Under the slag is considered to be the waste of the body, and under toxins - poisons from the environment. Both slags and toxins, with their excessive accumulation, pose a threat to human life. Since many processes continuously occur in our body, the formation of slags is a natural process for any living organism. If the process is natural, then where does the health problem come from, due to an excess of these substances?

Симптомы накопления шлаков и токсинов

Fig. 1 - Some of the symptoms of accumulation of toxins and toxins in the body.

Our body is a complex self-regulating system. According to this principle, we are given the excretory system responsible for the withdrawal of "garbage" from the body. And everything would be fine if it were not for one thing: the human excretory system is designed for certain working conditions. This means that the excretory system does not cope with today's living conditions, which leads to the accumulation of waste products.

What leads to intoxication?

Intoxication, in our case, means poisoning of the body with waste products and toxins from the environment. Such intoxication is chronic, as the poisoning occurs gradually over time. Symptoms of chronic clogging of the body can be blurred, and not manifest for a long time. As a rule, it is difficult to relate the development of any disease or pathological condition with self-poisoning of the body, since intoxication does not have a pronounced stage.

It is impossible to find out what consequences this may have in a particular person. Since each organism is unique, the results of clogging will manifest differently. Symptoms of clogging of the body with slags and toxins are manifested primarily in "weak" places. That is, if a person has weakened organs of the nasopharynx, then intoxication will manifest a pathological condition in this particular place. How this process actually takes place is difficult to say. Since official medicine recognizes the concept of "toxins" only in a narrow branch, as nephrology and toxicology (the concept of "slags" in official medicine is not), but does not consider their accumulation as the cause of various pathologies, extensive research on this topic was not conducted. However, some of the symptoms are considered to be the result of excessive accumulation of degradation products in the body.

Chronic fatigue and heavy lifting in the morning

Analyze how your day begins and goes. Do you easily start a new day or struggle with yourself to get out of bed? Are you full of energy all day long or are you thinking about how to quickly lie down on a sofa? Fatigue can have many causes, including insufficient sleep. However, if you sleep at least 7-8 hours in normal conditions (at least in silence and a darkened room), then the body must have time to recover, even after a hard day's work. If this is not the case, your body is most likely slagged.


If you often have unreasonable headaches that are not related to brain injuries, this may indicate that your body cannot cope with the removal of waste products. Since the brain cells regulate the work of the whole organism, they are in the first place in need of a new blood supply to obtain the necessary substances. Slagged blood has a lower nutrient and oxygen content, and is also more dense, which makes it difficult to move through the vessels and can cause headaches. Waste can also accumulate on the walls of blood vessels, narrowing the lumen for the passage of blood.

Skin reactions

The manifestation of skin reactions is the most accurate indicator that a lot of waste has accumulated in your body. This is explained as follows: when the excretory systems do not cope with the removal of waste, the body begins to postpone them in "dark corners". In those cases, when there is already not enough “dark corners”, the skin acts as the last shelter of toxins, which provokes the appearance of rashes, acne, wen and other skin pathologies. That is why external means are so ineffective in dealing with these ailments - the problem comes from the inside, and it must be solved accordingly.

Intestinal problems

The intestinal problem (constipation, increased gas formation, diarrhea) is another sure sign of the accumulation of decay products. But unlike skin reactions, malfunctioning of the intestines can occur in the early stages of clogging. The intestine is the main organ of the excretory system, and it is on his condition that the health of the individual depends. You can hear the statement that malfunction of the intestine provoke more than 80% of health problems. Believe it or not - your business. However, you can not argue that a clogged intestine, which cannot cope with the function of waste disposal, does not contribute to the health of its owner.

Improper diet, eating incompatible products, provoke the deposition of fecal masses on the intestinal walls, which over time accumulate and can cover the entire mucous membrane. In severe cases, the weight of the feces, can reach a significant percentage of the patient's weight.

The function of the intestine is not only the removal of waste, but also the absorption of nutrients. Non-excreted food remains rot and form toxins, which are absorbed by the intestinal walls, successfully enter the blood. In general, the intestinal condition plays a decisive role in human health.

Increased sweating, sharp smell of sweat

The skin is the excretory organ, and the largest. With the help of sweat, residues of vital activity, such as nitrogenous substances (ammonia, urea), metal salts, as well as macro- and microelements, are removed. When the decay products are not excreted naturally, for example, physical activity, the body has no choice but to increase the need for perspiration. Excessive residues provoke an unpleasant, sharp smell of sweat.

One of the effective ways to combat the accumulation of toxins and toxins is to stimulate perspiration by physical exercise, visits to the bath , sauna, hot bath.

Raid on the tongue

The presence of a white or slightly yellow plaque on the tongue is not a pathology. Another thing, when there is a dense layer of plaque, beyond which the color of the language is not visible. Such a symptom may indicate problems with the gastrointestinal tract and an infectious disease. If a dense plaque in the tongue does not disappear for a long time, it is necessary to consult a doctor for a medical examination.

Bad breath

If you brush your teeth twice a day, use hygiene products after a meal, and have healthy teeth, there should be no bad breath. Any manifestation of an unpleasant smell, for no apparent reason, should be considered as a violation of the function of the digestive organs. The inability of normal digestion of food can be caused by a violation of the digestive system, and the food you eat.

Excess weight

The presence of excess weight in itself speaks of ill health. In most cases, obesity indicates malnutrition, with the prevalence in the diet of harmful products for the body, along with physical inactivity. Doctors have long concluded that overweight is not a cosmetic, but a medical problem, since it has an adverse effect on all body systems.

Excess weight is a storehouse of slags and toxins. As noted earlier, when the body does not have time to bring decay products using the organs of excretion, it “hides” them in “dark corners”. Fat is a great place to hide toxins for a while. Therefore, getting rid of excess weight, a person unloads his warehouse of toxins.

Violation of the psychological state

Increased nervousness and irritability, depression , apathy, and other mental disorders can be the cause of your body's constant struggle with harmful substances. Under this statement there is a medical justification. For example, it has long been noted that people suffering from liver pathologies, in which its function of cleansing the blood is disturbed and a large amount of harmful substances enter the blood, have a wayward character. Hence, such an expression as “bilious character” is used to refer to people prone to irritability, nervousness, and emotional instability.


The above symptoms are only a few of the signals that the body can give, reflecting its condition. Listen to your well-being, and do not allow a state in which the excretory systems do not cope with the task of cleaning. Use your cleansing reserves to the maximum and limit the flow of toxins from the outside. How to achieve this, read the article: "Cleansing the body of toxins and toxins by natural means . "

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