It seems to you that you are healthy, but the vital energy flows through your fingers. And every day it seems to be less and less. You feel irritated and tired. You are worried about digestive problems and persistent headaches. It seems to you that you need only sleep on Saturday and Sunday, and everything will return to normal. But the weekend passes, the work week begins, and all problems come back again.

Очищение организма

All these problems do not seem so big to go with them to the doctor, but their very presence in your life is exhausting. They are like drizzling rain - not very scary, but causing a lot of inconvenience.

Well, you are hardly seriously ill. Of course, it is better to go to the doctor’s office and get tested - to be sure of your own health. But, as a rule, the cause of minor problems with well-being becomes very dirty organism. And here we are not talking about external purity at all, but about internal purity.

Body signals

Here are 5 signs that your body needs urgent internal cleaning.

1. Constant fatigue

Even if you sleep enough, you may still have a feeling of lack of sleep (see why healthy sleep is so important for men ). As if you would sleep more and more. When this happens, it is a clear sign that it takes a lot of energy, and a large part of it, to get the bodies mired in toxins to work. Of course, fatigue can have many causes besides the increased number of toxins in the body. But as practice demonstrates, there is a lot of energy in a clean and healthy body, and its lack can be easily replenished even by a short sleep.

2. Continuously arriving kilograms

Losing weight has never been easy. But if you exercise regularly and do not overeat, the weight should be within the normal range. But if the mark on the scales, for some unknown reason, stubbornly creeps upwards, then it is worth sounding the alarm. Doctors often say that in such cases the cause of hormones. Or in the thyroid gland, which again rests on hormones. But the cause of diseases of the thyroid gland can and, as a rule, are the same toxins. The body simply does not cope with their number and gradually fails. And so that in addition to the thyroid there are no problems with other organs, it is worthwhile, without shelving them, to do detoxification - cleaning the body, in other words.

3. Bad breath

You brush your teeth regularly, twice a day, or even more often. Chew the cud after every meal. Bundles eat mint candies. And the breath does not become fresher and cleaner?
Well, it's time to pay attention to the state of their digestive organs. Most likely, they are already incredibly tired of the endless influx of harmful substances, and help is vital for them. And the smell from the mouth is the first signal to start taking care of your health.

4. Bowel problems

The intestine is one of the most important organs in our body. It absorbs nutrients through its walls and helps the body get rid of unnecessary rubbish. And when the amount of harmful foods in our diet becomes more than beneficial, the intestines no longer cope. And many familiar constipation appear, and then skin problems, headaches, fatigue. In general, a whole set of unpleasant consequences.

5. Skin reactions

Speaking of skin problems. They are the brightest beacon, saying that inside a big problem. When the organs do not cope with the removal of toxins (due to their too large numbers), the toxins literally begin to surface. In the form of acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other unattractive inflammations.

Eliminate problems

How to deal with the hated toxins? How to cleanse the body? And how to keep it clean?
Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Take care of the internal cleaning. Contact your doctor for help in cleansing the body. It is better to do this under the supervision of a specialist, so do not practice alone the methods described in the network, so that there are no more problems;
  2. Go to a healthy diet (see lecture on raw foods ). Ask your doctor (if there is no such thing, get started, it won't be worse) to choose the best diet for you. And stick to it, trying not to bother with the holidays and while drinking with friends;
  3. Drink more water. This will not only help eliminate toxins, but also improve the functioning of all internal organs;
  4. Do not avoid playing sports. Physical activity is a guarantee of health and beauty, anyone will say that. Do not believe? Check into practice!
  5. When brushing your teeth, do not forget to brush your tongue. You would know how many harmful microorganisms accumulate on it!
  6. Practice deep breathing. Yogis knew how to be always healthy and strong. Do not ignore their advice;
  7. Try to eat the most fresh products containing a minimum of preservatives. Fruits and vegetables as well as the experience of vegan nutrition will be very useful here. We are what we eat, do not forget about it.

To achieve purity and health of the body is not easy. Even harder to always keep the body in the right state. But, believe me, the difference between a cluttered and clean body is not just big, it is huge! And if you work for the benefit of your health, then health will never let you down!
Good luck and cleanliness to you!

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