The experience of raw food over 5 years - an interview with Denis Terentyev

The theme of raw food diet (CE) holds a special place among various health practices. And this is not surprising: it is enough to find out about the benefits it can bring to your body and how to change your whole life for the better. However, raw foods is […]

Remove fat in 1.5 months - personal experience

In the beginning of spring, I weighed 87 kilograms with a height of 170 cm. If I calculate the body mass index, it turns out that I have 1st degree obesity at the initial stage. But I have nothing like that - my whole weight is muscle mass, [...]

About the benefits of a bicycle for health - personal observations

How disgusting to look at young guys with sagging beer belly. This is a terrible sight. Floppy, slow, lazy. Everywhere carry themselves loved ones on cars. No exercise, just a TV and a sofa. And then hugging a glass of foamy drink. Girls, I beg, [...]

Life after quitting smoking!

Today, millions of people are addicted to smoking. Are you one of them? If yes, I would like to share with you my feelings after I quit smoking! I started smoking at school and smoked until the fourth year […]

How I quit smoking

In this article I want to share my personal experience of quitting smoking. For the past five years I have not smoked, although I was a smoker with experience. Having started smoking in high school, I lived with this destructive phenomenon in my life for a very long time. Smoked a lot and often reached [...]

Salt-Free Month - Personal Experience

I don’t know what influenced the desire to lose weight - the wife’s unambiguous hints, the doctor’s words that this is harmful, or always high blood pressure, but “the last straw,” oddly enough, was the transfer of Helen Malysheva about the salt-free diet. I, like most [...]

Running and losing weight - an interview with Danil Andryushkin, the author of the blog

Today Danil Andryushkin, a blogger, a fan of running and, more recently, a marathon runner, will share his story. In his blog “I can’t run,” Danil showed by example how to set goals and achieve them. Online Danil promised readers to lose weight on […]

Experience of therapeutic fasting - an interview with Yuri Bazukevich

Today, Yuri Bazukevich will share his experience in a difficult battle for health, whose medical fasting experience is more than 20 years. Simple questions and informative answers will help you navigate the initial stage of mastering medical fasting. And if you are interested in a healthy lifestyle [...]

Winter swimming - extreme for the sake of health

Today, the walrus with 10 years of experience Victor Y. (Kilimanjaro) will tell about what winter swimming is and what it is eaten with. For those who are not indifferent to a healthy lifestyle, we recommend visiting the Victor website, where you can find useful information about hardening, […]

Another Life - Interview with Oleg Krezub

Oleg Crezub is a person whose activity is equal to the activity of two people taken together, a fruitarian. Permanent participant in marathons in running, cycling, water swims and triathlon competitions. What is there not usual, you ask? After all, there are many people who are actively involved in sports? And [...]