Many people who live a completely normal life, faced with a sharp loss of tone and energy. Moreover, they did not make any changes to their daily routine. One of the reasons for such phenomena may be an excess of toxins in the body.

The body can no longer function normally with a large number of toxins in the human body. To flush out toxins, the body begins to use all its reserve forces. That is why a person who is in this state suffers a lack of strength, poor health and mood, etc.

Симптомы накопления токсинов

Fig. 1 - Some of the symptoms of clogging of the body with toxins and toxins

Modern people live in very dirty conditions. Toxins, harmful gases and chemical pollutants are everywhere. Harmful substances from the work of modern factories get into the air and river water every second. Products that are harmful to the body have been added to products long ago. Even in simple potatoes, nitrates are added, not to mention more difficult to prepare products sold in stores.

But even with such living conditions, it is possible to preserve the health of the body in the most healthy state and not to get sick. As you know, the main reason for the accumulation of toxins in the body is the wrong way of life. As a result of this, a person can adhere to a sedentary lifestyle, eat junk food, take drugs and alcohol, smoke, etc. All this is the cause of the accumulation of toxins in the human body.

Ways toxins in the body

Based on the above, we can identify the main reasons for the accumulation of toxins in the human body:

  • Bad food. The main dose of toxins in our body comes with food. This is especially obvious when the human diet consists of non-natural synthetic products. Open your refrigerator and look carefully - are there really many natural products there? Most likely, there is little that is where the man did not put his hand. And generally look at your diet. How many fresh fruits and vegetables are there in it? Most likely not enough. But there is a lot of sugar, salt, flour products, meat and sausage products, sweets, fast food and other things that do not correspond to the natural status;
  • Polluted water. Many do not know how simple clean water is necessary for our body. All the cells in our body need clean water. In addition, water helps to eliminate toxins. In nature, there is no longer an element that can replace water, as we think. Moreover, with various water substitutes we introduce a new portion of toxins and slags into our body. This includes sparkling water, store juices, coffee, tea, and just dirty tap water (read about water filters );
  • Polluted air. Unfortunately, not everyone can get rid of urban smog. But to visit more often in the open air everyone can afford. It is also worth considering the toxins obtained by us in connection with professional activities (varnishes, paints, industrial odors, etc.) and take measures to neutralize them;
  • Bad habits. Smoking, the frequent use of alcoholic beverages not only harm your health, but also is a new portion of toxins. Bad habits also include excessive consumption of coffee, tea, soda , as well as overeating and lack of physical activity.

Impact of slags and toxins on health

According to the theory of homotoxicology, derived by the German doctor Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg on the basis of the linkage of slaginess of a person and his diseases, the essence of which boils down to the statement that exacerbation of the disease is nothing but an attempt of the body to eliminate toxins. Those. According to the German doctor, all diseases arise due to an oversupply of toxins. It turns out that diseases do not come suddenly, but are the result of the accumulation of toxins to a certain limit.

Nature is very wise, and gave us the opportunity to remove toxins and toxins with the help of excretory systems, but even she could not take into account how much a person would litter herself in the future. Those. not just toxins and slags harm our health, but the fact that our excretory system does not cope with this constant influx. Because slags are natural waste of our body, and their presence is certainly associated with the vital activity of the body.

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