Как быстро повысить потенцию I am in a life situation where there is no confidence in potency and it is necessary to quickly increase the potency. You can use both natural methods to increase potency, and various drugs to increase potency. These two methods have their pros and cons, which will help decide which method to choose from.

Rapid increase in potency with drugs

Drugs to increase potency have the fastest action. The well-known Viagra begins to act approximately 20 minutes after administration. In addition to Viagra, there are also drugs Cialis and Levitra.

Natural Remedies to Quickly Increase Potency

Unfortunately, the potency depends on the general condition of the body and therefore an increase in the potency by natural means is not a short-term procedure. But nature has given men substances that are capable of a rather exciting effect on men in a short time. These substances are called aphrodisiacs. There are both male and female aphrodisiacs. Male aphrodisiacs are the best way to increase potency and libido.

Products to quickly increase potency

Garlic, onion, celery , parsley, dill, oysters, mussels, ginger, dates, honey, ginseng, horseradish, eggs are natural aphrodisiacs and contribute to increased sexual activity and desire.

Walnuts with honey - natural Viagra!

A very effective and quickly effective natural remedy for enhancing sexual opportunities can be called a mixture of nuts and honey . The recipe is very simple: chop walnuts (can be mixed with other types of nuts) as small as possible and pour honey. Take 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Exercises to increase potency

Another completely natural method of enhancing potency is special exercises. These exercises are designed to increase blood circulation to the pelvic organs, and also are aimed at training the special muscle of potency - the pubic-coccygeal muscle .

Conclusion: to achieve an instant increase in potency is possible only with the help of special preparations. Natural methods of increasing potency require a certain time.

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