The article is based on the material on the NUPU (natural penis enlargement).

So, many may not have problems with potency, but have problems with hardness of erection. Even if you do not have problems with the hardness of your penis, you still have the opportunity to improve its blood filling.

Как добиться сильной эрекции

A bit of theory

Any experienced NUPER (NUPER - a man engaged in natural penis enlargement) will tell you that the penis consists of at least two types of tissues that can be enlarged - this is a tunic and muscle tissue of the penis.

Tunic is a protein shell that surrounds the two cavernous bodies of the penis, as well as muscle tissue in the composition of the cavernous bodies.

Muscle tissue is in the composition of the cavernous bodies of the penis, and the hardness of the erection, the size of the penis (PC) depends on its volume and quantity. Not all penises contain the same amount of IF-muscle. The study showed that the volume of muscle tissue decreases with age, which can cause a deterioration in the quality of erection.

Строение полового члена

In order to understand the effect of the IF-muscle and the tunic, let us describe a simplified, describing the role of the IF-muscle exclusively, the occurrence of erection:

  1. When excited, the IF-muscle relaxes and the penis fills with blood;
  2. When the IF-muscle is sufficiently relaxed, it rests against the tunic and closes the veins, thereby preventing the outflow of blood from the penis;
  3. There comes an erection.

So, if the volume and amount of your muscle tissue is not sufficient to qualitatively block the flow of blood, then the erection will not be as solid as we would like. Tunic and IF muscles are compared with the camera and tire wheel, where the role of the camera is assumed by the IF-muscle, and the tunic acts as a tire. So, if the camera (IF-muscle) is strongly pumped and rests against the tire, the wheel becomes hard. A similar principle applies to the penis.

Why did the Nuper get puzzled by this phenomenon? The following fact was noticed by American NUPAMs: for some, after starting to use NUP and the first gain, a parallel improvement in hardness of erection was observed, in others, on the contrary, with each increase in the penis, the erection did not become as hard as it was before. A large community of American NUPERs did not disregard this issue and figured out the reasons, which will be discussed further.

Tunic size and size of the muscles

The fact is that to increase the various indicators (length and thickness) of the inverter, there are different exercises. Those. In order to increase the length and stretch the tunic, the AuPers resort to stretching exercises, and for training the IF-muscle and increasing the IF, the so-called vascular exercises (jelk, Julia, and clamping) are used mainly in the girth. The conclusion from this is this: those who have a deterioration in erection, stretched the tunic more, and paid less attention to the training of the IF-muscle. Those. it turns out that the IF-muscle, not strongly enough rests against the tunic, which leads to not a pronounced erection.

The conclusion is simple: to achieve a solid erection, it is necessary to do vascular exercises. The best of these exercises for beginners is jelk.

Jelk is a basic vascular exercise , without which more than one NUPer can not do at the initial stage of their training. Its essence is simple, but it may take some time to master the jelka technique . The main thing to remember about the gradual increase in load, which is a gradual increase in the force of compression and the number of movements performed.

However, you should also understand that this theory is not a dogma and cannot guarantee you an improvement in your erectile capabilities, since beyond this, there are many reasons for a weakening of erection . Therefore, the issue of improving erectile function must be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

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  • Alexey says:

    There was the same problem. There was not enough endurance, and it was not easy to shake it to the desired condition.
    I tried a lot of different topics, so I stopped at the pumps. Here, not only before sex you can directly "pump up", but also as prevention against these problems.
    The meaning is common in that, like other parts of the body, with constant workouts, the penis becomes more fit, strong and the blood circulation increases significantly, and hence the power of erection.
    As a nice bonus - the size also increases.
    Pump chose not simple, but hydro. With it, the effect is much more, there is no painful and unpleasant sensations (because everything happens in water) and it is convenient to use under the shower.

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