Secondary sexual characteristics in men

Secondary sexual characteristics are formed during puberty. Their appearance is associated with an increase in the level of certain blood hormones (in men, testosterone and its metabolites). Secondary sexual characteristics characterize the maturity of the body and its gender identity. The appearance of secondary signs of gender In children up to […]

5 alpha reductase inhibitors - list of drugs, side effects

The human enzyme involved in the formation of steroids from cholesterol is 5-alpha reductase. The main function of the enzyme is to convert the male sex hormone testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which is the strongest androgen; participation in the formation of allopregnanol (progesterone metabolite) and tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone. Since 5-alpha reductase is an enzyme that […]

Vitamins in type 2 diabetes mellitus - complex drugs

Proper nutrition plays a huge role in the treatment and prevention of diseases such as type 2 diabetes. However, each puts its concept into the definition of healthy eating (see "Diet for type 2 diabetes mellitus"). To discuss what is good nutrition, whether it is available to many, […]

Female obesity in men

The most typical form of obesity for men is abdominal (overweight is distributed in the abdomen). A “female” or ginoid form of redistribution of fatty tissue is much less common. Female-type obesity. Ginoid obesity is characterized by the predominant deposition of subcutaneous fat on the chest, lower part of the […]

Hormonal examination in the pathology of the reproductive system

Problems in the genital area in men can manifest infertility, decreased libido, deterioration of potency. Sometimes the disease can go almost unnoticed. If you suspect a pathology of the reproductive system, the patient is recommended to undergo tests for hormones. Such diagnostics includes determining the level of key indicators, calculating special [...]

Sexual development in boys - the norm and deviations

Disorders of sexual development in boys are associated with pathology of secretion or action of androgens. The clinical picture depends on the age at which the problem occurred. Stages of differentiation of the reproductive system The formation of the male reproductive system is continuous until the end of adolescence. Doctors distinguish 3 stages […]

Andropause - causes and symptoms of hormone deficiency

The term andropause is used in medicine to denote the age-related transformations of the hormonal background in the representatives of the stronger sex. The International Society for the Study of Problems of Older Men (ISSAM) defines this condition as a biochemical syndrome, which is characterized by a decrease in the concentration of androgens and, in some cases, receptor sensitivity […]

Androgenic Alopecia in Men

Up to 95% of cases of baldness in men are associated with androgenic alopecia. In Africa and Asia, this condition is less common, and among men of the white race, more than half of them experience androgenic alopecia during life. Fig. 1 - Variants of androgenic alopecia [...]

Breast cancer in men

Does breast cancer occur in men? Every year in Russia, about 50 thousand people become ill with breast cancer. Approximately 1-1.5% of these cases occur in cancer in the stronger sex. Cancer in men differs little from “female” in aggressiveness, [...]

Mastopathy - causes, signs, treatment

The pathology of the mammary glands in the form of fibrocystic transformation is called mastopathy. This disease is classified as female, although men have similar conditions. In representatives of the stronger sex, the mammary glands are more often affected during adolescence. But sometimes painful consolidations occur in another [...]