In this article I want to share my personal experience of quitting smoking. For the past five years I have not smoked, although I was a smoker with experience. Having started smoking in high school, I lived with this destructive phenomenon in my life for a very long time. I smoked a lot and often, sometimes reaching packs per day. I smoked in the morning, at night, after eating, while I was driving, walking, during breaks, when talking with friends, when it was boring, when I was working, even when my throat was sore!

Naturally, when people talk a lot about the need to quit smoking, I began to try. I read books, made calculations how much I would save without buying cigarettes, read articles about the dangers of smoking and the possible consequences. Nothing helped, well, or a maximum of a month!

Without giving up trying to quit smoking, one day I was still visited by thoughts that made me end up quitting cigarettes. All these thoughts, I will try to convey theses.

The key factors that helped me were:

  1. "The image of a successful person" and "The price of success."
  2. "Healthy competition".
  3. "The feeling that time is running out and nothing changes."
  4. "Ambition".
  5. "To be healthy, to be able to work."

"The image of a successful person" and "The price of success"

The modern world encourages personal success, individuality. Collective grayness is no longer in vogue. Financial independence, a beautiful embossed body, an expensive car, a lot of attention of the opposite sex, etc. One way or another, everyone wants this. Increasing needs - increases and moral pressure, stress. And the stress becomes so much that if you take it off with cigarettes, then you need to have a tobacco factory at home. It is clear that achieving success will take more time than killing yourself with cigarettes. Stress can be removed in many ways, one of the best I consider yoga (read "Yoga is life. Interview with Yuri Gorgolyuk" ).

"Healthy competition"

There is an expression that a bad example is contagious. This is true, but an example of success is simply an epidemic. I mean the success of a person with whom you personally know, with whom you communicate. I do not mean those "far away" from us people like Steve Jobs or Henry Ford, for example. At the same time, it is important to understand that the success of the neighbor should cause “healthy competition” and not envy! “I can also be even better” - this is what should appear in your head!

Believe me, it works. No matter how independent you think you are, all the same you live in a society and the opinions of others influence you. It is important to you the opinion of parents, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, classmates, with whom you will ever meet, “first love”, which you will also someday see. At such moments it is important to be confident! It is important to know that you may not have something, but you are on the right track!

"The feeling that time is running out and nothing changes"

Such a feeling as a waste of time appears predominantly at an older age. At school, at university, you planned your life, presented everything a little differently than it is now. This statement, I think, is relevant for 90% of those who read it. And the further you go, the more you realize that everything is not going according to your plan. There are many reasons: you cannot do something, you cannot force yourself, you lack discipline. In the end, everything will come down to the fact that everything is achievable, you just need to do, you need to be disciplined and have will power and perseverance. And what could be the question if you can't even quit smoking ?!

Smoking is one of the many habits you are a slave to. You can not quit smoking, you can not make a call, you are afraid to start something new. Fear and helplessness of different dependencies against the background of fast-flowing time, when today you are 30, tomorrow is 35, and soon 40 years old. Isn't that a reason to think?


I think not many people like those who do everything to be praised! At the same time, for certain actions, I will be happy to praise a person at least every day, because this will be his medicine and motivation. I'm talking about quitting smoking. Indeed, at first, for me, it was much more important that everyone around you noticed, wondered, praised, jealous of the fact that I stopped smoking. At first, it is just a medicine, a cigarette replacer for people who quit smoking. Therefore, in this context, let ambition work for you!

"To be healthy, to be able to work"

I repeat once again that the articles and pictures about the dangers of smoking and the possible consequences touched me a little. It is more effective for quitting to think about health in another way. Unfortunately, we live in an unstable country, in which in case of difficulties and problems - no one is especially in a hurry to help. Social support from the state is minimal, it is not enough even for just a month to eat normally. The thought of the situation in which a person finds himself in the event of illness and disability scares me to this day.

Social benefits for which you do not buy expensive medications and compulsory health insurance for which you can only get an enema for free. Well, if you have a bank account of several million. And if there is no such account ?! It became sick, perhaps, the most expensive "pleasure". And if you have a family? Who will support your family, yourself, help your elderly parents? In such a situation, the main priority in your life suggests itself: “to be healthy in order to be able to work!” You should not think about this all the time so that you will not have a phobia. But this must still be remembered! Perhaps this is the main reason that somehow pushed me to the right decision - to quit smoking!

Summing up

Summarizing all the above, I want to note that quitting smoking in order to simply not smoke is fraught with consequences. You simply forbid yourself something. You will have to constantly show tremendous willpower! So can not everyone.

In my opinion, quitting smoking should be part of something big, a big complex idea of ​​a “successful person” and “a bright future.” This will help you forget that you can’t smoke and think about how “cool” you will be. This will help you not to acquire other addictions, such as overeating, etc. After a certain time you will stop treating smoking as something incredible, but you will always respect yourself for this step, because it is probably the first on the way to another life. ! GOOD LUCK!

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