Как влияет спорт на потенцию The effect of sport on the potency depends on the type of sport, the frequency and complexity of classes (professional and amateur sport), and other factors that will be considered further.

Sport as a measure of healing the body

Playing sports has a beneficial effect on human health, makes it stronger and more enduring. For example, aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, jumping rope and any type of vigorous physical activity contribute to training the cardiovascular muscle, saturating the body with oxygen, improving lung function, and activating the work of all organs. In turn, the potency depends on the general state of health, therefore, to increase it, it is advisable to strive to improve the health of the whole organism.

Running, swimming, and walking have the best effect on potency, since these sports not only improve health, but also improve blood circulation to the genitals, which directly contributes to an increase in sexual function. For these purposes, you can also use special exercises to increase potency .

Also, the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for sexual desire and sexual function, rises from exercise. Especially well testosterone level from power exercises and occupations in a gym increases.

But there are sports that can harm the potency. These include chess, rally, cycling. A negative effect on the potency has a long stay in a sitting position, leading to impaired blood circulation in the pelvic organs, because of which the potency suffers. Especially dangerous, according to some doctors, the effect of a bicycle on the potency . On this occasion, there are many contradictory opinions, in defense of which each of the parties cites its evidence.

Sport as a profession

Professional athletes are well-trained and healthy people who are professionally involved in any sport. Depending on the necessary skills, professional athletes train every day, one or two workouts per day. Before large competitions, the duration and / or number of workouts can increase significantly. Such an approach to training provides athletes with the development of their sports skills, but is at odds with their health. During the period of intense training, the potency and sexual attraction of a male athlete can significantly decrease. This is due to the fact that most of its forces the body spends on training and recovery after them. In this case, to restore potency, you need a break from training and proper rest.

The effect of drugs used by athletes on potency

Often, professional athletes resort to the use of sports doping to improve results. Especially this trend is developed in bodybuilding, powerlifting, arm wrestling. Taking such drugs as anabolic steroids leads to a decrease in the production of your own sex hormones by the body, which is subsequently reflected in a decrease in potency. With the subsequent refusal to take steroids, the function of the testes for hormone production and potency are restored with time, however, in severe cases of hormonal drug abuse, the hormonal balance in a man does not return to normal.

Do not confuse the usual sports nutrition with heavy hormonal drugs. For example, the same bodybuilders use a protein-powder blend with a high protein content. Protein in high-quality protein of plant origin, therefore, is devoid of negative consequences for the body and potency (see the effect of protein on potency ).

Conclusion: sport is a great way to strengthen your health and potency, if you observe the correct mode of training, rest and nutrition.

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