Potency recovery after a stroke

The answer to the question of the possibility of restoring potency after a stroke is not always unambiguous. Stroke is a serious and dangerous disease that affects many areas of a man’s life, including sexual. In some cases, a person can fully recover and not [...]

What are the causes of syncope in men?

A syncope (or syncope) is called a sudden short-term loss of consciousness that occurs against the background of insufficient oxygen or blood to the brain. Fainting is accompanied by a decrease in muscle tone, leading to a fall. This symptom occurs in a wide variety of diseases or conditions, and its appearance is always [...]

10 basic measures for the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Healthy eating It implies a reduction in the daily diet of fatty and fried foods, confectionery fats, caffeine, salt, sugar, chicken eggs, and the introduction of sea fish, poultry of low-fat varieties (without skin), legumes, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and berries. Fighting overweight. All [...]

Why is there chest pain in men?

The appearance of chest pain in men indicates many diseases and this symptom often becomes cause for concern. Sometimes such pains are not associated with life-threatening diseases, but more often, the occurrence of such sensations is an occasion for immediate medical attention or a call [...]

Causes of increased heart rate in men

The pulse rate can be calculated independently, its normal results in men are 60-100 in 1 minute (according to WHO criteria). The increase in heart rate is manifested by a sensation of a heartbeat, is tolerated in different ways, which is associated with individual characteristics of people's perception. Why does the pulse rise? The most common cause of increased heart rate of young [...]

Symptoms of low pressure in men and treatment

Normally, in a healthy man 20-40 years old, the blood pressure indicator is 120/80 mm Hg. Art. The upper indicator indicates the pressure with which the heart pushes blood into the aorta, and the lower indicates the blood pressure during return to the heart. With age, pressure indicators [...]

Causes of low upper and lower blood pressure in men

Hypotension is low blood pressure. It is due to many reasons and is accompanied by a deterioration in well-being due to insufficiently effective functioning of the circulatory system. What pressure indicators are considered reduced? Normal blood pressure in a man 20-40 years old is 120/80 mm RT. Art. But this [...]

Bradycardia - variants of the norm and pathology

Heart rate indicators reflecting the heart rate allow you to assess the state of the cardiovascular system and draw preliminary conclusions about violations in its activity. The number of heart contractions is a variable value. It depends on such indicators as age, time of day, ambient temperature, fitness of the body, [...]

Primary and secondary prevention of stroke in men

A stroke is not a primary disease and always develops against a background of various pathologies, being their natural ending. This serious and dangerous disease annually causes the death of thousands of men of various ages, and a large number of surviving patients become disabled. Every year in the world more [...]

Health and Vital Impacts of a Stroke

Stroke in men belongs to the category of serious and dangerous diseases requiring immediate qualified assistance to the patient and the implementation of mandatory rehabilitation measures consisting in rehabilitation treatment aimed at preventing relapse and complications of this serious illness. In Russia, about 400 thousand are observed annually [...]