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In the treatment of hypertension, great importance is attached to the quality of nutrition. A diet with elevated pressure is a complex of preventive measures that allow stabilizing blood pressure indicators and eliminating the development of a hypertensive crisis. If you treat the organization of food correctly, then even with consistently elevated indications of the tonometer, you can not be afraid of complications, as well as significantly improve the overall health.

Hypertension Power System

Selected diet for hypertension should be correlated with individual indicators of human health. Some products will have to be abandoned, others will be included in the daily menu. In this way, it will be possible to control certain processes that affect the increase in pressure. Proper nutrition - excellent prevention of excess weight, one of the main causes of hypertension. Food rich in nutrients, gives energy, affects the emotional background, normalizes hormone levels, improves the condition of blood vessels.

Food to reduce pressure

Doctors point to the regular development of hypertension with an increase in body weight. With the help of dietary nutrition, it is possible to normalize metabolic processes, water-salt balance, improve kidney function, eliminate the appearance of edema and the development of pathological conditions. To help food reduce blood pressure, it is important to follow a number of rules.

Salt intake

Ideally, a complete rejection of salt or reducing its consumption to a minimum (no more than a teaspoon per day). This is due to the presence of sodium in the product, which retains fluid and impairs the kidneys. Excess fluid in the body increases the pressure on the walls of blood vessels.

Low-salt diet involves the rejection of salted, smoked products, cheeses, canned food, mayonnaise. To improve the taste of dishes, use spices.

The drinks

The so-called stimulants exert a heavy load on the cardiovascular system and provoke pressure surges. To "unload" the vessels and eliminate spasmodic conditions, it is necessary to give up alcohol, strong tea and coffee. Habitual soft drinks, tea and coffee, can be consumed with milk.

Fatty food

The cause of blood pressure is often elevated cholesterol. To reduce the number of cholesterol plaques, increase the lumen of blood vessels and improve the movement of blood flow, it is necessary to abandon fatty foods. Fatty meat is better to replace chicken, turkey, veal. And in cooking methods give preference to steam treatment, boiling, baking.

It is better to completely refuse semi-finished products with a large amount of animal fat, sausages and ready-made pastes, butter.

Fractional nutrition

The number of meals should be increased, but the weight of one serving should be reduced. At night you can eat fresh or baked apple, drink a glass of low-fat sour-milk drink.

Vegetables and fruits

Foods rich in fiber, plant fibers, the most useful hypertensive. In the daily diet, vegetable dishes should be half the total weight. Fruits, vegetables, greens perfectly saturate, give energy, provide ease throughout the day.

Sugar consumption

The product belongs to the harmful carbohydrates, and therefore provokes obesity. Confectionery should be abandoned in the diet, replacing them with berries, fruits, dried fruits.

Hypertension is strictly forbidden to maintain strict positions and completely refuse to eat. In drawing up the daily menu, first of all, rationality and striving for balance should be manifested.