Зачем и как выполнять массаж яичек? Massage of the testicles is a very useful procedure for men, because increases the efficiency of the testes - the main organ responsible for the production of male sex hormones and sperm.

Why perform testicular massage?

First, a massage of the testes improves testosterone production. The testicles responsible for the production of male hormones begin to produce more testosterone, which is especially important for men with low testosterone levels .

Secondly, massage of the testicles contributes to the production of sperm, increases the quantity and quality of sperm, which is especially necessary for men suffering from infertility.

Thirdly, massage of the testicles increases blood flow to the genitals, which contributes to a good and long erection.

How to perform testicular massage?

Before proceeding to massage the testicles, you must make sure that the scrotum is in a relaxed (hanging) state. Relaxation of the scrotum can be achieved in two ways: a warm compress and a slight delay of the scrotum to a hanging state. Hands that carry out the massage should be warm.

First option. Take up the testicles and perform massaging movements with the thumbs. Watch out for pressure. In no case, massage of the testicles should not cause pain.

The second option. Make light blows to the testicles. Again, light blows to the testicles should not cause pain.

To increase the effectiveness of massage, it is necessary to combine two options. Remember, the testicles are a very delicate organ and require careful handling. If pain is present, it is necessary to reduce the impact force.

Criteria for a properly performed massage:

After the massage, the testicles become firmer, “harder” and hang lower. This indicates that the blood rushed to the testicles, which was required from the massage.

Why are there pain when performing massage of the testicles?

Pain when performing a massage of the testicles may indicate stagnant processes. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the impact force and continue the massage. After several sessions of properly performed massage, the pain should disappear.

How often should massage the testicles?

The more often, the better. For people with stagnant process, massage should be performed every day, 2-3 times. Be sure to perform a massage of the testicles before bedtime, because during sleep, the testes actively produce male sex hormones.

Remember, the testicles are a very delicate organ and require careful handling. Therefore, in this case you should not overdo it - you can cause irreparable harm to your sexual health.

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