Prevention of inguinal hernia can be primary and secondary. Primary implies a reduction in the risk of hernial protrusion in healthy men, and a secondary one, preventing the recurrence of an inguinal hernia after surgery. The general recommendations are the same in both cases.

General recommendations

To reduce the likelihood of an inguinal hernia or recurrence of hernia, two requirements must be met:

  1. Avoid increasing (especially sharp) intra-abdominal pressure, since it is against this background that the abdominal organs exit into the inguinal canal.
  2. Strengthen the walls of the inguinal canal, to prevent the exit of the hernia through it.

Increased intra-abdominal pressure contribute to: irrational and excessive exercise, constipation, obesity, cough. Hence, for the prevention of hernia should:

  1. It is reasonable to treat sports, not to allow sudden movements and strong, not corresponding to your level of training exercises. You can not lift weights, and in the presence of anatomical and physiological prerequisites for the occurrence of a hernia, it is desirable to abandon strength training with loads on the abdominals.
  2. To prevent constipation , for which you need to adhere to a diet high in plant fiber (fresh vegetables and fruits, bran), and when stool is delayed for more than a day, resort to the use of laxatives.
  3. If you are overweight, you should try to normalize body weight by following a low-calorie diet and increasing physical activity (see "How to remove a man's stomach" ).
  4. In case of paroxysmal strong cough, you should consult a doctor in time and take antitussive, mucolytic (improve sputum discharge) or bronchodilator drugs according to his destination.