Today the situation is such that many men of middle and often young age have any violations of potency. Fearing to consult a doctor, men are increasingly resorting to the use of synthetic drugs to increase potency , and forget about natural remedies that contribute to improving erectile function. Synthetic means have only one significant plus: they increase potency immediately. For example, the famous Viagra begins to act half an hour after admission and retains its effect for 5 hours.

Improving potency naturally implies not only actions aimed at improving sexual function, but also improving the whole body, the state of which directly affects the sexual function of men.

Problems with potency can be temporary, when erectile dysfunction is observed for a short period, and permanent, when erectile dysfunction is present for a long time. If such a problem arises, before going to a doctor you can try to solve it yourself, following some advice on maintaining men's health.

Increased potency by natural methods

1. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the functioning of the whole organism. Food should contain all the necessary nutrients for the body, especially vitamins and minerals necessary for potency , the main of which are zinc, selenium, vitamin E, C, and vitamins of group B. Every day you must fill the daily need for these substances.

2. Special exercises to increase potency are aimed at increasing blood circulation in the pelvic organs and training the muscles of the potency - the pubic-coccygeal muscles. These exercises do not take much time and give a noticeable result after the first week of training.

3. Sexual function and sexual desire are directly related to the level of the male sex hormone testosterone. A low level of testosterone in the male body causes a decrease in potency and sexual potential. This is especially Лишний вес и потенция important for middle-aged and older men, whose testosterone level begins to decline gradually (by about 1-1.5% per year after 25 years).

4. Overweight in men is the worst enemy of potency. The fact is that overweight not only reduces testosterone, but also increases the level of estrogen - the female sex hormones, an excessive level of which leads not only to erectile dysfunction, but also to a deterioration in the general health of a man. In addition, overweight leads to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus, which are also serious factors for reducing potency and health risks.

To diagnose overweight, it is necessary to measure the waist circumference of a man - 94 cm or more indicates obesity.

5. Refuse from the use of alcoholic beverages, smoking and the use of narcotic substances. The fact that bad habits are the worst enemy of potency has long been proven by doctors. Just getting rid of bad habits can dramatically improve the sexual function of men.

6. A sedentary lifestyle helps reduce potency. It is noticed that representatives of sedentary occupations have a more pronounced tendency to impairment of potency than representatives of professions whose occupation is associated with physical activity. Therefore, another effective way to increase potency is physical activity and active sports.

However, if the occupation requires to be in a sitting position all day and night, the Kegel exercise , aimed at training the pubic-coccygeal muscle, will help to correct the situation. The advantage of this exercise is that you do not have to get up from your workplace in order to perform it.

7. Often problems with erectile function arise on the basis of psychological experiences. These may be the consequences of unsuccessful sexual intercourse, lack of confidence in their sexual abilities, etc. In any case, you need to get rid of the sex complexes, if not independently, then with the help of doctors - a sex therapist or psychotherapist.

Стресс и потенция 8. Avoid stress, prolonged depression and anxiety. When the body is susceptible to any experiences, sexual function is inhibited. This is due to the ancient mechanism of fertilization, the essence of which is that the offspring is born in the most favorable conditions.

9. Get enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Sleep should take place in optimal conditions in complete silence and darkness.

On the issue of increasing potency must be approached comprehensively, then the effectiveness of treatment will be much higher.

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  • Stanislav says:

    Good day! Very useful site, I have not seen such people for a long time!) Please tell a good specialist urologist-sexologist in Moscow! Thank you in advance!

  • Ilya says:

    Get plenty of nuts and a beautiful lady so that you want to.

  • Art says:

    Keep nuts sour cream and dried fruit nuts !!! Good luck to all

  • Andrew says:

    Tell me what (specifically) products increase ???? Well so that on Vera .. so that instead of a horizontal bar was 😉

  • Pavlik says:

    Naturally nuts .. then cocoa. Of course, it causes more attraction ... of available seafood, squids, caviar, well, there are still sea urchin caviar (I have not tried it - but a powerful tool), it would be better to say seafood ... and a nail of the program, as the village children say (usually with such a view) -or strongly changing ideas about human capabilities) - this is something-ramsha, or Bear bow))

  • Daria says:

    And if the natural methods do not give the desired effect? No article on this topic?

    • Camilla says:

      If they don’t help, there are two options: either you’re doing something wrong, or you can see a doctor.

  • VALDAY says:

    fresh onion.

  • sss says:

    Eat fried bull eggs in a skillet!

  • Masis says:

    Activity and nuts.

  • Maxim says:

    Over 30, there was a decrease in desire, and the lack of proper hardness.

    Here is my recipe, it helped me.

    Practice has shown that drinking a lot and can not be long, and if you drink a little and in a short amount of time it even helps.
    Beer no more than 2 bottles of 0.5 liters, drink no more than 1.5 hours. - Beer is especially harmful in this case.
    Vodka not more than 6 glasses, drink no more than 1.5 hours.

    No chips, pistachios or seafood appetizers instead.

    Do squats, very deep squats, lag behind and wiggle down.
    Stand slightly wider than the shoulders, but occasionally narrow or very wide, we show diversity.
    We stretch our legs apart to the side, but sometimes the opposite is brought together.
    Be sure to build a barbell rack so that you can always squat.
    Weight is average, not heavy.
    The back is straight, the head looks up.
    In the approach:
    20 reps if the delay is short. - mainly in the morning.
    10 reps if the delay is long with wiggle. - mainly in the afternoon.
    8-16 approaches during the whole day, we work in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, the first approach is immediately in the morning.
    Approaches can and do less, how much you can do, come down and 4 I think.
    In fact, I just walk up to any free time during the day and crouch.
    If after 20 repetitions the breathing and legs get tired, then you are doing everything right.
    Such squats, this is not a full-fledged training, there is no overwork.
    We work every day!

    Plus a cold shower every morning.

    And in no case will never overeat, do not overeat! There is always half of what you can. Better more often.
    On an empty stomach during the day, before eating drink an egg.

    Of all that I have tried, the most useful thing is squats, if you go to the rocking chair and you squat 1-2 times a week - this is not that!

    If you are a jock, carbohydrates in a gel or maltodextrin can have a negative effect! Do not eat them.
    Overtraining can also have a bad effect!

    So! Work every day, several times throughout the day, one approach at a time, with an average weight of 10-20 reps, with a deep squat, with a delay at the bottom.

    A plus would be walnut and honey, but in my practice only squats gave a real effect.

  • Maya says:

    And if problems with potency do not just arise? I am afraid that my husband may have something serious, but he does not want to see a doctor ...

  • Oleg says:

    After about 35 years, I began to run more carefully in the mornings and follow the diet more carefully so that the belly does not grow. It is sometimes difficult to get enough sleep, work ... work ... But I'll take note of the Kegel exercises from the article, thanks! Still, I sit in the afternoon a lot. I am rather a supporter of natural ways to strengthen the potency, it is better to correct the diet and lifestyle than throw all sorts of pills into myself.

    • Andrew says:


  • Kestrel001 says:

    Salo, gentlemen. Yes, it is fat, for selenium. As well as other products containing this trace element.
    In general, selenium as an antioxidant is quite necessary for the body.

    > nuts .. then cocoa

    And again products containing a large amount of antioxidants. In the latter case, chocolate works quite well, only bitter (from 73% cocoa) and a bit.

  • John says:

    Catch male sparrows, cut off their eggs ... you can let go of sparrows, they live peacefully on ... grind sparrows with a mixer and add 5 eggs per half cup of lemon juice to lemon juice ... after a week add a spoonful of honey and eat half a teaspoon three times a day before or after a meal and at night you smear on the penis ... in two weeks you will be provided with a smart riser and a fucking libido, when even a woman on the horizon already arouses a desire

    • Andy says:

      Thank you, neighing))

      • Andrew says:


  • Alexander says:

    Thank you for the useful and interesting information!

  • Hedgehog says:

    Sour cream, beer 0.5, the stronger, the better. I do not know why, but I have it. And pistachios. Beer at least, and nuts and sour cream as you like after dinner. Try it helped me.

  • Andrew says:

    There is a question, not on the topic of truth, but still ...
    In the last time, a couple of times Andrew Jr. failed ... his wife began to persuade him to go to the pharmacy for Viagra ... had never tried it (Viagra) before, so the question is whether there will be any side effects from one application ??? And will this not affect the potency in the future? And yes the site is good! I learned a lot of new things for myself! Thanks to everyone who leaves helpful comments !!!!! Waiting for an answer)

    • Eugene says:

      Andrew, because of one reception of Viagra, nothing will happen. Moreover, it is the official tool used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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