Vacuum devices have long been used as one of the methods for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). The principle of the impact of local negative pressure was patented in 1917. Since then, the design and design of the devices have undergone dramatic changes, but the principle remains the same: the penis is placed in a vacuum environment, creating negative pressure, which provides an increase and firmness of the penis.

Sequence of procedure

For the procedure requires a special preparation, consisting of a flask and the mechanism of pressure dilution. The penis is placed in a flask and tightly pressed to the body, preventing air leakage, after which the air pumping mechanism is activated, thereby creating a negative pressure.


Under the influence of negative pressure, an erection is achieved not by relaxing the smooth muscles of the IF, as it happens with physiological erection, but by stretching the tissues of the penis and forming penile rigidity.

Given the mechanism of physical impact, the effectiveness of vacuum devices depends to a small extent on the etiological factors of ED, therefore this procedure is suitable for most men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

With improperly performed procedures, some complications are possible: numbness of the penis, impaired orgasm and ejaculation, hemorrhage and hematomas. But these complications are most likely caused by an improperly performed procedure, which includes the IF being under pressure for too long and too much pressure.

The positive effects of LOD-therapy

Due to the negative pressure, there is a strong blood filling of the IF, which activates the arteries and capillaries that have not previously participated in the blood supply. The blood rushed to the cavernous bodies, enriches the cells with oxygen, preventing congestive processes, makes the vessels of the IF more elastic.

Indications LOD-therapy:

  • Erectile dysfunction of different etiology (especially vascular).
  • Chronic prostatitis and other urological diseases associated with stagnant processes.
  • One of the complex methods of treatment of mild Peyronie's disease (with small fibrous plaques and small curvatures of the IF).
  • Overcoming stagnant processes of the small pelvis.

LOD-therapy massage

Usually, in medical practice, the so-called vacuum massage is used. The essence of the massage consists in alternately discharging the pressure in the flask: for 1-2 minutes the inverter is in an erection state (the pressure in the flask is negative), then the pressure in the flask is normalized to the primary one for 1-2 minutes. A total of 7-8 such repetitions are performed per session.

This method is successfully used both in monotherapy and in complex treatment of ED and chronic prostatitis. However, nevertheless, this procedure is more suitable for complex treatment, rather than as monotherapy.

A variety of drugs for LOD-therapy

All drugs for this therapy can be divided into two groups:

  • Outpatient drugs used in clinics.
  • Vacuum erectors for independent use.

The advantages of outpatient drugs is the multiple effects - at the same time as the LOD-therapy procedure, photo-, or laser therapy, magnetic therapy can be provided. Such a diverse effect has a better therapeutic effect. In addition, these drugs have a software package and independently regulate the level of pressure in the flask according to a given program, which is very convenient when conducting a vacuum massage.

Препарат для ЛОД-терапии

The advantage of vacuum erectors lies in their mobility and the possibility of use in any place. But these are less advanced preparations, since they do not possess electronics (there is no possibility of program control). There are both medical devices and devices for universal use, known as vacuum pumps. The latter are used by men mainly as a means of increasing the frequency converter, and much less often for the prevention and treatment of ED.

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Abbreviations used in the article:

LOD-therapy - therapy with locally negative pressure;

ED - erectile dysfunction;

IF - penis.

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