How disgusting to look at young guys with sagging beer belly. This is a terrible sight. Floppy, slow, lazy. Everywhere carry themselves loved ones on cars. No exercise, just a TV and a sofa. And then hugging a glass of foamy drink. Girls, I beg you, do not love these loafers!

But until recently, I was the same. Absorbed "liquid bread" liters almost daily, especially in summer. At first, it seems nothing, the organism is young. But I soon noticed that it became difficult for me to tie my shoelaces. This simple procedure began to cause a slight shortness of breath and an incredible rush of blood to my face.

And then there's the wife with her stinging questions. Like, what month are you pregnant, young man? In short, I realized that it was time to stop. Say no to beer. Take care of yourself. And bought a bicycle.

Yes, yes, do not be surprised, it is the bike. это слишком. Gyms are too much for me. самое то. But to make the way to work and back home on a two-wheeled friend - that's the thing. Fortunately, I live in a small town. There are few cars here. All traffic lights can be counted on the fingers. In general, once dropping a tear on the hood of a beloved car, I put it in the garage.

From words to deeds

Events unfolded in April. The weather favored the realization of my impulse. And I started to go to the office by bike, winding every day for at least 7 km. Colleagues laughed at first. They said that the crisis did not pass me by. Like, I save on gasoline and all that. Then they got used to it. And the savings really were, and significant. столько у меня уходило на бензин. At least 5 thousand rubles a month - I spent so much on gasoline. Nice bonus. But the main goal was different: to clean up as soon as possible.

A week later, my legs got stronger. I felt a surge of vigor throughout my body. I started to sleep better, even the night snoring that had been bothering me lately had stopped. My wife was delighted. The bike worked wonders. Improved overall well-being. Less headache. My eyes, exhausted by the long hours of work at the computer, told me thanks. начал снижаться вес. But, the main thing - the weight began to decrease.

The result of work on yourself

Since then, two years have passed. I have not abandoned my hobby to this day. Still not changing my two-wheeled friend. Just do not think that I am one of those madmen who make jogs along the street in winter in one t-shirt and underpants. Not. My head is fine. When it is freezing hard in the street or it is raining heavily, I travel by car. In good weather, no indulgence.

It so happened that I added classes to the bike on a horizontal bar (see types of horizontal bars for home workouts ). And in the summer and swimming. I forgot about my flabby stomach long ago. As the wife says, the pregnancy is safely resolved. Now I look like Apollo. What is most interesting, my example was contagious. Colleagues who had previously been skeptical about my hobby, also began to pedal. Such are the cases. это сила! Bike is power!

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