedon says:

    financial issue, salary 80 thousand tenge, spent 10 thousand a month on weed, (2 glasses of 5 thousand each). Count 15% of the money on this stuff. The fact that the grass is lit, then how. after the break, 5-6 haps are enough. when zdolbish glass and start another, then 12-15 hapok little.
    Harm to the lungs, well, I don’t know any problems yet, except for black sputum in the morning, well, if the bamas is changed every 2 weeks and how black it is, then what's inside is scary to think. when there is a lot of weed, you stupidly don’t notice how much her jerking. 2 3 box of matches flies per day. In the ashes of 2-3 bulls and 20 matches.
    I understand that weed does not cause fatal diseases, no one has died of weed, unlike cigarettes and booze. Buying weed, I do not support international terrorism, but I spent time sitting in the bathtub with bambass and then sticking into a computer, I could spend on something else useful. also about money. Of course I smoked and the problems seem to fly off, but they will not disappear but only to be postponed. when I smoked, I didn’t follow myself, dirty nails dirty boshka brush your teeth once a month. nothing good, you just don’t notice it while under the grass. they’ll stop the garbage and sit in their car, you’ll be busy and then they’ll take me to a narcology department.
    Of course, it’s unlikely that you can quit, but it is quite realistic to limit use to 1–2 times a month (after all, friends smoke, acquaintances, even they’re not going to quit shibit). Karoche deleted the huckster's phone 3 months ago. I don’t get in touch, and he doesn’t call. (maybe they closed the fuck) well, if you treat me, I don’t mind relaxing. Since having smoked 2 times a month, you get better than every day 6 times. Throw this rubbish is not necessary, there must be some kind of weaknesses. but the point is to hammer it every day, as they say, putting the brain on the handbrake is no longer interesting.

  • Zhostik says:

    Well, you’ve smacked the wild game, buddy, two or three carabasses a day, even to a lighted dozer, are above the norm. You can probably get such suits for such a lave that you pecked at the dealer, that even if you get chimose from that broom that you were hooking, it won’t take off next to such varieties as BRUCE BANER or ASTRONAVT,
    where the content of t g to thirty rolls over. Now imagine what kind of planets you can trick from these varieties. Three baggy junkies would surprise one with a bag of cans of such goodness so that they would remember you all their lives.

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