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Prevention and treatment of hypertension on DrLahlali.org

Since the 1990s, along with the traditional term “hypertension”, it has been recommended to use the concept of “arterial hypertension” (AH). These names denote one of the most common diseases of the cardiovascular system. Every second inhabitant of the globe suffers from arterial hypertension. The disease is spreading in all circles of humanity. Men and women of any age, representatives of various races and social strata suffer from the disease. Scientists and doctors are actively seeking effective methods to overcome this disease.

Causes of hypertension and risk factors

Hypertension is difficult to treat. A disease is easier to prevent than to be completely healed from it. There are several factors that provoke the onset and development of arterial hypertension. Established genetic predisposition to hypertension. Its occurrence is facilitated by over 20 combinations of the human genetic code. Tangible impetus to the occurrence of hypertension are frequent unrest, experiences, stress. Blood pressure (BP) increases markedly with chronic sleep deprivation, constant fatigue. They provoke increased blood pressure, bad habits (alcohol consumption, smoking). Pressure jumps are caused by excessive consumption of coffee or salt. Overweight is an ally of hypertension. The onset of the disease is associated with bursts of biologically active substances (hormones) in women during menopause.

What signs and signals can not be ignored

The main indicator of arterial hypertension is sustained high blood pressure. If the indicators for a long period are at a mark of 140/90 mm Hg. Art. or higher, then arterial hypertension is diagnosed. However, it is not often people who regularly measure pressure. That blood pressure monitor is not at hand, then it is a pity to visit a doctor or a pharmacy. And, imperceptibly for many, the situation is approaching the sudden call of the Ambulance.
  • To prevent emergency circumstances can be according to such signs:
  • Marked increase in vertigo, tinnitus;
  • Rapid heartbeat;
  • Repeated migraines, headaches with bouts of nausea;
  • The onset of emergency fatigue, decreased performance;
  • Numbness of fingers, trembling hands, inhibition of reactions;
  • Decrease in memory, hearing and sight deterioration (a veil before eyes);
  • Excessive sweating, redness of the face, swelling (bags under the eyes, swelling of the legs);
  • Sudden panic attacks, causeless and alarming state.
The presence of one or more signs of periodic repetition serves as a pretext for serious concern. Known treachery of hypertension. This disease is inconspicuous for a long time. But suddenly a hypertensive crisis may occur, and the state of health will rapidly deteriorate.

Complications of hypertension

Persistently elevated blood pressure is becoming a major risk factor for:
  1. Development of coronary heart disease;
  2. Myocardial infarction;
  3. Stroke;
  4. Heart failure;
  5. Peripheral vascular diseases;
  6. Vision loss;
  7. Chronic kidney disease;
  8. Purification of the lungs or the brain.
Pathological symptoms are initially mild, do not cause any special problems. But the uncontrolled progress of hypertension leads to serious consequences.

General recommendations

Modern methods of treatment involve the use of several drugs. For convenience of reception combine drugs in one pill. It is recommended to reduce the pressure gradually (by 10 - 15%), avoiding sudden drops. For middle-aged people (40 - 60 years), doctors advise to measure blood pressure at least once a month. Medical practice shows that pressure control reduces the risk of stroke by 50%, heart attack - by 20%. Accurate diagnosis of hypertension is associated with the installation of the causes of high blood pressure. To do this, a full examination. For 2 to 4 weeks, the pressure is measured at least 3 times. Doctors advise to regularly check the pressure of people belonging to different risk groups. This applies to men after 45 years of age, women over 55 years of age, and professional athletes of any age. Measurement data is better recorded in a special diary. Then it is easier to track the dynamics of indicators, to establish the causes of high blood pressure. Increased pressure can be adjusted. It is quite possible to avoid complications with simple actions and lifestyle changes. A balanced diet or a well-designed diet, the rejection of bad habits, moderate exercise, lack of stress will help in the fight against hypertension.