As in many other aspects of life, cleansing the body has its supporters and haters. If some believe that the body should be cleaned of toxins and toxins, while others agree that this is not correct. This applies to the popular purification techniques, which are now a great many. But what if you can cleanse your body without interfering with its work? Agree, such an approach would be much preferable.

Excretory system of the body or help yourself

Mother nature is intelligent, and took care of removing waste material from the body, providing us with the organs of the excretory system. But even she could not take into account that a person would clog himself at such a pace.

Our excretory system is not designed for such a volume of incoming toxins. Therefore, the moment comes when the excretory organs do not cope with their removal, which provokes the deposition of toxins in the body.

What to do to make life easier for our excretory system and, accordingly, for yourself? A few simple tips will help you with this.


And again about food. Everywhere it is. Surely you can not start with something else? The answer is unequivocal and categorical - no! It is precisely malnutrition in 90% of cases we are obliged to slag our body. The food we eat is far from natural standards, and in most cases, is the result of human activity - it is this food that helps toxins in our body.

Exclude (strongly limit) from the diet:

  • Chemical products (chips, candy, and more);
  • Pastries (buns, muffins, cakes);
  • Fast food;
  • Sugar;
  • Tea, coffee, carbonated drinks;
  • Meat and animal fats (see who are vegans and what they eat ).

Include in the diet:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Greenery;
  • Berries;
  • Cereal porridge;
  • Freshly squeezed juices;
  • Seafood.

In these products, in addition to other useful components, there is cellulose, which improves the functioning of the intestines. Thus, we will gradually ensure the purity of our main excretory organ, which in combination is also the main source of toxins.

Evaluate your diet and “estimate” how much plant food as a percentage you consume. Ideally, this figure should strive for 70-80%, well when 50% or more, but in reality it is about 5-10%, and then, many of them cannot boast of these figures.

Drinking mode

Perhaps drinking regime is no less important than the correct diet. Here the man also managed to go far from natural standards. And the reason for this is the use of tea, coffee, soda, store juices, etc., instead of the usual purified water. Remember, no drink can replace plain water for humans.

The rate of water consumption, depending on the weight of a person (30 ml per 1 kg of weight) is an average of 2 liters per day.

Needless to say, water and its excretion in the form of urine is a natural method of ridding the body of human waste. And, accordingly, the more the body is saturated with water, the easier and faster the purification processes will be carried out.

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To seventh sweat

It is time to move on to another important excretory system - the skin. Together with sweat, the body leaves toxins and slags, excess metal salts, nitrogenous substances (urea, ammonia, uric acid), but at the same time macro and trace elements necessary for the body. Therefore, people who are actively involved in sports need an increased replenishment of natural vitamins and minerals (see the dangers of synthetic vitamins ).

Achieve purification using perspiration in the following ways:

  1. Exercise, mainly aerobic (jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.);
  2. A visit to the bath, sauna, hot bath with sea salt;
  3. Cleansing the skin with a brush during water procedures.

It is advisable to combine 2-4 workouts per week with a one-time visit to a steam bath or a cleansing bath. In addition to the activation of cleansing through sweat, physical activity contributes to the active work of the lungs and the removal of volatile toxins from the body through rapid breathing.

But the skin acts not only as an excretory organ, but can also replenish the supply of toxins in the body. How? Personal care products such as shampoos, shower gels, cosmetics, etc., enter the body through the skin. The only possible way to avoid this is to refuse or severely restrict the use of cosmetics.


We will try to make a conclusion from all of the above. And the conclusions are such that the most effective for cleansing the body is the simultaneous prevention of the entry of toxins into the body and the activation of the excretory functions of the body. With this approach, there is no need for various cleaning procedures.

And further…

If you decide to take the path of purification, then do not do it abruptly and in one day. Such a one-time transition to a different diet will most likely force you back to basics, since the body is not yet accustomed to a new type of food and it will be difficult for it to saturate with it. Remember the principle of gradualism and start small.

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